An Introduction To Chakras

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What are Chakras?


The 7 major chakras are found in different areas of the body starting form the base of the spine to the top of the head. The exact location varies from different sources. My approximate interpretation is:

(Approximate Height)
The Red or Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine
The Orange or Sacral Chakra is located at about the belly button
The Yellow or Naval Chakra is located at just below where the rib cage joins on the chest
The Green or Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest
The Blue or Throat Chakras is located at the base of the throat
The Indigo or Third Eye Chakra is located in-between the eye brows
The Violet or Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head

Each energy centre responds to and influences the surrounding parts of the body. They also interact with each other as the infinite energy of the universe dances through our bodies. This energy flows through our Root chakra and consequently feeds into all of the other chakras. To realize we are constantly being caressed by the loving light/energy is a nice thought. The universe loves us, but do we love ourselves?

“It seems to me, and you can tell me where I am going wrong with this statement, that we have seven bodies each corresponding to one of the seven colors of the spectrum and that energy that creates these seven bodies is a universal type of energy that streams into our planetary environment and comes in through the seven energy centers that we have called chakras to develop and perfect these bodies. Each of these bodies is somehow related to the mental configuration that we have and the perfection of these bodies and the total in-streaming of this energy is a function of this mental configuration, and through this mental configuration we may block, to some extent, the in-streaming’s of energy that created these seven bodies.”
~ From the law of one, book 3

“Each entity will have deeply personal areas where the energy is drawn and leached away from metaphysical pursuits. And it is to these rough places of the personality that the worker in consciousness will go in thought, not to condemn the self; not to attempt with the knife to excise surgically parts of the self, but, rather to see these places as places where the earth is covering jewels in such a deep way that the focus of service and learning is shifted to trivial concerns. (How you may see yourself as a spiritual entity, as a funny, but very, very sweet work of art).”
~ From Living the law of one

Dis-ease can manifest when one of the centres are blocked. Blockages constrict the energy from flowing freely throughout our bodies. This puts a new perspective on the mystery of seemingly physically/mentally healthy people still manifesting illness. We are far more complex than mainstream western medicine has us believe.

The right knowledge can empower you. That’s why personally I have lost faith in western medicine except in absolute dire circumstances. I believe we can heal ourselves.

When you are interacting with people the chakras are exchanging information and energy. Different conversations with different people can drastically vary in feeling. Simply put bad vibes/good vibes.

This is no accident. Some people seem to have a very comforting, grounded presence about them whist others will emanate tense and fear like vibrations. To more effectively pick up and notice this for some is very easy, for others it takes practice. To pick up on someone’s vibe without judging from predisposed subconscious programs is an art in a way. We must practice caution in relation to misreading someone who may for example be a good person but during the course of his or her life has been exposed to high levels of trauma/fear/darkness. Which then in turn relates to the vibratory state, which we intuitively pick up on via our chakras and other subtle energy systems.

On the flip side we should be wary of the smooth, snake like salesman approach. Coupled with charisma and a cunning smile it can be easy to fall into mistakenly trusting someone who is attempting to manipulate us and is of a service to self polarity.

For More Information on Service to others/service to self click here.

Using our psychic/intuitive muscles is much like working out our physical muscles, with practice and repetition allowing for more effective stronger muscles.

As the chakras are intimately tied with energy exchanges possibly the mightiest energy exchange between peoples is when we have sex.  During sexual experiences, a huge amount of energy is transferred, especially during those oh so sweet orgasms.

As simply interacting with other people via conversations can vary it goes to say that sex can also dramatically vary in feeling. Every time we have sex there is an exchange between the Red Ray Chakras. Most of the sex we have today is solely anchored in the Red Ray exchange.

As sex in all its form is a beautiful act, there is nothing wrong with this, as long as like all things good it is not abused.

It should be noted that it’s more important to be at peace with your sexuality than to be engaging in sex. A healthy, balanced sex life is not essential for a clear Red Ray Centre but it certainly helps it sparkle.

From a different perspective other than the animalistic approach, sex can be seen as a very sacred act which can in turn result in the evolution of human consciousness.  If the idea of this sounds appealing to you, you may be interested in pursuing the energy exchanges between the orange ray and above. This entails a strong desire to work on the self and have a partner who is willing to do the same. For more information click here.

This video by spirit science is also a great summary.

To summarise creating/maintaining a healthy, balanced chakra system will help us in so many aspects of our lives and is paramount to beginning to work on the self. Working on the self is the most powerful thing anyone can do to positively influence the world. By letting the universe know with your intent that you wish to work on your self, the opportunities to do so will be brought your way, the trick is to be aware.

Anyone can begin; it all starts from a desire.

7 centres that filter infinite infinity,
facilitating the interactions between you and me.
To keep them clear is the key
Allowing free flow of universal energy.
The Rainbow of the human,
Pure consciousness blooming.
If only you knew how powerful you are
Shining light so powerful, like the brightest star.



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