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Self Talk

Self-talk is something that we are all so immersed in. It is as normal to us as breathing. Some aspects of self-talk include:

1. Repeating thought loops
2. Instantly negatively countering positive ideas or thoughts
3. Projecting negative thoughts onto others
4. Higher self/mind talking

Now to go into further detail of each of these aspects:

1. Repeating thought loops

These can be negative or positive. A negative example would be, and you may have noticed this in your life, when you seem to be stuck on an event that happened in the recent past. Say a co-worker ‘pushed on of your buttons’ and sparked of a reaction inside of yourself which has a snowball effect and before long you are in this self repeating circle of negative self talk, which can also be linked with emotions/feelings.

This of course is not healthy in anyway and can have a detrimental effect on our entire body, as negativity if not released/transformed is a form of etheric poison.
There are many ways to be able to transmute negative thoughts/feelings/emotions. Boris Mouriaveff in his great work Gnosis has some insights into this phenomenon.

“Each conflict produces a disagreeable sensation of inner friction. At this moment it is necessary to be watchful. Knowing that feeble, partial or intermittent constatation is not sufficient to give results, one must be actively present in oneself and observe the process while, at the same time resolutely detaching oneself from it. Otherwise, if we merge into or take part in the conflict, even momentarily or partially, the friction cannot be turned to our advantage. On the contrary, when we are dissolved in it we lose our energies instead of preserving and accumulating them.

[…]When properly treated with the aid of constatation which is present in oneself, the friction can liberate fine energies of a valency between indexes 96 and 12. We are generally lacking in all these energies. The group of energies 96 acts on the complex process of respiration whose rhythm, in its turn, depends on the impressions that provoke positive or negative emotions in us. Positive emotions provoke the acceleration of the heartbeat and, more important, of the breath. Conversely, negative emotions act directly on the respiration and, through it, on the heart. This is why one quite rightly says: he breathes anger, hate, etc.

When angry, we consume a great deal of energy 96 in one stroke: it takes our breath away. If we master our anger on the spot, we liberate the energy SI-12 which, as already explained, enters the emotional and intellectual centres in abundance. A flood of well-being and sweetness spreads through us then; the breath becomes normal and deep, the vibration of the centres is accelerated and this in turn provokes increased activity of the energies belonging to group 96, which leads to intensified transmutation of energies on all three scales of nutrition

[…] One can feel that here it is a question of the disciple’s inner attitude towards the people that surround him, that is, inner non-consideration. On the other hand, we are generally deficient in outer consideration. Thus, when we manage to transform negative emotions into positive, acquiring inner peace and joy in the process, we must not show this victory over ourselves to the person who provoked the wave of anger in us, as it will only increase the offender’s rage.” Boris Mouriaveff – Gnosis Part II

Being able to recognise when we are indulging in negative self talk requires being lucid within our self, which requires sincere work on the self to begin to know the self and question where are thoughts, feelings, emotions, and reactions stem from. There are many answers, some stem from our subconscious programming we received as children and throughout our life.

Also if you feel you are desperately stuck in a negative thought loop, then the idea of a ‘lifeline’ suggested by Tom Montalk is a great idea. This can be a book, prayer, meditation, and time in nature. Anything that can return you to a state of sober, positivity.

Emotional negativity is a form of intoxication. It impairs perception and judgment. The intellect becomes slave to emotion and begins defending it, creating a vicious cycle in which thoughts bias perception and biased perception reinforces negativity.

[…] In most cases, this downward spiral is initiated and sustained by influences that have no basis in reason. The mind isn’t even aware of the true reasons for its irritated or suppressed state. All it takes is a chemical imbalance, an abrasive astrological influence, a trigger word stirring some subconscious wound, a bad dream you don’t remember, or a small irritation suddenly “ruining” your day.

[…] The reason it works is because you acknowledge that your perceptions are skewed and thereby withdraw your energy from illusion. You also acquire faith to temporarily put aside the petitions of the baser self and instead wait for your vibes to lift before making any decisions or conclusions. Once your emotional state has risen to equilibrium, perception returns to normal and you are then in a better position to make decisions and act upon them.

 So the key is bypassing an intellect intoxicated with negative emotions by turning your attention toward thoughts and feelings designated as sober by sober sources. The only hard part is willing yourself to give it a try since the baser self is very reluctant to give up its joyride and will initially resist through you. Do it anyway. Become aware of the calm observer at the center of your self-awareness, and then shift gears by using a lifeline.

 If this idea appeals to you, try creating your own lifeline to call upon when necessary. The one I use employs a hermetic axiom stating that vibrations can be changed in degrees. So starting with the most negative of positive emotions, sorrow, I raise myself degree by degree. For illustrative purposes, here is one that works for me:

Sorrow for the wounded,
Compassion for the wounded.
Understanding of the ignorant,
Acceptance of the ignorant.
To know that everything has been in its right place,
Is in its right place, and will continue to be in its right place.
That’s why I have comfort in the past,
Gratitude in the present, and hope for the future.
I thank the Universe for this opportunity
To live and shine my light,
To guide and be guided,
To love and be loved.

 Here, each line is pondered in its full meaning before going to the next. That is important, as the mechanical serves only as a template for your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual to follow. Just mumbling the words without thought does nothing. You can boil them down to just a sequence of words: sorrow, compassion, understanding, acceptance, relief, hope, gratitude, love, purpose.

Sometimes it is enough to turn within and focus on the feeling of profound peace. Actually, with sufficient willpower and focus you can dispense with mechanical tools altogether and simply turn within, remember your spiritual self, and thereby raise yourself to an exalted state.

 But when under severe pressure, and here I mean an all out hyperdimensional “lesson,” (they hit you from the inside and outside simultaneously, at your weakest spots at your weakest moments) the mechanical method is a literal godsend. ~ Tom Montalk

As for positive repeating thought loops, I think that by default, as for the way the Matrix Control System has been set up on earth, these are not so common or easy to develop. To be able to program yourself to be in a state whereby you are experiencing positive reinforcing/empowering thought loops would require a prolonged effort and desire to want to achieve such a state of mind.

Affirmations, positive emotional hygiene, being lucidly aware of yourself, taking care to notice your strengths, and not dwell on your weaknesses are all ways of enforcing a positive mental attitude.

When we begin to align our self with this positive thought-loops, we will begin to create for ourselves a positive reality for the inner world and the outer world are coupled, an inner consciousness shift produces an outer consciousness shift.

I believe creating a positive reality for our ourselves is one the greatest things we can do to positively impact the events taking place for the whole of humanity. For what one does for their own consciousness affects the whole collective consciousness of humanity.

Collective Consciousness

2. Instantly negatively countering positive ideas or thoughts

I have noticed this happening in my thought patterns only after I was made aware of it, which speaks for how knowledge truly protects. As Bruce Lipton talks about, the subconscious mind is a habit mind. To reprogram it we must repeat whatever it is we want to reprogram. When we have a good idea and then it is countered we are to instantly recognize the self limiting program and re-counter it with a positive reinforcing thought. This takes being mindfulness and self awareness to catch any negative useless thought as it arises.

Reprogramming our minds is something I have covered in this article. When we have successfully done this, the outer effects on reality will be hugely profound and likely surprise us with the outcomes. Persistence is key.

3. Projecting negative thoughts onto others

Thoughts are real tangible things which have an energetic charge. When we indulge in such negativity and project it outwardly we not only effect ourselves but have the potential to effect the people around us which would then in turn attract more negative experiences and so the spiral continues. The trap of superiority is something I have been working on extensively and I am constantly reminding myself that I am not any better than anyone else and we are all at different stages of evolution and this is no judgement in this.

Bernhard Guenther has some great words to share on this:

“Trap of Superiority

The sense of feeling better than others who are still be plugged into the Matrix, or who haven’t had any profound awakening experiences; the lure of looking down on them is the most common trap many people fall into. This is especially the case when truth seeking is not combined with inner work. In the more extreme manifestation of superiority, we lash out on others, calling them names and attacking them personally for being “blind” and not aware (most often conducted via the internet/social media, hiding behind a screen).

The delusion of superiority is, in fact, a symptom of still being plugged into the Matrix, since the Matrix feeds off of Service to Self (STS) ego separation-consciousness (with its manifestation of “competition” in people’s personal and/or professional lives). We see this attitude play itself out most often in “truth seekers” who just “woke up” to the basics of the 3D matrix (the political illusion, government corruption and relating symptoms: the banking cartel, fake war on terror, lies of the mainstream media, false flag attacks, etc.) and lash out on people who are still asleep and hypnotized. In a sense, this is a normal stage as well. As the saying goes “The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off” (ironically enough, this was coined by CIA controlled opposition asset Gloria Steinham). So, anger is not to be judged as “bad” (spiritual bypassing), but we need to remain mindful to avoid projecting it outwardly.

This trap subject also ties into shadow projection. When we get emotionally riled up and project that reactive energy onto others – coming from sense of superiority – we actually feed the occult forces in the hyperdimensional realms. It stems from the “predator mind” by which these forces work through us, triggering mechanical/reactive behaviors to produce the “loosh” frequency they feed upon. There are varying degrees of superiority complexes, with various manifestations which we all can fall into (from subtle to very apparent). As long as we have an inner sense of superiority (especially the disease of moral superiority) or “specialness” in comparison to others – even without any external projections – the matrix has its hooks in us.

This can also happen to “wanderers“, (individuals whose souls have incarnated from a higher density (4th or 6th density) into this 3rd density with a specific mission to accomplish in order to assist humanity), who are very identified with the wanderer (“starseed”) concept (seeing oneself as “better” than “humans”), and the ego feeds off of this divisionary mentality. This is also how negative forces target, hijack and derail wanderers from their mission – by appealing to the shadow aspect of their ego.

The trap of superiority is so common that it is almost a “natural” by-product of the awakening process. It can manifest itself at any given stage, even after having had a mystical awakening experience which the ego then hijacks. In other words, the ego believes itself to be awake, turning into a “spiritualized ego”. Many self-proclaimed masters/gurus (or even popular figures in the “truth movement”)  have big superiority issues (cult of personality disorder) which their followers often feed with their “worship” and hierarchical-authoritarian programming, coming from a self-perceived inferior state of being, and thus putting another person on a pedestal.”

I am still working on this, however, with repetition I am starting to see results. As with most self-work, it is an ongoing process. Walter Last also has some wise words to say about this phenomenon.

“In order to free yourself of negative beliefs and thoughts, you must first recognise them when they occur. A recommended way is to develop the habit of having a small part of your awareness in the background as an observer. Whenever you have a negative thought, your observer will ring an alarm bell and you realise what you have done. Then, as a mental exercise, find the corresponding positive thought.

As an example, you may watch someone passing by and observe that she is rather overweight. If you notice having a critical thought about her weight, mentally apologise to her and either send her a mental compliment about some other aspect of her appearance or just wish her well. It is alright to observe, just refrain from uninvited judgments, especially of a negative kind. However, the habit of critically evaluating others is the opposite to an invited critical and constructive assessment in order to help someone.”

These wise men seemingly speak from experience, as that is usually the best way to be able to write about such matters. When we begin to become the guardian of our mind it becomes easier to notice any unnecessary negativity. We must be vigilant/persistent in our work.

4. Higher self/mind talking

Higher Self.jpg

The higher-mind/self is a very interesting phenomenon whereby we can tune into awareness/knowledge far beyond our usual range of perception. We have vast wisdom locked away inside our soul. We can strengthen the connection by entertaining noble practices & truths, such as Contemplation & meditation.

For me when I become lucid and aware of my self in this dream we call reality, with intention I am able to channel my higher self, if only for a short while. I get this great feeling of wisdom and calm coming from this channel of information. With practice I am able to prolong this connection. Also recently I have been praying everyday (I am not religious). I pray to the divine. I believe this is a great way to strengthen our connection to source. I also am noticing in day-to-day life I am finding myself consciously projecting love onto people, even in simple mundane conversations. On the opposite I am consciously rejecting any unnecessary negativity that I may pick up from other people. Our energy fields are constantly interacting with the people around us. To be able to passively influence people positively is a great technique. Doing this also makes us aware of any negativity that may enter without our conscious permission but due to being naïve and missing the crucial knowledge/awareness we have a psychic blind spot. Knowledge truly does protect.


We are to become the masters of our mind. Bring it to our service and put it under the command of spirit to be able to manifest the divine into this realm. To be true light bringers.

To help anyone struggling with the superiority trap, and wishing to grasp a better understanding of why a non-religious person may pray consider the philosophy in this parable.

The Spiritual Mountain

“You may sometimes wonder how all the different spiritual and religious beliefs, often contradicting each other, can possibly lead to the same goal. Surely, only one can be true. But then consider the following parable.

Imagine that different points of the compass represent different beliefs. There is a high mountain with a brightly shining light on top, marking the goal for countless climbers on all sides of the mountain. Those who are on opposite sides of the mountain actually walk and climb in opposite directions of the compass needle and yet they all progress towards the same light.

Below the climbers there are an even greater number of seekers who do not see the light itself, but believe in its existence because of what some of the temporarily returned climbers have told them. Groups of seekers follow some of the more experienced climbers back up the mountain. These are those who seriously follow a particular religion or spiritual leader.

Finally, the great majority of people live in the jungle surrounding the mountain without even seeing the mountain itself. Those living close to it know of it but generally do not move much closer to it. These are the uncommitted followers of various religious beliefs. Those far away from the mountain do not even know of it or believe in its existence.

The active climbers who actually see the light are those well advanced on the spiritual path. They all start from different positions. They may be on different levels and proceed in different directions but they all move closer to the light.”

To be in active pursuit of the light is only possible in the later stages of human evolution, there is no judgement for anyone not currently on this path. To those of you who are actively seeking the light within and without I am grateful to have you on the planet, as it is you, the spiritually alive, that makes this experience incredibly enjoyable and interesting for me and all others on this path.

Lets manifest the divine.

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