Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System

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“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness. Through which, reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”
~ Barbra Marciniak  – Bringers Of The Dawn

The hyperdimensional matrix is a energy harvesting machine that has been created to farm humans as a resource. Much in the same way we farm crops and animals to then feed us, as above, so below. Its gets more complex of course when we begin to talk about the human farm as apposed to say, a cattle farm, but still has similarities.

The human farm is, to our 5 physical senses, invisible. We cannot see our prison. Although thankfully there are those amongst us who can sense that something is wrong. This itch, the “splinter in your mind” almost forces one to uncover the origin of the discomfort.

For many, myself included one of the first realisations we come to is the understanding that the government is corrupt. This ties in with coming to terms with how the people at large are being conned by the system of taxation and debt. When we break away from the status quo, going against the grain of our conditioning, and start to question the system around us, we only need to follow the money to see that almost every country in the entire world has a very large national debt and the people are then taxed to pay for ever increasing interest.

Once this, along with the understanding that the orchestrators of this ponzi scheme are mentally ill and psychopathic, we can see there are no limits to what they would do to keep themselves in control of the matrix.

These 2 understandings form the foundation for us to begin our quest of seeking truth. For the most part, being aware and acknowledging that psychopaths have conned humanity into slavery and the people have agreed, covers most of the necessary ground in relation to understanding the 3D matrix. It may be of interest for the seeker to dive into different rabbit holes, and may well bring benefit if done correctly but it is important for one to not become paranoid, and even worse, completely absorbed by the “Shadows on the wall”. For the roots of the tree extended into the occult, astral, and hyperdimensional realms.

“When a human being resonates electromagnetically and broadcasts the frequency of fear, a transmission of consciousness is sent out. Where does that fear go? Where do your thoughts go? Where do your emotions go?”
Barbra Marcniak  – Bringers Of The Dawn

In the Matrix we see agents jumping from person to person who are still plugged into the system.

“The matrix is a system Neo, and that system is our enemy. When your inside, look around what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save, but, until we do these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them inured, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”
~ Morpheus – The Matrix

The answers we seek to the problems we face require creative thinking, as Einstein aptly put “we cannot solve our problems with the same line of thinking that created them”.

The best place to start with this is yourself. Deeply examine yourself, become super aware of your mind. Question the origin and intention behind every thought, feeling and emotion until you begin to know yourself and what your normal sober state of mind is like. When you begin to untangle yourself from the clutches of the matrix within, you then begin to feed the matrix less and less. As a result, your choices naturally begin to align with the divine. This takes power from the matrix and transforms it into power for the divine.

Tapping into and blossoming your positive reality creation abilities creates more of a demand for more positive phenomena to manifest. At the moment, billions are singing the song of enslavement. We must break away from this demonically orchestrated choir and tune into the frequencies of the divine, all whilst maintaining awareness of the matrix, this path truly takes transcendental warrior ship to its highest level.

The deeper we seek, the more knowledge we are granted access to. When we decide we are ready we will come across information that taps into the deeper aspects of the hyperdimensional matrix control system which leads us inevitably to how humans are being farmed by highly evolved, negative, interplanetary beings.

Anyone who is not conscious of their mind/body and has not put in extreme effort to get to know themselves and clear childhood wounds/conditioning, Is a prime target for these negative/manipulative forces to work through. Whether it be temporarily during a moment of weakness or permanently.

Most of us are susceptible to being temporarily manipulated by these forces, to act irrationally and project our suffering onto others. The trick is to be aware of when this happens, to notice it when its about to happen and stop the act in its tracks.

When someone begins to take the first steps to raising their vibration they will likely begin to encounter heightened resistance from these forces trying to keep humanity spiritually asleep. The 2 most common ways for this to happen is one, through our own weak/blind spots.  Secondly through other people around us, friends, family, co-workers, anyone who doesn’t truly know themselves.

“First, understand that you only experience what you need or choose to experience, and what you need to experience was chosen by you at some other time or level of being. Therefore, you are in some way responsible for all that happens to you, whether you created it or allowed it. The attacks you receive ultimately serve to teach you lessons, and how successfully you defend against these attacks determines how easily you learn your lesson. Learning a lesson before the experience often voids the necessity of having to experience it.

Second, in the absolute sense the Matrix Control System serves to accelerate your spiritual growth, and although its agents see you as the enemy, know that you can utilize them as teachers. You do not need to seek them out, for they will find you as you progress in your learning path. Most importantly, know that you will never be given anything you cannot choose to handle successfully.”
~ Tom Montalk – The art of hyper dimensional war

It can be especially challenging when one person begins to wake up in relationship without the other doing the same. I have had slight experience with this myself however the relationship was not serious enough for it to be to much of a problem, we were not living together and didn’t have too much of a life long commitment ahead of us. We are not together anymore.

I can understand this situation would probably be more difficult if you are in a marriage and share a house together. This is beyond my scope of knowledge/experience/wisdom. So I would advise the works of Eve Lorgen and perhaps this webinar talking specifically about this kind of stuff, which may help.

When we talk about our personal weak/blind spots this entails getting to know thyself. This includes the darker aspects within, the shadow.  Although I have had a lot of fun getting to know myself, not all of this experience is meant to be enjoyed.  Many times I have learnt the most through suffering and hardship, homelessness and disease being two strong examples.  I am not saying we all need to be homeless to learn more about our self but the principle in that during times of negativity such situations can be the perfect opportunity to know more about our self applies to us all.

This puts a new perspective on when something “bad” happens to us, as all there is, is lessons to be learned. In a way these forces are here for us to learn lessons from them. The darkness, which wills forever evil, does forever good.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.16.15 AM

There are multiple factions of alien groups that are invested in the human race. Fortunately, some of the alien groups agenda falls in line with us evolving as a species and creating a reality infused with harmonic frequencies. However, the counterweight to this is the negative alien factions who’s agenda involves the complete enslavement of the human race.

Negative alien groups include, the Greys, Reptilians, Negative Nordics and so on.
Positive alien groups are all Positive Nordics.

Greys are essentially biological slave robots without creative thinking capacity of their own and are used as a drone workforce. Is the most commonly seen for this reason and is used in abductions. As positive forces would not need to uses slaves, it would be safe to assume that all greys are working for the negative alien factions.

Reptilians are higher order negative aliens and many if not all are possessed by a demonic force working through them, they are the henchmen of the corrupt demiurge.

Nordics are essentially super evolved humanoid beings and like humanity, are split in their orientation. Would be boring if we were all the same?

Negative Nordics would also serve the corrupt demiurge and could perhaps be working with the Reptilians. Positive Nordics would serve the divine creator and could well be future versions of a positive evolved humanity.

The demiurge is the universal soul that was originally fashioned in line with the divine will, but has since been corrupted by negative factions and now acts like a parasite in its own corner of reality. As this is a free will universe, anything goes and evil is given its opportunity to flourish, as such, we now have the corrupt demiurge.

It should be noted that the divine is infinitely wiser than we can fathom and will not simply let this universe collapse in on itself in a dark vortex of doom, however as one pivot point for then setting in motion the rule of the positive forces could well be in our near future, it is most likely that it is not the only pivot point. Being outside of linear time this would then allow to be able to see probable futures and the next pivot point could be many, many years in our future and could still result in the long reign of darkness. That is why we must do everything we can, right now, to bring forth the divine power.

Also it should be mentioned, even with the possibility of a timeline split om the horizon, we should still attempt to bring as many souls onto the positive timeline, if such a thing were to pass.

When it comes down to it, the matrix itself serves as an incredibly effective tool for bringing people to spiritual evolution, if they can handle the tests. On an higher level this would then allow us to come to the understanding of why evil is allowed its place in the universe to begin with, to provide catalyst for the positive to grow and transform itself.

“What is the Matrix? School or prison, depending on your chosen perspective. On the one hand, it is a hyperdimensional teaching system accelerating your rate of spiritual evolution by providing you with catalytic experiences in response to your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual composition.

On the other hand, many of these experiences manifest as predatory forces preying upon your weaknesses. Of course, the only way to prevent being manipulated by these forces is to discover, integrate, and transform your weaknesses into strengths, thereby indirectly accomplishing the higher purpose of the Matrix which is to help you transcend it.

Nevertheless, these predatory forces possess freewill and have their own agenda, which is to expand their power base and sustain themselves by feeding upon humanity’s emotional energies as well as keeping anyone from becoming aware enough to add destabilizing influences to the spiritual prison/farm they are running here on Earth.

The sum total of their hyperdimensional manipulation system may be termed the “Matrix Control System.” It is a school of hard knocks that weakens the spiritually weak and strengthens the spiritually strong, in accordance with their choice to be victims or warriors.”
~Tom Montalk

Here are some videos for further research.

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  1. I awoke inside the matrix. I am target and the purpose of the system once you are targeted is your death. It’s for life and never let’s up unless one can do the only thing they fear and that Devine intervention. I’ve heard you mention this Devine protection targets have that comes from outside the program. This is true. Every target I’ve met has experienced this at times of need. Every target also learns his way out. He has been bought out of this program by his creator. Once the target knows this and exercises his authority to be free the program breaks down. If the target becomes born of the spirit and accepts his gift of salvation the program ends. They may monitor even harm with microwaves but will leave the person alone. This is because the program is designed and in place by fallen ones and they fear only one thing. The Holy Creator and his son the Messiah Christ and the sacrifice has bought the person out of bondage. What target phenomenon has done is create a core group of true Christian faith outside of church and society that have begun living separate and realize that the two species are not meant to exist together. One can only lie and harm. They other purified by the abuse of the liars. The truth is crueler than you can imagine. The system has stepped up and is a genocide machine. Lies to everyone it’s helpful and where the hell are all the humans gone. Dead. My eyes are open. You are liars and thief’s. Destroyers of creation and genocide of mankind and blind ignorance to this not innocent. The Devine interception should be a pretty warning you over stepped the line. However you are incapable of change and will continue genocide and the planet will stop producing food or water for the parasites trespassing. She will die before giving herself to thief’s. No food or water you will have to dine on your owns dead flesh and drink polluted water. This is nothing compared to harm done. We will grow food because mother earth is our inheritance and she loves us and we her. When she feels our footprints she will let food grow and push up clean water for us. Dead planet with tiny pockets of life allowing humanity regain its bond with mother earth and father in heaven .amen


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