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Do you wish to evolve? If so, then you have found the right place as this website is here to bring forth the evolution of consciousness. To have come across this corner of the internet is a sign that you are in alignment with the positive forces of this reality that are here to assist. There is nothing more important to me than to be of service to others. There was a point in my life where I decided I am going to dedicate my entire life to the nobility of being of service.

Nothing has been more rewarding than taking this path. I have found my hero’s journey in alignment with my heart and the creator. So now that you have landed on the entry point to this site it is now up to you to decide which page you would like to turn to next on your pick your own adventure book. On this site I have a variety of different avenues for you to explore. The content is consistently expanding as my own consciousness expands, in turn raising my being and level of awareness.

What is it that your soul desires? Contemplating the deeper aspects of this reality can bring forth some interesting concepts. Of course this is nothing that we will be given on the surface level of reality, such as the mainstream media or educational systems.

Rather, it is up to the individual to dive deep into the maze of information and scope out the treasures of human knowledge. The internet provides an exciting place to be able to do this and to be so lucky to find diamonds in the ruff perhaps attests to the whole synchronicity based hidden waves of life. Those with eyes to see are able to decode this matrix we find ourselves in.

Perspectives are like tools to be picked up when needed and disregarded when something more useful comes along. Sometimes a perspective can be useful for many years before something better, some perspectives can be used together, much like a hammer and chisel increase each others effectiveness many times when used for sculpting. This analogy serves well for what I have presented throughout this site and can be used to amplify whatever perspective on life you may already have.


We are seeing the polarisation of consciousness, the divine and darkness are becoming stronger. This website is itself a manifestation of my personal polarisation culminating in service to others and the divine. It serves as an ever increasing hub of data regarding my own knowledge, experiences and insight. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge can change your life. If we are to transcend this matrix control system we will need all of the power we can get, that is why I am all for empowering information, I am still amazed at how many situations can actually be judo flipped resulting in an increase of personal strength.

However, these same challenges are orchestrated by highly evolved negative beings that serve the dark portion of the creator. They are not to be underestimated as much as they are not to be feared. Ultimately this place is a prison as much as a school but I am convinced it is possible to transcend this world, it will require an army of divine soldiers to step up to the plate and do the work. The great thing is service to the divine is a whole lot of fun, even if it is the most monumentally challenging life path one can take, I wouldn’t want to have life any other way…


My personal interests and projects cover a variety of avenues, including:

Matrix Control System
Power Of The Mind

Hopefully from having found this site one can assume you are already on your own personal journey of awakening. So please do take a look around and see what tickles your interest. Like videos? Click on the Image below to be taken to my BrandNewTube channel.

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