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Interacting with people is a part of life, when we begin to deeply observe this daily exercise we can start to grasp how complex simple conversations are. It is in these seemingly mundane interactions that areas of great growth can be found, especially with those that you have frequent contact with. During the time of transition we need all the energy we can get. Great amounts of valuable energy can be salvaged from daily interactions and stored, leading to an increased vibration which has a positive domino effect on our entire reality.

When someone angers us we would be best not to in turn become angry. Patience and understanding are what is necessary. This does not mean one becomes a passive acceptor of anger directed towards them, however on the contrary, one can alchemically transform said emotion into one of calmness and peace. This can involve simply letting the person have their outburst then calmly/directly replying, letting the anger pass through you and not being affected by it. It is up to the individual to judge what the situation calls for.

If we are to pursue more harmonious interactions with humans we also must pay attention to and refine attributes/aspects of ourselves such as, impatience, scepticism, timidity, superstition, prejudice, vanity, ambition, curiosity, the mania for imparting information, and the making of distinctions in human beings according to the outward characteristics of rank, sex, race, and so on.

When we engage in conversation, we must consider the speakers opinion, feeling and his prejudice. Rather than simply wait for our turn to reply in the conversation. We must learn to judge if its necessary/important to challenge someone’s opinion, even if they are wrong. Which does not suggest withholding your opinion completely, but letting your replies be derived from the other person’s level of consciousness/awareness. When we repeat this act, there is a particular thought that will eventually become ingrained into a part of ones own character.

“The importance lies not in the difference of our opinions but in his discovering through his own effort what is right if I contribute something toward it. Thoughts of this and of a similar nature cause the character and the behaviour of the student to be permeated with a quality of gentleness, which is one of chief means used in esoteric training.” ~ Rudolf Steiner – How to Know Higher Worlds

“To know a person you can only understand their internal consciousness state through observing their language and behavior, not through logical calculation. However human consciousness activity manifest on three levels, the first level is language and behavior. The second is the movement of Qi. The third is information movement. Using ordinary abilities we cannot understand human consciousness at the levels of Qi and information, only at the first level of behavior and language. (Where one can easily be misled by fasle appearances” ~ Dr Pang Ming – Paranormal Abilities The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science.

When trying to understand another, unless we are able to develop clairvoyant powers, we are limited to intuition, feelings and our physical senses. Unfortunately this leaves room for error and misunderstanding is common throughout human civilisation. Can you think of a time when a problem arose from someone not understanding you or you not understanding them?

From what I have researched from various sources, developing clairvoyant powers is completely possible; it’s just that unless you are gifted from birth they do not come so easily. They also will never manifest unless the individual is ‘ready’. Being ‘ready’ involves huge amounts of self-work I have briefly covered a beginning to this path in my previous article – Raising your vibration.

So until we reach this level we will have to practice discernment in interactions and police our own internal atmosphere so that we do not wrongfully pollute the energy field of our human interactions. We must question the origin of every thought/feeling that passes through us. Much of what goes on within us can be a result of deep conditioning/wounding or trapped emotion/pain that we all received throughout life. Without also mentioning the Hyperdimensional aspect of entity attachments and parasitic thoughtforms. It is fair to say that not all of our thoughts are our own.

Parasitic thoughtforms.jpg

From multiple sources that I have studied, many relate to how important it is to build up ones personal energy. With most humans barely having enough energy to make it through the day, its as if humanity is suffering from an epidemic personal energy shortage.

However if with dedication and practice we are to devote ourselves, who knows what we can accomplish. When we associate our self with the higher, it gains a foothold over the lower and we serve as a conduit for the higher energies to flow through us. If we were to be exposed to extremely high levels of energy very quickly without having the necessary energetic circuitry it would be way to much power for us to handle and would burn us out. Small daily steps are the key to developing the necessary path ways for energy to flow.

“Using paranormal abilities we can directly know the activities of human qi and consciousness. Because qi and consciousness are tightly connected, people can know a person’s qi state from their consciousness activity, and can also know changes in consciousness activity from the person’s qi state. For example, immoral thoughts will make qi go downwards and change into jing ( sexual hormones) and ethical thoughts will make qi go upwards to nourish consciousness, while greedy thoughts will cause qi to slow down and become blocked. Angry thoughts will make qi lash out chaotically. Arrogant thoughts will scatter shen and qi.

 In conclusion, all changes in consciousness cause changes to qi. Even when consciousness activity alters, qi continues to be affected for a period of time. The duration of that period is proportional to the degree of consciousness activity. When paranormal receiving abilities develop to a certain level, people will be able to directly know others’ consciousness activity, including past consciousness activity, through information contained in their qi. As people’s paranormal abilities reach this level they will naturally stop doing and thinking about things that break the rules of life. People with paranormal abilities will avoid such behavior because they will be aware of the negative effects it has on them. People without paranormal abilities will also control their bad thoughts and behavior because others can be aware them. At that time, people’s daode level will be much improved. Good causes, complete trust and great compassion will spread naturally, and humans will enter a new world. Eventually paranormal thinking – entirety thinking – will be fully developed and applied. At that time, the natural world and humans will become a harmonious entirety and human beings will gain true freedom.

Though human beings today can produce and live in accord with their own wishes,
they still cannot break away from the constraints of the natural world. This is
because human beings only develop and use ordinary abilities. With the widespread development and use of paranormal abilities, the complete information and active character of yiyuanti will manifest its great power and be able to rapidly change the natural world as people desire. These change processes will happen very rapidly. This is a process that uses time/space entirety information to gather energy to then create physical matter. (We can only describe this information, energy and matter using ordinary abilities language, but at a high level of paranormal abilities the three exist as an inseparable hunyuan entirety state.) At that time, humans will be freed from societal constraints and from their dependence on the physical limitations of the natural world. Human beings will begin to consciously work with invisible natural hunyuan qi and will achieve a high-level free state. . ~ Dr Pang Ming – Paranormal Abilities The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science.

Once we have cleared the vessel from within we will be in a better place to serve others, a mission that some of us here have incarnated to perform throughout this life. The current density we are in is one of polarity, for there is chaos and harmony, entropy and growth everywhere we look. We are to become mental alchemists and transform the mental vibrational landscape wherever it is possible. I have had experiences where this is done without use of many words at all but by providing a calm vibration to a distressing situation.

Those of the Ra group elaborate on this pheneomena:

“The third discipline of the mind is a repetition of the first but with the gaze outward toward the fellow entities that it meets. In each entity there exists completeness. Thus, the ability to understand each balance is necessary. When you view patience, you are responsible for mirroring in your mental understandings, patience/impatience. When you view impatience, it is necessary for your mental configuration of understanding to be
impatience/patience. We use this as a simple example. Most configurations of mind have many facets, and understanding of either self polarities, or what you would call other-self polarities, can and must be understood as subtle work.”
The Law Of One – Book 1

People can be our greatest catalysts for learning, if we use the experience correctly. One of the most crucial things I have found is to retain a light hearted approach to life and not take myself to seriously. Not that I do not delve into serious matters which require spiritual maturity, but that levity is almost always a nice addition to any situation, especially interacting with humans.

Bruce Lipton has some interesting thoughts on how humans are energetically interacting with each other when being in the same area.

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