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Diggers Kerosene

Kerosene is a potent anti-fungal and is a corner stone to any treatment against the invasive Candida Fungus. If you are not aware of what Candida is, it is a fungus that resides in the digestive system and in a healthy body it is kept in check by a balance of other bacteria. However in the majority of humanity this balance is not in harmony. There are many things that can cause an overgrowth of Candida. The main cause is Antibiotics. I personally believe there is an incredible epidemic of Candida overgrowth throughout humanity. You can find more information on candida here.

Kerosene is made from refining crude oil and has been used as a medical treatment throughout history and is still in common use in many parts of the world. Such as  Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. A study in Nigeria found that about 70 per cent of the population used petroleum products medicinally.

I am personally exploring the potential benefits of Kerosene treatment. I have found it was incredibly effective at stopping a throat infection in its tracks. There was a burning sensation when ingesting, which was an indicator of the infection being killed. I also have been treating my Candida. I have noticed that in higher doses It will induce a herxheimer reaction reaction which is a common side effect of a healing journey and is a good indication of Candida die off. These reactions are short and sharp. I also have found it to be of use as a laxative if I am feeling congested in my digestive system. Also good for cleaning the digestive system is Psyllium.

“The secret of the apparent cure-all effect of kerosene and turpentine may be understood as the reversal of the disease-causing effect of modern medicine. There is evidence that most of our modern diseases were rare in former centuries. Only relatively few people had cancer, which only occasionally happened in old age, and asthma, allergies and autoimmune diseases were rare or absent as well. All this changed after World War II with the widespread use of antibiotics. While they targeted bacteria, they encouraged the rise and spread of fungi and mycoplasmas which are at the root of most of our modern diseases.

Look at the forest or bushland trees. Some of their greatest enemies are fungi and parasites. As a defence, they developed various chemical strategies to kill or repel these attackers. We know and use these biochemicals as eucalyptus oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, pau d’arco extract, olive leaf extract, turpentine and other essential oils. Most of these oils are composed of hydrocarbons, just like kerosene. The main chemical in turpentine, alpha-pinene, is also present in the oils of rosemary and eucalyptus.

These volatile essential oils seem to have a stronger antifungal effect than kerosene, but frequent intake in high amounts can also cause some kidney damage. However, it needs to be understood that an antimicrobial program can only stop an autoimmune attack as a first and essential step in a healing process. It does not automatically repair the damage that has already been done. For instance, in diabetes type 1 and Parkinson’s disease, a healthy lifestyle is still needed to regenerate insulin-producing or dopamine-producing cells that have been destroyed; the same goes for joints that have been badly damaged with arthritis. Also, the debris of large internal tumours may require further detoxification and cleansing for safe removal.”
~ Walter Last

It is incredibly important that you get the correct kind of Kerosene.
According to Walter Last, the most suitable kerosene has a boiling point of 100C to 200C. It should be pure.

Australia/New Zealand: Diggers Low Odour Kerosene, sold in hardware stores.
USA: Klean-Strip 1 Kerosene from Walmart and hardware stores.
Germany: SBP (Siedegrenzbenzin) 100/140.
Around the world:
Shell Chemicals Shell-Sol D40 with a boiling range of 145C to 210C.
Shell Special Boiling Point Solvent SBP 100/140 with a lower boiling range may be more suitable for cancer treatment.
BP White Spirit is low in aromatics and boils from 142C to 200C.
Total Spirdane D40, free of aromatics and with a boiling range from 156C to 198C.
Solane 100-155 and Solane 100-140 have lower boiling ranges.

Potential Uses:

  • Powerful antifungal.
  • Treatment for parasites throughout the body. Eliminates parasites including worms in the blood and bowel.
  • Kills bacteria, especially mycoplasma (bacteria without cell walls). Eliminates pathogenic microbes from the blood and bowel. Especially useful for eliminating CWD (cell wall deficient) microbes while not harming normal gut bacteria.
  • Anti-viral.
  • Arthritis. Dilute one part of kerosene with one or two parts of olive oil. Massage on the skin or use in a warm pack placed on painful areas.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Bites, stings, poisonous ivy. Wet the area with kerosene or spray liberally. (2)
  • Bladder infections including cystitis.
  • Blood poisoning (sepsis, septicaemia).
  • Cancers. One teaspoon of kerosene a day on an empty stomach. May need to increase up to a maximum of one tablespoon. See How to use Kerosene below. Tumours may be covered with a kerosene pack on the skin.
  • Candida. Kerosene rapidly kills candida in the intestines, in the blood, and in other organs. Because it is so effective, beware of the Herx reaction (see below).
  • Diabetes.
  • Fungi. Nail fungus and fungal infections of the skin such as athlete’s foot and jock itch. The affected parts may be soaked in concentrated or diluted kerosene. Thrush in the mouth or vagina may be treated by coating or rinsing with diluted kerosene.
  • Infections with bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites.
  • Joint and muscle pain. Rub a little kerosene on the skin with a sponge/cloth, or use a kerosene pack on the skin.
  • Lung diseases including bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.
  • Neuralgia. Spray on the painful area. Repeat hourly. (2)
  • Paralysis.
  • Parasites. Take the dose before a meal, so that it may pass through the stomach and into the intestines.
  • Preventative. Take a few teaspoons a year to protect against infections by microorganisms, particularly fungi.
  • Prostate. BPH (swollen prostate). Half teaspoon in morning, half teaspoon in evening. Rapid cure within weeks.
  • Sinus blockage, severe head cold.
  • Throat infections. Dilute one part of kerosene with one or two parts of olive oil. Place in a warm pack over the throat. Sore throat: use one spray every three hours.
  • Wounds. Shake with clean/sterile water in a spray bottle and spray with a little kerosene, or moisten wound coverings with a little kerosene. It is a good antibiotic and speeds wound healing. However, if too much is used it can burn.

List from

To begin with dosage it is advisable to have a small amount, half of a teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon. I take mine in the morning as Kerosene must be taken on an empty stomach. I really like the taste now. I believe Kerosene and the safe usage of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are the antidotes to the epidemic spiritual and candida crisis affecting humanity right now.

Candida infestation can affect people on multiple levels, effecting the major organs throughout the body, especially the brain. If we look at how Candida can prevent the absorption of minerals and vitamins and we need such items to be able to produce healthy cells, such as neurons in the brain. So a zinc deficiency for example can effect how a neurotransmitter transmits serotonin and this can cause depression. I find it fascinating how our digestive system can effect our mentality.

With Kerosene we are able to combat this fungus in an effective manner. It should be mentioned that the only way kerosene is toxic is if extremely large amounts are consumed very quickly and vomiting ensures and kerosene gets into the lungs. However this is the same for water. It is incredibly unlikely for this to happen. I urge anyone curious to do extensive research and start with small amounts. Defiance of authority is a prerequisite to spiritual strength, something this world needs in abundance right now.

Take your health in your own hands and break free from the ties of the pharmaceutical companies.

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  1. This is again incredible. Founding someone who speaks about Kerosene and Amanita… 🙂 These two are two of my close things… I began experiencing alone with both. About Kerosene I was only able to tell my brother. Other people here in my country, even close relatives, would think that I am endangering myself or that I am doing something too crazy. I make a cure, 2 weeks / year, one spoonful in the morning. With A. whole different story, didn’t felt prepared to take as much as you did, but even so … it changed my life. Thank you for putting this info up.


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