Free Will, Programming & The Subconscious Mind

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An ant has free will.

Humans can override ants free will because a human has many times more power.

Hyperdimensional beings have the equivalent if not greater power over humans. They to an extent within universal laws can override our free will.

But we have reservoirs of power and so have protection. Levels of protection vary on an individual basis mostly in relation to our personal vibration.

Hyper dimensional beings cannot interfere directly but can cause us to choose our own slavery and self-destruction through “attacking” us via our blind/weak spots which in turn can be seen as a gift in that these “attacks” highlight areas within the self that are in need of attention/work.

Although humanity on earth has been set up as an energy farm via the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control system, it is also a school which can provide very fast intensive learning. Especially if your being is at the stage of its development where it seeks the evolution of consciousness. Not all beings are here to follow this path at this time and some are here to experience and learn from mundane reality. The being that currently desires, for its personal evolution, nothing more than how to raise children and look after a home doesn’t really need to know about the deeper aspects of reality even though it affects them.

This explains why some people are much more open to certain information than others.

From experience over the years I have found pushing information where it is not asked or needed is nearly always a waste of time and energy and more often than not can result in unnecessary tension and conflict. Which is exactly the frequency that the Hyper dimensional beings feed off of. On the flip side I have found great success in sharing conscious knowledge with someone on the same path as me but perhaps hasn’t been exposed to information which could help trigger a perception/reality shift.

Sometimes I have noticed when you are sharing knowledge with someone who may not of come across this particular line of information before you are simply opening up the doorway for them to see and then further down their path they may come across similar knowledge which then seems more appealing because of your previous introduction (Planting Seeds) . This ties in with how each individual is at different stages of development. The flower of evolution will bloom when the time is right.

Freewill itself is a huge topic as a lot of people believe they are free when they are merely dreaming to be awake and are simply reacting mechanically from societal conditioning which of course is no accident when we see the vast amount of resources that is pumped into advertising and media. There are forces with much to gain from grafting a false perception of reality into people’s mind.

Lets look at how the conscious and more importantly the subconscious mind is programmed into accepting an illusory reality. For anyone interested in reprogramming their subconscious mind I highly recommend the works of Bruce Lipton 

Possibly the most powerful weapon of deception is the TV. What do TV channels show? Programs. A TV could be likened to a reality programming machine spewing out a carefully selected/limited amount of information in a very specific way to subtlety and effectively alter people’s perception of reality. One example would be reality TV shows or sitcoms which are more often than not implanted with excessive dramas and nearly always focused on the lower aspects of human behaviour. Even if the conscious mind thinks what it is seeing is not real after enough exposure the subconscious mind will pick up and resonate with such behaviours then implement them in day to day interactions with people. This links up with how most people are just mechanically reacting to life from subconscious programming.

Another aspect in the deception armoury of the TV is mainstream media channels. These very strongly orientated towards pushing huge amounts of fear into people’s hearts and minds. We understand that there is darkness in the world but when the darkness is shone too bright it can paint a very negative outlook on life and the world which affects how you people feel and react to reality. Which ties in with how repetitive fear programming can reduce an individual’s free will by restricting them to primitive fight or flight behaviours.  This impacts their ability to grow as a person and think logically and rationally. This mind set is the perfect environment from which protection from the (Shadow) government, military, police and so on is cried out for.

For now to complete the final major leg of the trinity of TV deception one has to look at advertising. George carlin has a great sketch on this

Adverts can have a huge impact on the subconscious mind, especially if one has been hypnotized by dull TV programming. Many adverts are designed to create false insecurities and implant the feeling that you are not complete without whatever product is being advertised. With repetition, this can create a temporary emotional attachment to said product or service and could grant temporary satisfaction when purchased however will usually not satisfy for very long and so the cycle of consumption repeats. One only has to wonder why corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising every year. It could be that the aim is to again graft a false sense of reality into the subconscious mind which promotes insecurity, consumerism and in many ways, fear.

In conclusion, watching excessive TV in the forms mentioned can actually reduce an individual’s power and free will by affecting how the subconscious mind reacts to emotional stimulus. This can narrow one’s perception of reality that ultimately serves the agenda of groups that fund and implement all of the methods mentioned. Said groups are only front-men for a much more sinister and deeper plot.

The Rabbit hole is as deep as you are ready for.
This 3 part video series by Tom Montalk sheds some light on what humanity is dealing with.

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