Social Conditioning

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Social Conditioning

Social conditioning is something all of us have received when we were children and then reinforced throughout life. It is something that gets progressively stronger the longer it is unaddressed. Once one is aware of the monumental mountain one has to climb to overcome the conditioning of a lifetime, we are on the right path.

Although initially this task may seem overwhelming, it has its milestones along the way which give rewards and inspiration to continue. I amaze myself sometimes thinking about the vast amount of thinking that must be done by humans stemming from societal conditioning and not from their true self. Could it be that its possible to go through this life without a truly lucid moment? I believe so, especially with the Matrix in overdrive trying to lock in the frequency of oppression before the spiritually alive burst forth into full manifestation.

I see the desperate attempts by the powers that be to try to control humanity as a last ditch effort to maintain control whilst it slips from their grasp. The reign of darkness is coming to and end for all those who wish to answer the call. If you wish to remain in the matrix dream world that is also a definite possibility as I would not be surprised if the matrix does not die completely but instead acts as a hot knife, cutting in between humanity and separating the wheat from the chaf so to speak. It may get messy before it gets better.

There is no judgement to whichever side one would fall if this was to happen, as we are all at different levels of consciousness with different lessons to learn from this incarnation. But who knows maybe a timeline does exist whereby the vast majority of humanity makes it to a utopian world and simply the darkest of us all perish into their self-created oblivion, who knows.

What I do know is the most powerful thing we can do to positively influence the world around us is work on ourselves, raise our frequency and become frequency anchors holding space for the higher divine energies to come through. I personally began this approach with a 6-year mission gathering knowledge/experience/wisdom via research/experimentation. I believe for now my spiritual seeking has taken a hold due to the fact I have found and adopted deep personal spiritual truths which has led me to be able to take positive steps to help humanity. Also finding my purpose has been a big part of this.

Now I am focusing on clearing my body & further deepening the reprogramming of my mind, something which I started about 2.5 years ago. Clearing my body involves a program of removing the overgrowth of candida I have within my digestive system and possibly other organs. I have an article which goes into great detail about all of this.

If you have not already begun on working on yourself, perhaps removing societal conditioning then reprogramming yourself would be a good place to start. It’s a highly individual process with each of us having to work more in certain areas.

To remove societal conditioning it is essential to first identify it and become aware of where our thoughts stem from. Ask yourself what it is you truly desire, and where do your thoughts come from? Whenever we over react to something happening externally, that is usually a big warning sign that something internally needs to be addressed. The universe is guiding us in many subtle, and sneaky ways, lessons are often disguised. Its even more of a red flag when it is only you who is over-reacting to a certain matter.

We have to go through the shadow of our conditioned self. To bring anything that is not in alignment with the divine, to the light and have it transmuted in the alchemical fire of truth.

In grounded terms we are to locate the implants from the matrix, much of which was received via the Television ‘Programs’ (its called programming for a reason!), school and our parents who in turn have also been conditioned as the grip on humanity goes very far back into our history, for who knows how long.

There are claims that the hyper dimensional matrix control system is largely responsible for the condition humans are in at the moment. I believe it has a part to play, but is also just a tool for the divine to train its creations. At the top, the divine is always in control. All there is, is the unfolding of a gran experiment stretching throughout the cosmos.

We are lucky to be a part of this grand play of forces, a true honour, especially during the times this planet and humanity are going through. We are to break free from the chains of oppression via a strong internal will to do so. Nobody will do it for us, we can walk the path together, but every individual has to walk, there is no carrying on this road.

Once social conditioning that is desired to be removed, has been located, it would be good to note it down and write all the things in your life you are not happy with. Then write a list of how you would like your ideal life to be. Then via the techniques suggested in my Raising your vibration article such as affirmations, created a phrase to repeat to yourself which affirms whatever it is you desire, is already with you and you deserve to have it.

Another technique I have just come across is guided imagery. A form of meditation whereby you visualize your ideal situation, and go deep into it, examining every detail, slowly and thoroughly. I found this form of meditation to be profoundly strong. Visualise your situation without any limitations, let your imagination go wild. I also extended this technique with a meditation where I went into myself and focused on all of the cells, bacteria, organs, veins, bones, endocrine system, and so on, going deep into each part. It was a very strong meditation.

When you engage in guided imagery on what you truly desire (Not the matrix’s Desires) you are setting up the etheric network for you to begin to energetically resonate with your setting. This has effects on the unseen levels operating throughout life. These manifestation powers are something that we can all tap into however it is not as simple as just meditating on your outcome, you must take physical action to take step towards your goal to provide the mortar for the universe to then help you build the foundation towards your ideal life.

The kingdom of heaven begins manifest on earth one person at a time and you can be part of the initiation squad that tastes the first lick of divine presence here on earth. There may even be people living in this level of consciousness already, acting as trail blazers burning their way through the matrix to lead the way for the rest of us.

Locate, remove, and reprogram your mind and you will be well on your way to creating a truly beautiful reality for yourself. We need more people tuning into their true self, merging with the divine and emanating this forth into the collective human consciousness. With this in place, if you haven’t already you will be in a prime position to work on the other parts of yourself.

Manifest wisely.

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