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*Until stated the information following has been collected from Walter Last’s website I usually write my own material for this website however Walter has spent much time doing the legwork in terms of collecting data so I do not see any use of me repeating this when such an excellent source has already done this, that’s the beauty of the internet and sharing.*

“Mineral Balancing

Mineral supplements can be used to balance body and mind. Use the following guidelines.

1. Calcium tenses muscles and hardens the body structure. Therefore it is indicated in muscle weakness, low blood pressure with poor circulation and, generally, for people with a ‘soft body structure’, as in children and frequently in young women.

2. Magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves. It is indicated in cases of high blood pressure, muscle tension, stiffness and rigidity, a high-strung, irritable and oversensitive nervous system, jumpiness and insomnia. It helps to relieve pain and inflammation and is best for people with a ‘rigid body structure’ – most commonly elderly males.

3. Potassium makes the body more sensitive and responsive.

4. Sodium is required with adrenal weakness, low blood pressure and dehydration.

Experimental studies show that magnesium deficiency also induces calcium deficiency despite a high intake of calcium and vitamin D. Even intravenous administration of calcium did not improve the induced calcium deficiency until magnesium was supplied as well.

A good supplement form of these ‘bulk minerals’ are ascorbates – the salts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), for example calcium or magnesium ascorbate or ascorbic acid neutralized with eggshell powder, magnesia, dolomite or potassium bicarbonate.

Minerals are not well absorbed from grains, seeds and nuts, except if these are sprouted or fermented. This is especially important for vegetarians. The addition of gelatin or chicken or fish broth to cooked grains improves the absorption of minerals, while cereal fiber (bran) decreases their availability. Where grains and seeds are indicated as good sources of specific minerals in the following compilation, this applies only to sprouted or fermented products.


Calcium (Ca)
RDA 800 mg, recommended intake 0.6-1.2 g daily. Deficiency frequently due to overacidity, lack of vitamin D, magnesium or boron, underactive thyroid and overactive parathyroids, or oversupply of phosphorus. The normal calcium-phosphorus ratio in blood is 10:4. If the calcium level is too high, calcifications result – stone formation, tartar, arthritic deposits, cataracts and muscle tension.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Fragile, deformed bones; muscle cramps, twitching and weakness; irritability, headaches, depression. Menstrual problems: excessive and painful menstruation, poor circulation and tender breasts. Undue sensitivity to pain; insomnia, allergies, inflammations; low blood pressure, varicose veins, piles, distended veins and abdomen, swellings, slow wound healing, pyorrhea, gingivitis; eye problems (near-sightedness).

SOURCES Bone broth, eggshells, dolomite; sardines, leaf vegetables, goats’ milk products, sesame seeds, kelp.

Chromium (Cr)
Active as trivalent chromium; its biological value differs greatly in various foods. Aim for 100 mcg of high bio-value, supplements as glucose-tolerance factor or chelated chromium.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Poor blood-sugar regulation (diabetes, hypoglycemia); disturbed fat/protein metabolism, alcohol intolerance, impaired growth, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, weight loss, fatigue, eye problems (opaque cornea, near-sightedness, glaucoma).

SOURCES Brewers’ yeast, molasses, mushrooms, seafood, grains.

Copper (Cu)
RDA 1.5 to 3 mg, recommended intake 3 to 5 mg daily. Dietary deficiency is rare. Inorganic copper may be oversupplied from copper water pipes; however internal deficiency may result from insufficient binding capacity within cells.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Anemia, especially in infants; bone disorders; defective spinal cord – multiple sclerosis; hair graying, fine and straight, loss of curliness; infertility, weak connective tissue: heart problems – enlarged heart, weak aorta (holes, ruptures), aneurism, varicose veins, hernias; cancer, leukemia, arthritis, inflammations, parasites, underactive thyroid.

SOURCES Liver, food yeast, nuts and oily seeds.

Iodine (I)
RDA and recommended intake 150 mcg daily. Needed for thyroid hormones which regulate the metabolism.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Goiter, cretinism, fatigue, overweight, mental retardation, debility, cancer.

SOURCES Kelp, seafood, iodized salt.

Iron (Fe)
RDA 10/15 mg, recommended intake as for RDA, less for the elderly. Deficiency causes anemia, fatigue. Oversupply in inorganic form (tablets, bread additive) is a contributing factor in degenerative diseases, especially arthritis

SOURCES Kelp, liver, yeast, molasses, sesame seeds, egg.

Magnesium (Mg)
RDA 350/280 mg, recommended intake 500 -1000 mg daily; activates many enzymes.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Apathy, confusion, depression, disorientation, hallucinations, irritability, paranoia, poor memory. Angina, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, sweating and tachycardia (fast pulse), strokes, thrombosis or infarcts. Convulsions, cramps, eclampsia, epilepsy, muscle twitching, numbness, nystagmus (rapid eye movements), tingling, tremors. Physical and mental rigidity, stiffness, stone formation in kidney and gall bladder (but not renal failure), tartar. Alcoholism, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, acute infections, intestinal malabsorption, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), prostate problems, strong body odor, overactive thyroid, colic, premenstrual tension

SOURCES Kelp, dolomite, seafood, sea minerals, grass juice, green leaves, nuts, oily seeds, molasses, sprouted grains

Manganese (Mn)
Recommended intake 5 to 10 mg daily; therapeutic dose 20-100 mg.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Muscle weakness, myasthenia gravis, drooping eyelids, poor memory, dark-red skin spots, diabetes, hypoglycemia, atherosclerosis, schizophrenia, epileptic convulsions, bone deformities, mucus problems, impotence and/or sterility, ataxia (muscle incoordination), poor equilibrium, abnormal inner ear, retraction of head.

Grass juice, spinach, parsley, spices (cloves, cardamom, ginger), nuts, peanuts, sprouted and fermented seeds.

Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum is an integral part of several enzymes involved in cell oxidation and carbohydrate metabolism. Daily requirements are not known. It is an antagonist to copper.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Cancer of the esophagus, dental decay, impotence in elderly males, asthma, sensitivity to sulfites, MSM and other sulfur compounds.

SOURCES Buckwheat, beans, fermented soy products, liver, barley.

Potassium (K)

RDA 2000 mg, recommended intake 3 g daily. Deficiency may originate from oversupply of sodium (salt), use of diuretics or adrenal weakness.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Anxiety, nervousness, fatigue; diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart strain, high blood pressure, liver problems, lower back pain, muscle weakness, multiple sclerosis, overweight, prevention of stroke.

SOURCES Kelp, fruits and vegetables.

Selenium (Se)
RDA 70/55 mg, recommended intake 100-200 mcg daily; therapeutic dose up to 500 mcg in organic form. Acts as an antioxidant together with vitamin E. Lost in cooking, very toxic in overdose (2000 mcg or more).

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Fatigue, cancer, liver damage, pancreatic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, weak immune system, reproductive disorders, cataracts, hemorrhaging, hemolytic anemia, underactive thyroid. Deficiency causes viruses to become very virulent.

SOURCES Kidney, liver, seafood, brewers’ yeast, kelp.

Zinc (Zn)
RDA 15 mg, recommended intake 20 to 30 mg daily; therapeutic dose up to 300 mg; best taken together with vitamin B6. Diets low in protein and high in fiber, phytates, calcium, fat and copper may decease the absorption of zinc. Increased zinc is needed with calcium or magnesium supplements, and during chronic infections, convalescence and stress.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS Skin: acne, boils, burns, leg ulcers, parakeratosis (horny red skin), poor wound healing, psoriasis, stretch marks. Hair: brittle, coarse, dandruff, falling, lacks pigment. Nails: white spots and bands. Eyes: keratitis (inflammations or lesions of the cornea), night blindness, retinal detachment. Taste and smell lost or distorted, mouth canker. Sexual problems: male sex organs underdeveloped, prostate enlarged, delayed sexual maturity, menstruation retarded, irregular, sterility. Poor growth, dwarfism. Body and breath odor, nausea (pregnancy). Poor circulation, cold extremities, fainting, heart infarct, sickle-cell anemia. Cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, gastric and duodenal ulcers, inflammation of the intestines (Crohn’s disease), joint pains (especially knee and hip), liver cirrhosis/alcoholism, toxemia. Mental problems, increased emotionalism, hyperactivity, learning disorders, autism, schizophrenia. Loss of appetite, anorexia nervosa, multiple allergies. For details on using zinc to overcome various diseases see www.coldcure.com.

SOURCES Oysters, herrings and sardines, kelp, seafood, oatmeal, liver, pumpkin seeds, sprouted seeds.”

All of this information above has been taken from Walter Lasts website.

What follows is from my own research and experience.

I believe if we provide the body with the tools it needs to function correctly then many diseases will be prevented or cured.

Anything that cannot be cured within the body with physical means such as:

1. Good diet (Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes)

2. Fasting & Cleansing

3. Exercise

4. Intestinal Sanitation

5. Systemic Antimicrobial Therapy

6. Connection to Nature

Would indicate that there is either:

1. An self destructive mindset or belief system (Conscious or Subconscious)

2. An emotional blockage (Suppressed emotions/pain/trauma)

3. An entity attachment from the spiritual realm

4. An energetic blockage resulting from either of the above

If your disease cannot be cured with the bodily physical means then it would could well be that you have been given a gift in disguise because it almost always will need to be cured by progressing either spiritually, mentally or emotionally, maybe even a combination.

I would still take every possible action you can think of to beat your disease with the physical means, but attack it from all angles to ensure a victory for yourself on your road to health. Even if your disease can be cured with physical means, adopting a spiritual attitude to life, engaging in some energetic work (Qi Gong, Certain forms of Yoga/Meditation), good emotional hygiene and a positive mindset towards life will increase your healing time rapidly. With all of these pieces put in place you also would be in a great position to create a beautiful reality for yourself.

For information on reprogramming yourself on the mental level refer to my raising vibration article

To clear emotional blockages you will need to go deep within yourself to bring any suppressed or tapped pain/emotion/trauma to the surface and transmute it. This can be done via meditation and focusing your consciousness.

To clear energetic blockages you can energise areas of your body that you feel need attention via deep breathing and focusing your consciousness on the affected area and visualise the area being filled up with light. Practices like Taoist yoga and qi gong take this a step further with the added aspect of body movement. Focusing consciousness can be incredibly powerful and the implications of this are something that many people are casually aware of with the placebo effect. The not so talked about aspect of the nocebo effect also apply whereby you can make yourself sick.

Entity attachments are something I do not have so much experience with although I have an intellectual understanding that such entities from the spiritual realms can attach themselves to humans energetically by attaching to their etheric or astral bodies. To clear an entity without clearing the wound would be quite pointless as their would still be an empty vacuum for something else to fill the void. To clear an severe attachment would require a monumental effort on the individual and would require a combination of every method mentioned above. If its possible including some assistance from a respected healer/shaman would take some of the weight off. (Be careful with these modalities as there is a lot of fake/useless/dangerous healers that I have written about here). Entitys can only attach themselves to areas which we have weak spots so on one level they can serve as a teaching function or a warning sign that we need to make drastic life changes.

The areas from which to heal oneself are vast. The outlined above are a quick guide however I would encourage people to read other sources and then experiment with the above and more, to find what works for you. To be able to take your own health into your hands is incredibly empowering and lessens your dependency on the matrix control system which has fooled most people into thinking they cannot heal themselves. To clear the body is a prerequisite of ascension, to be able to transcend the matrix we must clear the vessel from within in every way.

I wish you all the best on your healing journey.

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