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During these times of great change for humanity and the planet, we would do well to delve into some positive reality creation. By taking it upon ourselves to create the most harmonious reality we can for ourselves it has an indirect effect upon the entire timeline of humanity.

Some of the most important requisites for creating a positive reality include:

  1. A positive outlook on life.
  2. A Healthy/Strong/High personal vibration.
  3. Healthy, positive subconscious mind programs.
  4. Knowledge of how negative beings/entities can manipulate people’s reality creating abilities.
  5. Some basic knowledge of quantum physics and how the mind is a quantum computer.
  6. Knowledge of how the law of attraction works
  7. Knowledge of how the law of karma works.
  8. Difference between intending and requesting.

If we are to manifest the reality our true self desires, (not the conditioned ego self) we must have a clear/clean internal atmosphere. Which involves doing the necessary self work in order to be able to anchor the higher frequencies that a positive reality requires. An inner shift will in turn create an outer shift due to the two being loosely coupled via quantum coupling and the power of our minds to create our reality.

We must observe ourselves and locate any limiting/destructive subconscious programs, thought patterns and behaviours that impede our ability to positively reality create.

Many of us have picked up negative subconscious programs from when we where children and the mind is very receptive to the environment, which is due to being in a different brain wave state. Especially the ages from 0-7 when we are basically a sponge or video recorder absorbing/recording everything around us so we can form a picture of the world and how it operates.

There are forces with great power and knowledge that are fully aware of how the human psyche works and have invested great time/effort into programming humans to be nothing more than automated robots, functioning on autopilot and reacting mechanically to the subconscious programs implanted from the hyperdimensional matrix.

If the brain is a garden, once we have noticed the foreign installations grafted upon us by the matrix, (“weeds”) we must pull out the weeds and begin to plant/water flowers so to speak. In this analogy the flowers are positive subconscious programs, which will result in positive thought-loops, which then direct the flow of our energy and our mind based quantum-biasing abilities towards a better more harmonious reality.

I also have experimented with different kinds of meditations, finding the best time is when I have spare time after waking up after a long nights sleep as I am partially in a trance already and more in-touch with my subconscious. I actively prolong this trance by beginning to meditate by focusing on my thoughts and attempting to link with my higher mind’s train of thoughts.

After sufficient time has passed I then switch my focus to harbouring strong positive emotions ranging from gratitude, love or pure joy. Then I will rest from this intensity to some reality creation affirmations, then back to observing my thoughts and rotate this set of exercises for as long as feels right.

A generic example of a limiting belief/program that relates to a large portion of humanity is that most people do not love themselves. To cultivate a healthy self-love goes deeper than the intellectual level, stemming from deep within the core of our being. However, an easy place to start is to implant a subconscious program of loving the self.

Affirmations are something I have been experimenting with and am seeing great progress after some organisation/dedication. For this example we shall use the simple affirmation of “I Love Myself”. Louise Hay’s website has some more examples.

The best times to do affirmations are when you have just woken up from sleep or you are just about to go to sleep. During these semi trance like states we are more in-tune with our subconscious so affirmations will be much more effective. Do the same affirmation for a month, then forget about it and move on without dwelling on wether or not it works.

Once the “flowers” are vitalised and strong they will be playing on in the background of your mind as you go about your day and will begin to draw positive experiences towards you. Interesting synchronicities and opportunities will start to pop up, relating to whatever it was that you have begun manifesting.

“Intend for the mundane things you know you need. Intend for a good parking spot, intend for the perfect product or service at the perfect price, intend for a good job when you’re looking for one, intend for a positive and exciting day, intend for anything that is inconsequential to destiny and respects freewill. Intend or it will be left to chance.

 Be specific when you intend. Mentally outline or visualize what you want. This sharpens the focus of conscious energy upon that selected probable future. If you want a blue shirt under ten dollars, then visualize the blue shirt and intend that it be under ten dollars. If you want compensation for the money you just spent on a book, then intend that you be doubly compensated. If you want a safe road trip, then go over each potential complication and intend that it not arise. Whatever your intent, be specific. You are projecting your own energy into the matrix of probable futures and selecting a particular one to manifest.

 For the more important things, make requests. Request knowledge, wisdom, insight, guidance, protection. Request an answer to a puzzling question, request illumination, request that you learn your lessons as smoothly and efficiently as possible, request that you are given the best opportunities for fulfilling your potential. You cannot intend for these because they are beyond your wisdom to accurately specify. Therefore leave their fulfillment to the discretion of wiser forces like your positive Higher Self, the Universe, and divine forces. Be general and earnest in your request, and have faith and patience. By being general you leave the outcome entirely open and thereby allow possibilities to manifest that you could never have imagined.”

~ Tom Montalk

One personal mundane example was after a month of practicing an abundance affirmation I was approached with a job which was well paid, and way above the normal/minimum for my skill and what others where earning for the same work in the area, and something I quite enjoy doing. The job found me by my previous actions in the real world which set the stage for the personal hidden architects of reality to do some ‘magic’ and draw the opportunities in. I had so much work after 2-3 months I had to start turning people away.

This desire was something that stemmed from genuine need, not greed. As all of us need to make money to survive and my intention was not to manifest copious millions of dollars, but enough to live comfortably and ensure financial security.

I also did ‘I love myself’ for 1 month and really begun to notice how differently I saw myself as a being, not just in the mirror but in all aspects of life. I regarded my time much more preciously, and I started to care a lot less of what people thought about me. Not disregarding their feelings or people in general, but I did not let my actions be affected by wether or not surrounding people approved. I also saw improvements in not letting myself be drawn into ridiculous matrix dramas that are just a huge waste of energy.

All of these seemingly small examples are just scratching the surface of how when we begin to change our internal atmosphere, our outer world changes.

For a more experienced and in-depth summary of quantum physics and reality creation I highly recommend this interview.

The Flower of Human Mind

Of course, not everything in our reality will be positive, many of the challenges we encounter can be set up from the laws of karma, and also how our higher self deems it necessary to challenge and test us. Some of this we may of agreed upon before incarnating and is far more complex than what it appears to be on the surface. We do create our reality, but within certain limits and must be careful to create in the correct way.

Also the negative forces that are at work in this reality are important to be aware of and it is wise to gain knowledge of how to counter their tactics, as they are fully aware of how reality creations works and can cause you to fall prey to their tactics of manipulation and deception. We must exercise our free will as it is one of our most valuable assets.

Here is some useful information written by Tom Montalk:

“You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) is the predominant belief system of many New Agers. This doctrine states that reality is entirely the product of our minds, and that by controlling our beliefs, we may determine what happens to us: what events we focus upon, we attract; what we do not focus upon, we do not experience. Creating for oneself what one desires is called “manifesting”, and having all one needs in life is called “abundance.” For those who utilize YCYOR, manifesting abundance is usually a key goal.

Do we create our own reality? Yes we do, but not as freely as proponents of YCYOR claim. As it exists, YCYOR is a faulty paradigm whose incomplete nature was made so by design. This belief system is a dangerous spiritual weapon used by negative forces to disarm their potential victims. People who seek the New Age as an alternative to atheism or Christianity are not improving their situations. They are merely falling for further deception, the same trick with a new look. Like gravity, such deceptions can be traps, or they can be used as slingshots to propel one further along if one is careful and learns from mistakes.

 There are several reasons why YCYOR is dangerous.

First, YCYOR fools its followers into believing they are more spiritually evolved than they truly are. Such New Agers are lulled into a false sense of security, an overestimation of their abilities and invulnerability, and thus fail to prepare against random accidents or attacks from negative forces.

Second, the practice of “manifestation” often becomes an act of black magic when used irresponsibly. Black magic is the manipulation of higher forces by lower individuals to their own spiritual detriment. For example, when corruptly implementing “manifestation” through visualization, ritual, chanting, or meditation, one can circumvent one’s life mission or agenda, extort one’s Higher Self, and violate the freewill of other sovereign humans.

 Manifestation is used properly when it does not initiate a freewill violation. Manifesting or requesting has different consequences, depending on whether it is directed toward higher positive, higher negative, or lower negative beings. “Higher” and “lower” refers to their relative level of evolution compared to yours. To explain all this more clearly, a description of higher positive and negative forces is necessary.

 One’s evolutionary level is determined by the lessons one has accumulated since metaphysical genesis as an individuated being. What higher positive and negative forces have in common is that they are both very aware and near to their respective evolutionary finish lines. The difference between them lies in their levels of wisdom, freewill and freedom, and what exactly they are evolving toward.

 Negative beings evolve toward the sleeping half of the Creator, physicality. They are irresponsible, lack wisdom, and have little freedom or freewill.

 Positive beings evolve toward the active half of the Creator, consciousness. They possess much responsibility and discernment, are wise, and enjoy more freedom due to their greater freewill and responsibility.

 The importance of the preceding clarification lies in the fact that, despite having more awareness than you, higher negative forces actually have less freewill. Physical matter itself is the end product of their evolution, and it is obvious that matter has very little freewill. You can manipulate it at your leisure, and it does not resist. You can perfectly predict its behavior, meaning it is all predestined within a single unified equation, leaving no room for novelty or freewill. Simply by operating under a negative polarity, a being already acquires some of these characteristics.

 The awareness that higher negative forces have, which exceed your level of awareness, is used only to create ever more sophisticated technologies and tricks to circumvent your freewill which they cannot directly violate except through backdoor methods and the abuse of what permission you have given them. One such permission is in the form of a contract with physicality you hold while existing in a physical body. Their abuse of this contract can be seen in their extreme reliance upon technology to try and manipulate you.

 If you attempt to manifest something through the help of negative higher forces, two factors must be taken into consideration. First, they will not help you unless your desire is of a negative orientation, such as lust for power, financial elitism, or sexual prowess. Second, these will be given to you if you pay the maximum price, which is the circumvention of your life path, the lowering of your soul frequency, a stunting of spiritual evolution, and a commission of your soul energy paid to these higher forces. You lose freedom, freewill, responsibility and creativity in exchange for illusory power, money or sex. This Faustian deal is no bargain, but a metaphysical scam.

 If you attempt to manifest something through the help of positive higher forces (including your Higher Self), you can only request help. Requesting respects their freewill, and leaves it to their wise discretion whether to help you or not. They also respect your freewill and do not intervene unless you allow them to help. Positive higher forces have more wisdom than you, and you would find it either impossible or detrimental to force them, via trickery through corrupted visualization and meditation, into fulfilling your desires. Should you succeed, most often you will have made a very bad choice which seemed desirable at the time only due to spiritual short sightedness.

 It is clear that attempting to manipulate beings and forces higher on the spiritual hierarchy, be they of positive or negative polarity, can cause severe problems. It is best to make requests to positive higher forces, to allow them to help you in any way they can.

 The positive (or STO, Service to Other) hierarchy is a network. This means higher evolved beings help lower evolved beings learn and evolve. In this way, those higher beings evolve as well. Here on earth, those who think they can fight through life alone are failing to make use of this network. They are succumbing to negative influences because of their pride, and must learn that because they are part of a network, requesting help from higher positive forces is perfectly fine. If the request is pure, those higher positive forces will help, especially if it aids in unblocking or accelerating one’s spiritual evolution.

 To make a distinction, requesting is different from manifestation, in that it is an act of calling upon positive higher forces while respecting their freewill, leaving it up to them to help you if they deem it wise. Manifesting, on the other hand, is a direct way of influencing your reality. Concerning positive higher forces, requesting is the way to go. But with lower evolved beings, manifestation is the appropriate method.

 Recall that manifestation works best when it does not violate freewill. It is fact that freewill cannot be violated if it does not exist or is not being used. Lower beings tend to either not have a particular aspect of freewill, or else fail to use it. They are therefore primed for influence by higher beings with more freewill. While this sounds insidious, remember that higher freewill implies greater lessons learned, higher evolution, and thus greater responsibility and wisdom. Your Higher Self has controlled your actions countless of times, to ensure that certain scripted events come to pass. This is no true violation of your freewill, just influence of behavior to best facilitate evolution.

 Thus, when higher positive entities influences lower beings, it is done carefully and for the greatest benefit of all. It only becomes insidious when the awareness of the influenced being is purposely suppressed through technology, disinformation, or trickery, which is what negative forces do in order to lower the utilized freewill of their target to a level lower than their own, which makes the target easily manipulated.

 As can be seen, YCYOR either fools a person into thinking he can control reality more than he really can (thus making him vulnerable to negative forces who exploit his ignorance), or else ensures that when he does influence his reality, it becomes an act of black magic which stunts his spiritual evolution.

This disinformative doctrine is a spiritual booby-trap, plain and simple. Its targets are tricked into disarming and corrupting themselves, avoiding the acquisition and utilization of knowledge, sabotaging their own lives, and later blaming the resultant misery on their failure to adhere even more strongly to YCYOR protocols.”

~ Tom Montalk – True Reality Creation

Reality Creation2.jpg

We must see reality, as it is, not how we want or would like it to be. This earth has incredibly evolved negative entities on it, which are operating a grand farm of sorts that feeds off of negative soul energy. Much like in the film the matrix, when neo first wakes up the picture is not very pretty and usually the first steps on the path to ones own awakening is negative. Partly to do with the grim nature of this reality being acknowledged and also because there are forces that are sent upon the seeker to try to force them to go back to sleep.

When we are positively reality creating we are creating within a certain set of limits, some relating to spiritual development, others the reality itself. We must not assume we are more spiritually evolved than we are. This can have detrimental affects. It is best to work within ones parameters and strive to remove illusory limits set upon us from the matrix. Such limits like gravity do not disappear with a simple set of affirmations.

But if we have false illusory limits about the world around us that can have a negative impact on reality creation they must be addressed. It pays to discover the source of such limiting beliefs, many originate from the matrix.

It is an important step to come to terms with the matrix control system operating on this planet, however, one should not dwell and emotionally invest in this, instead we can alter our perspective and view it as a spiritual learning ground where we come to participate in very fast soul evolution. This saves us from wasting valuable energy.

This does not mean we walk around in a fluffy dream world, but, understand how the negative side of creation works, not forgetting the higher perspective of it all and how to emotionally navigate through the matrix.

After a firm grasp has been acquired on these topics we will be in a better position to manifest our ideal reality. Remember, there is a polarisation phenomenon happening where by light is getting brighter and darkness is getting darker, it is up to us choose what side we are on and dedicate to fulfilling our full potential during our precious time upon this earth.

May your destiny be fulfilled, your hearts warm and true happiness be yours.

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