My Amanita Muscaria Experience Part 3

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Amanita Muscaria


*If anyone is considering taking these mushrooms I highly recommend doing extensive research, appointing a trusted friend as a sitter and do not underestimate the power of these mushrooms (THEY ARE NOT LIKE PSILOCYBIN), like I did. They are not to be taken for fun and must be treated with the utmost respect. What I experienced the first time I took these mushrooms, was both incredibly amazing and utterly horrifying and life threatening so be prepared for one hell of a ride.*

After fully digesting the last experiences, I had decided to go for a third round of the Amanita. This time I journeyed deeper than the previous 2 times. I also was in a different setting, now being in the north of the north island. It was quite interesting actually, I had stayed at this place before and on my re-arrival within 24 hours I had found a big stash of Amanita’s and proceeded to dry them, this time with the help of an oven!

I felt very blessed to have found them so quickly, however I believe this was no accident. These mushrooms truly fascinate me and I wonder if the mushroom organism in one particular area is but a super organism, stretching for miles and miles. Perhaps we could go even further to say they are connected by an incredible network beneath our feet, who knows.

So this time I was a bit brave and decided to take approximately 20 grams. I begun at 9:30 in the morning, setting aside the whole day and having done all trip preparations the day before. I think taking this much, so fast, was a bit over zealous of me. Before I knew it I was in a deep dream, whereby once again I thought the mushrooms where poisonous and that I was going to die. Then I did die, repeatedly. This was not very pleasant as the way I died was through a heart attack, similar to the 1st time but without the grand pleasurable/painful life review. I even had my parents flash up before me, I was in a state of confusion as to what was real.

The next thing I remember is I was going through the film, the Matrix, and I was playing Neo. Right up until the point where he jumps off the building in his first attempt and falls straight on his face. In my dream I actually did this, however I landed just outside my accommodation, back home. What was confusing is the dream seemed to have ended there, although I could not tell, as there was no transition between dreaming and waking up, like normal dreams.

I only know I was in reality, because one of the people I am living with saw me, I saw them but was not sure they where real. They were able to clarify the next day. The only thing I said to them was I am in the Matrix!

I then remember coming across the thought lines that somehow watching the matrix films are a form of initiation, into what exactly I don’t know. That to escape the matrix you have to be a good guy. I then proceeded to find someone to tell about what I was discovering, the walk down the hill was hard as my accommodation is situated about a 10 minute walk away down a steep hill and my motor control was not great.

I managed this descent and found my good friend and begun to explain to them some of the discoveries I was making. They followed me back up the hill and I then begun to go into something so deep its hard to manifest into words, but I continued on from my first trip whereby I saw the creation of this universe, right up until the end of this octave with many universes/creators. This time I flew past this and was going into the entire cycle of this universe. Apparently this takes 200 Billion years and involves many interceding layers that where experienced in unexplainable ways, I was infinity, revolving around itself, infinitely.

What was interesting was how it was all my own creation, through thought I created myself into existence and then experienced the most incredible sensation of realising this.

The next thing I remember, my friend had left and it was dark. I then proceeded to experience death once again, but this time from the 3rd person as I was experiencing the thought lines of all the people who had died being on the divine side of creation. People died at different chakra levels, thinking many different things. Notably people who flashed up into my mind where Adolf Hilter, John Lennon & Steve Jobs.

What I discovered was that at any one time we are operating in 1 chakra, it fluctuates but Is always one at a time. Its essential to have a balance between each.

I then was experiencing the pain of dying again and approaching it from a place of love, similar to my previous trips although this was magnified in intensity. I would experience all these peoples deaths and would feel their pain with love.

I then begun to experience thought lines such as:

1. To have a truly unique thought, requires a high level knowledge
2. Something important about taking Kerosene and these mushrooms, relating to having an affinity for disobedience, this seemed to be a huge part of it, to be an independent free thinker.
3. That everyone has Candida overgrowth effecting them on multiple levels and this serves as a teaching function, testing people against the metal of the universe.
4. Candida is the physical way in which thoughts are controlled/manipulated in the thought war.
5. This place has been setup to train gods/creators
6. At the very top, above the darkness, the divine is in control
7. This universe has been perfectly created.
8. Humanity is at the yellow chakra level in development, Love is the next stage.
9. Consciousness – White Chakra
Thought – Pink Chakra
See – Purple Chakra
Sound – Blue Chakra
Love – Green Chakra
Touch – Yellow Chakra
Sex – Orange Chakra
Movement – Red Chakra
10. It will take something superhuman to overcome the matrix

The next tangible thing I remember I had to experience the pain of Jesus dying from a place of love, as his death was the greatest act of love possible to humanity. To die in the most painful way from a place of love. The pain was formidable, but once I overcame this, the feeling of love was equally as amazing.


Unfortunately a lot of what happened this time happened at such a high level of consciousness it is not possible to describe in words and progressed so quickly that I could not remember a lot or have a chance to right it down. I did not even need to drink my piss and was still locked into the trip for about 14 hours after the beginning.

I will not do this high of a dose, so fast, again without a trusted friend to sit with me as I feel a lot of what happened has been lost. I also was enacting my dreams as I must of hurt myself quite badly as for the next 2 weeks I was in pain throughout my right arm and had quite bad cuts on my knees. I have no idea how these where caused.

I now have a strong collection of dried mushrooms thanks to them appearing all around me and perhaps the next time to take a much smaller dose to see what happens when you micro-dose these mushrooms, or to go to a similar space as I experienced in my second trip as I feel, at-least consciously, I got the most from this trip. However I will be taking a good break from these for a while to allow for full recovery and focusing on other endeavours.

A side note

I have abstained from watching porn since the first trip, nearly 3 months ago. Every time the thought comes into my mind I am reminded that porn feeds the matrix and the impulse is stunted. I believe this is quite healing on multiple levels and is one of the many great things I have gained from experiencing this beautiful mushroom.

Respect for Soma

Part 4


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