Spiritual Purpose

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Spiritual Purpose

What is your purpose?

Have you found what it is you are here to do on this planet, at this time? Perhaps you do not want to know and are enjoying the mystery of life unfolding as it goes. However if you are like me and like to, to a degree, logically understand things and have a direction to head towards then you would do well to find your purpose, your gift to give to humanity.

A spiritual purpose would be a great talent/gift/reason which aids the evolution of humanity. This does not have to be something that seems worthy to mainstream culture and for many can involve raising children in the correct way. Its different for each, whatever your spiritual purpose is, it should benefit humanity at large and assist in the evolution of consciousness. We need more people tuning in their heart and their higher self and accessing deep knowledge and truths about themselves and then reflecting this upon the whole.

Some people are here to bring forth inspirational music, writing, art, and so on. These are the tools to reach a higher amount of people to assist in their conscious development. Although we are talking more about quality instead of quantity here as I do not see the majority of humanity having a deep spiritual awakening anytime soon as deep spiritual progression is only available to those who are in the later stages of human evolution. There is no judgement in anyone who is not on this path as we where all at the same stage at some point.

I also recently came across the thought that we gather negative karma throughout this life but perhaps more so in previous life’s where we were more spiritually asleep, to provide the cosmic leverage to provide lessons when we are in a more spiritually alive lifetime.

We must ask ourselves on a deep level if what we are doing with our life is truly our purpose. If a lot of our time is spent in doing a job to make money, and you want to transition to something better, then diligently gather your chess pieces, make way on the matrix game board and progress more towards the spiritual game board. I see working now, at the moment, as a means to gather the necessary tools for the progression on my spiritual path, although I do quite enjoy my job for what it is, it is definitely not my passion so I just try to make the most of it.

I share my personal journey so you may be able to relate. I am currently working towards becoming a natural health doctor. Focusing on nutrition, herbs, other natural remedies, possibly some energy work and holistic methods in general. Whereby we heal the whole body. This is something I am incredibly passionate about, helps humanity and I can make a living off of it. It ticks all the boxes but it took me nearly 2 years of self searching to be able to get some answers to the questions such as what my purpose is. I was able to speed this process up by embarking on my traveling journey which begun in January 2016.

I do not think we all have to come to the other side of the world to discover things about ourselves. I believe it was important for me to do this so I could have a change of lifestyle as the current path I was on was not very healthy for me on many levels.

I invite you to go deep within and work with intent and questions to the universe to see what it is you truly desire in life. Not what the matrix conditioning has imprinted onto you, but what your true soul work is. Not what society at large expects you to do, but what it really needs. This universe has been perfectly constructed, this current system is not broken in that its doing exactly what it is meant to do, and on the higher levels it was also orchestrated by highly positive beings who have incredibly vaster knowledge than we do down here.

To be able to see this, and to work towards building the new instead of attempting to salvage the unsalvageable is something we need right now. Let this old beast die and bring forth a new world, a decent world.

This begins on the individual level and works externally through people who have tuned into their own inner guidance systems and are breaking free from the chains of the matrix. It happens one mind at a time. We can speed up the process by persistently working on the self. I have found after years of spiritual seeking I have gathered much knowledge and experience and now I am focusing deeply on my body. Clearing old wounds and build up of toxins. In my soon to be released Candida article I go in depth about my journey relating to clearing this prolific disease which Is running rampant throughout humanity. I would go as far to say as there is an epidemic Candida overgrowth happening right now throughout us all. For more information Walter Last’s work goes into great detail.

On a higher level I also believe that Candida serves as a learning function whereby we are tested against the various trials of the universe to prove our worth to be allowed to enter the higher spiritual realms of human consciousness. To desire to work on your Candida shows that one has come to a level of evolution which is seen some considerable progression. This Fungus can affect all parts of our body. Including our mind.

It may be different for other people who may benefit from working on the body first and then progressing into spiritual practices/philosophies or mental work. But perhaps with a clearer body/mind one would be in a better place to understand their reason for being here. There will be many who are not hear to experience the spiritual path. For those brothers and sisters all I think we can do is ease their suffering and help when asked. Besides that I do not find it worthwhile to spend to much time, if possible, in trying to wake up or help people who are not on this wave of spiritual progression.

Perhaps your purpose is to build houses, bake bread, make crafts, gardening or something practical and hands on. If you truly believe it is this, then do it with absolute love. Your intention will imprint on everything you do, stretching out all the way to the atomic level and perhaps deeper on what’s called the Akashic records. With this imprintation you emanate forth positive vibrations that are subtlety felt on the unseen etheric realms of the collective human consciousness. This is how we can bring forth more light into this place that has been dominated by the darkness for so long. I write these words for the spiritual brother/sisterhood of awakening that I am assuming you are a part of for reading so far.

If you feel you are then you are a part of the wake up team which is here to assist humanity in this time of transition. This brings upon itself extra responsibilities but also extra benefits if we begin to truly live in the divine. This includes the topic of Wanderers. Being apart of this team or network means it is even more important to be in tune with our life mission.

This process of seeking is not something that happens overnight and takes much dedication to truly start to seeing results. Sometimes feeling lost is a sign you are experiencing awakening symptoms, breaking away from a spiritually dead system can bring growing pains. Work through these pains and transmute them into the alchemical internal fire of the divine seeker.

Above all else, enjoy the ride more so than the destination. As ultimately this is where the joy is to be found.

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