My 2nd Track – Freedom Freestyle

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Here is my second track, featuring just me and words.
Recorded on my phone in a tent.


I must be spiritual cause i’m wearing ali ba ba’s,
No not really from the truth thats far far.
Doesn’t really matter if your wearing love on the outside,
If deep down your not loving on the inside.
That’s where the change has got to start,
Bring if from yourself, come from the heart.
If only we knew how powerful we are,
Consciousness blazing like an internal star.

I take a trip with my friend amanita,
Don’t let the Fly Agric beat ya.
Once you get past all the nausea,
This mushie might open doors for ya.
But only if you are ready,
When you fly with Ami take it steady.
Make sure you dry the caps out,
And you might just Give God a shout.

So much wisdom so much time,
To waste this life is a fucking crime.
To be walking upon such an amazing planet,
Is such a blessing, don’t forget it.
So many mysteries of the universe,
Not enough space to fill it in a verse.
But when you look up at the stars and space,
Do you think that humans are the only race?

Could it be that theres life out there,
Yes i’m talking aliens, now don’t be scared.
Maybe they have come to this place,
Maybe they have meddled with the human race.
Whats all this about junk DNA,
Bullshit brought to the light of day.
Perhaps were not using all we can,
Limitations? That’s just shit on the fan.

Talking on the phone why not telepathy?
Cause we were never trained to see,
Anything beyond physicality,
Transcend the 5 senses to be truly free.
Here i’m talking casually about clairvoyance,
Don’t give this information avoidance.
Might just unlock something in ya self,
Then you must work on the self.

Nothing really happens unless you make it,
Believe in ya self, don’t just fake it.
Can you feel the essence of the infinite,
If so these words might fit.
Cause its you the spiritually alive,
That makes these words, pulse and thrive.
I write these words for my sisters and brothers,
Know your never alone and we come from the same mother.

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