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I have recently begun practicing a new form of sex for me, which could only be described as meditative sex. This was adapted from Karezza. The idea being that orgasm is not the sole purpose of intercourse, rather the prolonged, slow release and intensification of sexual energy. This allowed for a very deep connection to be made with my partner. I do not have a girlfriend, however the friend whom with I practiced this technique with was trusted and very much on the same vibration as me, we connect on multiple levels.

I feel a strong sense of trust is important for this. You are opening up yourself to intense energies and vulnerability that call for a sacred space.

We did not follow the set outlines of what Karezza suggests, more used parts we resonated with as guidelines. I am not overly fond of the idea of sex becoming a technical procedure with strict rules. Its good to have guidance but allow whatever flows in the beauty of the moment, to flow.

We begun by meditating together, then cuddling with our clothes on and slight caressing touches. Embracing each other as mutual god sparks of divinity. This goes on for quite a while as we are in no rush. Then when it feels right we take off our clothes, cuddle some more and slowly build up the sexual energies.

Then following the suggestions of Karezza, we place our sexual organs together, without penetration at first. The feelings of this space of mutual trust and respect in this stage alone are magnificent. Making and holding eye contact increases the feelings. Its as if when you eye gaze you are staring into the depths of infinite awareness.

We hold this position for quite a while. Even though we are not in a loving relationship, the feelings of love, trust and joy are very intense. Its as if we are melting into each other with deep passionate connection.

We begin to synch breathing without co-ordination. It fluxuates from breathing together to me breathing in and her breathing out. We gently caress each other, holding close.

When it feels right I place the tip of my penis at the entrance of her vagina, not penetrating but just holding it at the heart of her femininity. The energies intensify even more as very, very slowly I begin to enter her. Holding the deep breathing and meditative state throughout. Focusing attention on where our sexual organs meet.

I will leave the details of what follows after to your imagination, but its worth to note there is no hasty thrusting or any sense of rushing to climax. It feels as if we could stay in this space forever, merging as one entity. Its also worth to note that no condom was worn to intensify the connection, only at the very end just before I orgasmed.

After we had finished, we cuddled for at-least half an hour, cooling of the intense energies we had just been working with. A combination of serenity, bliss, joy and satisfaction came over us.

I personally felt sexually satisfied for 2 weeks after this, before engaging in the same practice again. I see this form of sex is vastly more satisfying then rushing, climatic orientated sex. Sometimes after the later, I instantly have a strong craving to repeat the act, as if my desire was not satisfied. Not with this technique.

“Karezza is a spiritual way of making love; basically it is a love meditation. This has many personal and relationship benefits but at present it has also the potential of transforming our society from a crumbling capitalist system based on greed to a new world order based on compassion and cooperation.

This may sound way over the top but let me explain. I am writing here from a spiritual point of view that sees our existence as an evolution in consciousness. Presently we are at a tipping point in our evolution as indicated in recent decades by a meteoric rise of spiritual consciousness together with a decline in the foundations of materialism.

Expressed in spiritual language, to build a new society based on compassion and cooperation we need to open the heart center of our energy bodies. The heart center is the seat of universal love; when activated our relationships and interactions with each other are expressions of loving kindness.

Therefore, to help with birthing the new society spiritual individuals may now focus on opening their heart centers. This can be done in different ways, such as in meditation, guided imagery, and deliberate acts of loving kindness. But for those in a relationship with a compatible partner by far the easiest way is with Karezza. As a by-product this will also greatly strengthen such relationships and reward us with rejuvenating our bodies.”
~Walter Last

I hypothesize that when you engage sex in this manner you are opening up the possibilities of higher connection via the upper chakras. Allowing for higher divine energies to flow through and energise your bodies.

I invite anyone willing to try this out, find a suitable trust worthy partner and see what unfolds. I am sure you can build upon this to truly create something beautiful between the sheets. Have fun.

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