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Candida is a naturally occurring fungus that we all have. In healthy conditions it is kept in balance with the rest of the gut flora. However, if due to bad lifestyle and diet, antibiotics, excessive alcohol or drug use amongst other factors, and especially a combination of these, then Candida overgrowth is almost a certainty.

With the western lifestyle and medical system I believe there is now an epidemic of Candida overgrowth affecting millions of people throughout the planet. If you have a chronic condition, whether it is mental or physical an anti Candida program will surely improve your quality of life. Walter last, (I consider Walter Lasts work as the world leading source of information on this, if anyone has a better source please do advise) a leading nutritionist, goes as far to say that even diseases like cancer & diabetes are treatable if caught early enough and one is dedicated to the treatment.

The problems with an overgrowth of this fungus are variable and vast, however, some include:

  1. Arthritis or flu-like symptoms with joint and muscle pain
  2. Fibromyalgia, muscle pain and weakness
  3. Gastric over or under-acidity and acid reflux
  4. Headache and migraine
  5. Chronic sinus infection and other mucus problems
  6. Undesirable weight loss or gain and inability to change it
  7. “Brain fog” or memory and concentration problems
  8. Obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviour, irritability
  9. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  10. Personality changes, addictions and mood swings
  11. Fungus on finger or toe nails and skin
  12. Chronic urinary tract infections
  13. Pre-menstrual tension and other menstrual problems
  14. Itching red eyes and vision problems
  15. Skin rashes or eczemaFrom Walter Lasts book – Overcoming Candida

When I discovered about candida I felt very empowered. Firstly, be able to self diagnose and secondly to self treat. I would be very happy if I am able to treat myself of a few chronic conditions I have had for a long time.

Some symptoms I have are

1. Having severe sugar cravings
2. White coated tongue
3. Signs of Candida from a spit test
4. Mild Tinnitus
5. Digestion problems including excessive farting
6. Chronic urinary tract infection.

The spit test as described here by Walter Last is:

“Immediately after rising before you eat or drink anything fill a clear glass with water at room temperature. Spit some saliva into the glass of water. Then check from time to time for up to an hour to see what happens. If Candida is present, you will see one of three things, or a combination of these.

  1. There may be strings like legs extending down into the water from the saliva floating on top
  2.  Cloudy saliva will accumulate at the bottom of the glass
  3. Cloudy bits will remain suspended in the water.

The quicker and stronger the strings grow and the sooner the saliva sinks, the more Candida is in the sample. If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after one hour, you probably do not have systemic Candida but may still have a localized problem in the intestines, the skin or the vagina, and you may still have dysbiosis and infestations of other pathogenic microbes”.

Saliva Test

Another quiz/test can be found here.

I only this year become aware of Candida, and now with the belief there is a serious Candida epidemic throughout humanity, which could easily be prevented with the right knowledge, mindset and dedication. I am determined to heal myself and then I will be able to help others heal themselves.

The treatment of antibiotics without supplementing with probiotics and antifungal remedies decimates the good bacteria in the stomach, leaving room for otherwise normal and healthy fungi to become invasive and grow out of control. I believe this is an underlying cause of many illnesses throughout humanity. Now begins my personal journey.

My personal treatment

I will begin with 2 week diet program which will include the following:

1. No Wheat
2. Severely reduced Sugar
3. Severely reduced simple carbohydrates
3. Pure Gum Turpentine
4. Low Odor Kerosense
5. Coconut Oil
6. Raw Garlic/Ginger
7. Borax drink
8. Lugols Solution
9. Sprouted Lentils
10. Turmeric Paste
11. Plenty of Vegetables
12. Plenty of Salad
13. Plenty of Vitamin C
14. Eating correctly for my blood type regarding meat (O blood type)
15. Correctly combining food where possible
16. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Also for overcoming any illness I feel it is also helpful to have healthy emotions/mentality as well as exercise, meditation, connection to nature, and energy practices such as Qi Gong or Prana breathing.

For anyone who wishes to research the effects of ingesting small amounts of Kerosene or Pure Gum Turpentine, read here. For Borax read here. For Lugols Solution read here.

After these 2 weeks are finished I will begin a 3/4 day fast, which will include:

1. Eating apples
2. Every morning mixing, 1 heaped Teaspoon of Psyllium, 1 Teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda and 15 drops of Pure Gum Turpentine with a large glass of water, drinking quickly and drinking more water after
3. Every 3 hours after this drinking the same combination with replacing the Turpentine with Raw Chopped Garlic
4. After every drink follow up 45 minutes later with a massive dose of Probiotics (Home Made Sauerkraut & Kefir)

For this program I will make:
Turmeric Paste
Sprouted Lentils

(See bottom for how to make all of these)

I will conduct updates throughout and do saliva tests.

After the fast I will assess my body and will continue to adopt an anti Candida Diet similar to the pre-fast but less intense with continued dosage of 1 Tablespoon of Kerosene every morning and possibly evening.

The start


I began my diet. The sugar/wheat cravings where not too strong. I had to decline morning tea biscuits and although when me and friends went out for pizza and I was offered a slice I felt my mouth salivating, alas, I preserved and made it swimmingly through day 1.

I had 1 Teaspoon of Kerosene in the morning and decided to have a small amount of turpentine and some wild oregano oil in the evening around 5pm. I ate a lot of coconut oil. I have switched from oats to millet and have switched from wheat to spelt pasta, although I have been informed spelt is still something to reduce and buckwheat is better.


1 teaspoon of Kerosene in the morning. My borax arrived. I will be doing a solution of 1 teaspoon in 1 litre of water and will sip throughout the day.
Breakfast was millet with coconut oil & cacao powder (no sweetener!). I read that magnesium and borax combine well. I also purchased Walter Lasts book ‘overcoming Candida’ which has vast knowledge on this. Suggests that a huge variety of diseases stem from Fungus overgrowth. Ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s. I am finding this self treatment course very empowering. Eager to see how it goes.

Presently everyone who is not in excellent health can be assumed to harbour fungi, mycoplasmas, and other pathogenic microbes. Therefore it is not very useful to spend time, money and effort to find out if you really do have Candida and should do an antimicrobial treatment. Just do it, and repeat it in a milder form once a year, or whenever health problems re-surface.” ~ Walter Last

Salad with sprouted lentils for lunch. Psyllium, Turpentine, Bicarbonate Soda drink 30 mins before dinner which was pumpkin soup with peas extra ginger & coconut oil for dinner. Declined the mashed potatoes. Been slowly sipping borax drink throughout day. Noticing increased energy, excited to see how progresses. Also noticed the whiteness of my tounge has slighlty decreased.


1 teaspoon of Kerosene in the morning. A 1/8 teaspoon dose of borax mixed in liquid and drunk before & during breakfast which was the same as yesterday. I had a mild hermexier reaction to this, just a short bout of diaorehha and I was fine. Lunch was Vegetable soup, salad & eggs. (Declined Cake!) Dinner was vegetables with fish. I also did a Psyllium Bi Carb & turpentine flush at the evening.


No kerosene this morning. Same breakfast as previous. Lunch was whole meal spelt pasta with heaps of turmeric paste and coconut oil. Then coconut flour pancakes. Taken relatively large amount of borax today. Approximately ¼ teaspoon spaced out over the day. Noticing quite tired/relaxed, glad to have a day off work. Also purchased some magnesium chloride and have been applying it to the skin, very calming effect. Dinner was Beetroot curry with green salad. Extra lemon water to help flush toxins & vitamin C.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene this morning. Breakfast was millet with flaxseed & coconut oil with black tahini. First few hours of work where tough, think clearing/healing is taking place and resulting in low mood/energy. Felt better around midday and energised by 2pm when had lunch which was fried brown rice with vegetables, sprouted lentils & turmeric paste. Brought some sugar free chocolate today, doesn’t help with cravings although is still very nice. Sugar cravings seem to be a bit stronger today.

A friend also did the spit test and found they had Candida overgrowth. Hopefully my program helps and I can help others. She suffers from menstrual cramps, anxiety & panic attacks. All of these could possibly be treated with an anti Candida Program.

Mild Borax drink around 5pm. Now having multiple Anti-mircobiral treatments I am intuitively selecting which I need. Dinner was Gluten free pasta with a vegetable soup, sprouted Lentils & turmeric paste. (Declined delicious looking homemade fejoia muffins!)


1 Tablespoon of Kerosene before breakfast which was an apple and millet porridge with Cacao & coconut oil. Lunch was organic wholemeal spelt pasta with turmeric paste, avocado, sprouted lentils & raw garlic. I tried my first batch of kefir, very happy with how it has turned out and will be a good addition to the program.


1 Tablespoon of Kerosene before breakfast which was the same as yesterday. Lunch was the same except Salmon instead of Avacado & lentils. Today was hard in terms of sugar cravings & general fatigue. Will try a more protein based breakfast tomorrow. Dinner was vegetables, red rice & fish. Strong borax drink in the evening.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene. Same breakfast as yesterday except with the addition of Barely & Wheat grass powder. Lunch was left over yesterday’s dinner. My lugols solution arrived today. Made a mixture of 6 drops to one glass of water. My research has shown me this mineral is incredibly important for the body. For more information read here. I am experimenting with a magnesium & Iodine drink, will see what develops. Dinner was Pasta & salad.

Today marks 1 week. Sugar cravings have been very strong past 2 days. Noticeable difference in tongue. 1 more week to go then fasting will begin. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. Will try a protein based breakfast tomorrow.


1 Tablespoon of Kerosene in the morning. Breakfast was eggs with sourdough buckwheat bread. Lunch was buckwheat pasta with heaps of garlic, turmeric, coconut oil & raw beetroot. Dinner was stir fry vegetables & beef. Discovering that Kefir gives me mucus, perhaps need to ferment for longer. Looking forward to when saurerkraut is ready. I think the cleansing is having an effect on levels of energy. As well as this week being my first back into physical work for 3 months the combination of the two has resulted in a challenging Friday. However have some time to rest now and I am confident this program will help me. I also believe with the combination of reprogramming, meditation, qi gong and this program I can cure myself of my chronic urinary tract infection.

Believing in this program is part of the journey. To convince the subconscious that these treatments actually work is part of it as I am sure there are inherent belief structures in the current health system picked up from childhood and throughout life. Had an interesting power nap where was in a state of body asleep and mind awake. Will see if I can repeat this as I am sure it would be a good state to enter into to reprogram my subconscious very quickly.


1 Tablespoon of Kerosene in the morning. Breakfast was Millet, coconut oil & barley & wheat grass powder. Lunch was eggs with sourdough buckwheat bread & tahini. I made some beef bone broth yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised by how cheap it was & how delicious it tastes and how good I felt after eating. I had 2 doses of 10 drop lugol’s solutions throughout the day.


1 Tablespoon of Kerosene in the morning. Tried a new breakfast for me this morning which was a sprouted lentil salad topped with kefir, black tahini, coconut oil & flaxseed oil. Trying to minimize carbohydrate breakfast’s and I think this is a good addition to the rota. Salad was beetroot soup. Dinner was a lovely roast beef dinner although I couldn’t have the Yorkshire puddings! Had a strong psyllim flush and 2 doses of 10 drop lugol solutions. At nightime I had a strong dose of kerosene but was a little too much and iniated a hermixier reaction. Part of the healing process though.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene in the morning. Sprout salad for breakfast with Tahini and flaxseed oil. This breakfast is very good and now my current favourite. Starting many new sprouts today will see what happens. 1x lugol’s. Noticed whiteness on tongue has significantly decreased. Sauerkraut is tasting good and nearly ready.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene in the morning. Same breakfast as yesterday. Lunch was pasta with lots of garlic, turmeric, coconut oil & raw broccoli. Dinner was Lamb, corn & pumpkin frittas. 3 x strong lugol’s solution throughout the day.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene in the morning. Same breakfast as yesterday. Noticing kefir is making me a bit mucusy so gargled some apple cider vinegar to counter the mucus in throat & tonsils. Breakfast was egg & avocado. 1 teaspoon of turpentine. Another Tablespoon of kerosene. Only 1 more day left.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene in the morning. Same breakfast as yesterday. Lunch was vegetable soup with avocado & salmon. Dinner was beef liver kidney casserole. Lugols mix. Today marks the end of the 2 weeks. Will continue for an extra 3 days then begin fast on the 23rd. Interested to see how it plays out.


1 Tablespoon of kerosene in the moring. Breakfast was Seed & nut porridge, a gift from a friend. Lunch was buckwheat pasta & salad with coconut oil, garlic, turmeric paste & barley & wheatgrass powder. When home I did a psyllium, bicarbonate soda & turpentine flush, followed by a large dose of sauerkraut. Dinner was Fish, mussel & vegetable soup. Looking forward to starting fast. Will do 1x Lugols solution before bed.


Begun my fast on the 22nd which is lasting 5 days. I am on the 4th at the time of writing. The fast incudes:

5xPsyillium Bicarbonate soda & either gum turpentine or lugol’s solution mixed together in a large glass of water and drunk very fast. Then a vegetable juice was made consisting of mainly green leaves. On the 4th day I acquired some organic carrots and added 2 small ones with an organic apple. Was nice to have a bit of sweet flavour.

1st day was not so hard. Mild food cravings, and all I wanted to do was lay in bed.

2nd day much the same although more intense sugar cravings and again all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Grateful to have the time to do just that. Tongue was strongly coated with white and morning urinations smelt very bad.

3rd day I was definitely slowing down physically but could at least focus my mind enough to do some research and meditation. Mornings becoming harder though.

4th day the morning was extremely hard I felt as if I had no energy. Although after doing the first flush and applying a friends balm containing vast amounts of vitamin c in the form of herbs I felt ready for the day, although still very slow. Frequent showers seem to help. Looking forward to eating food again!

Also have come to the conclusion that full recovery from my symptoms will probably take anything up to 3 months so will stop doing a daily record.


5th day was not so hard, although fatigue by the end of the day was very strong. Excited to eat food again! Feel great to have completed this fast.


I finished the fast by taking 3 x 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to work as a laxative. 1 before sleeping and 2 when awakening. Although this did not really work and my body only started to release its bowels when I had an apple. And boy did it release. There was a lot that came out, bits of stringy like things, mucus stuff and was a dark green colour and smelt weird. All of this was expected and normal from what I had researched. I truly believe I have done a number against my candida and possibly other health issues in my body.

I was advised to break the fast with raw food and gradually increase the intake. Had sprouted lentils for breakfast. Lunch was Farro Pasta cooked in chicken stock with coconut oil, linseed oil, hemp oil, Turmeric paste, cashews and half an avocado.

I will continue to monitor my condition and keep up with the antimicrobial therapy. Also for the next fast I do, I will use castor oil packs, take a laxative on the first day and every 2 days after that and will only eat raw food for the whole first day.

It feels good to have protein in my body again, to be able to focus and move faster than a zombie!


Deep within my treatment now, experimenting with different food and supplements. I have self diagnosed as having severe zinc deficiency now which may be in tandem with the Candida. After taking a Zinc & P5P supplement I have noticed my sense of smell and taste has greatly improved. Also my urinary tract infection seems to be getting better. I believe I am also affected by Pyroluria which is working in tandem with the Candida. Both of these will be treated with this program I am doing. As the holistic approach heals the whole body. I have also just acquired Theebo tea which is supposed to have strong antifungal properties and actually tastes quite nice.

After my fast I have noticed increased energy levels and deeper appreciation for food and live in general. Nature seems to be more magnificent. I believe clearing Candida/Pyroluria allows for emotions, hormones, neurotransmission, minerals/vitamins to all flow through the body more effectively. This has a snowball effect on reality at large and I am very excited to see how this will manifest in my life. Couple it with a spiritual attitude that I am bringing to perfection over the past 5 years and with rigorous mind training in the forms of meditation affirmations and expanding knowledge, and we have a paradigm busting foundation to build with. Throw in some other worldly psychedelic experiences and we may have the keys to humanity’s next step in evolution.

I will keep updating this log, however I have found it not necessary to keep a daily log as this treatment could take many months so I will only update from now on when I feel it is necessary and I have made major discoveries/developments.


I am noticing improvements in my conditions. My tongue is slowly losing its white coat and my urinary tract infection symptoms are also receding. I am confident if I continue on this path I will be successful in fully clearing these dis-eases. P5P definitely helps with dreaming and I have a very interesting dream where I was suggested to make a brew containing 4 ingredients. However I can only remember 2 which, are Taheebo Tea & Mate. Both South American Trees. I have a hunch the other 2 ingredients are either, Maca, Palo Santo, Cacao Or Cinchona.


Noticing that P5P has strong ability to help remember dreams. I remember the most amount of dreams I have ever remembered last night. At-least 6. I am trying a period of raw foods today and had sprouted lentils for breakfast with mixture of coconut oil, tahini, chia seeds, wheat and barely grass powder & Zinc/P5P/Iodine/Borax as supplements. For lunch I had a smoothie with avocado, banana, apple, coconut oil, 1 raw egg, barely & wheat grass powder, chia seeds & cacao powder. It was delicious and feels great. My first time consuming raw eggs. I purchased free range happy eggs from local farmers market. I would not recommend mass produced cage eggs to eat raw. Through recommendation of a friend I am trying a powerful ginger tea where you leave the root to simmer for couple of hours then leave in the water overnight to allow for maximum absorption. I then combined this with Taheebo tea and herbs and its very nice.

I am having great fun experimenting with different recipes and supplements.
This whole healing journey is great and I am enjoying every part. Especially having more energy, increased creativity, clearer thinking and seeing results from my persistence. I am continuing with the anti fungal treatments and varying it between remedies.

Sugar cravings are still strong. Experimenting with gluten/sugar free baking and having good results. Its not the same to not have chocolate/wheat cookies but its worth it for good health. Buckwheat & coconut flour make good alternatives.


Noticing whiteness of tongue is receding even more. Had a friend try their first turpentine, psyllium, bi carbonate soda flush. Initially they felt a bit dizzy and slight stomach cramps. After approximately 2 hours they reported they felt clearer in their thinking. I am now supplementing with 100mg Zinc and 75mg of P5P to see if this will help with the urinary tract infection. I have found that zinc is best mixed in with protein, especially animal protein where it is naturally found. I also tried my first piece of raw, marinated mince. Was quite nice and I feel fine. Although I believe we have adapted to eating cooked meat, I have researched that the digestive enzymes present in meat are preserved if eaten raw. Although the meat must be of good quality and preferably organic & grass fed.

It will be interesting to see my friends progression through his candida program as he is doing the same as me but slightly different to treat the same problem but with different symptoms. Thankfully we live together so monitoring of symptoms will be easy.

I believe I am in the beginning stages of my development towards becoming a natural health doctor. I now see how many of the situations that happened throughout my life have led me to this path, providing the perfect opportunities to progress this route. Mainly by contracting a variety of symptoms that I can cure myself of.


My tongue is showing great signs of improvement. Also my digestion seems to be a lot better I am not having such a heavy stomach for so long after eating now which is great. I am still sensitive to wheat, a little bit of sugar seems ok however I will still maintain a low level of consumption for a long time. Not taking any chances and do not wish to undo all this work. I just recently acquired some maca powder and it is delicious! A new personal favourite featuring many health benefits.


I believe part of why it can take so long to treat candida, is the formation of biofilms which are akin to a small town. These are hard to eliminate completely and consistent effort is required to take these candida towns down.


I am having slight relapses in terms of sugar cravings. These cravings are very intense. I think they are signs of progression but do not making it any easier to overcome. This is just as hard as quitting tobacco if not, harder. I was also suggested by a friend today that to beat systemic candida you have to completely eradicate all sugars and pretty much just eat meat and greens. Even sugar and sugary vegetables.

Given my current living conditions I cannot do this and would have to wait until I have more money saved to be able to manage this. I am also going to do another fast, this time for 3 days and with laxatives and probiotics. I am also considering a period of raw foods. Many things to consider. I am also looking into naturopathic courses, however I would prefer to self teach and make it on my own. Just in the beginning people may not believe in my methods. I guess when I totally cure myself this will change. Will see where the universe takes me.


After a very strict week, following the guidelines of the Ketogenic  diet, consisting I am considering the benefits of this. I am having ups and downs between finding physical work quite tough, to flowing through with long bursts of energy. I believe I am seeing progress with this but need more knowledge/experience to further refine this. I will continue to experiment, breakfast is quite hard to master without carbs/sugar. My whole life, breakfast has revolved around this. Sprouted lentils, cauliflower, eggs, (mostly raw) salad, lots of coconut oil, are making up the most of my breakfast’s. However I believe I am missing something, or perhaps I need to eat more.

I have been making Keto fat bombs, consisting of various seeds, nuts, cacao butter, coconut oil and supplements. These keep me going throughout the day and are very good at holding back sugar cravings. I think a lot of the sugar cravings come from an energy crash and the body looks for a quick burst of fuel. Of course this cycle is self perpetuating.

I doubt I will continue on this Ketogenic diet forever, just for another 1-3 weeks depending on how it goes. Throughout I will take large amounts of probiotics, and when I do reintroduce carbs I will do so with large amounts of fungicides mixed with the food, most notably borax, lugol’s solution or raw garlic.

I am continuing my fungicide program and it feels now I am doing an severely reduced carbohydrate intake that they are much more effective. We shall see. This healing may take a long time to come completely right as it took years to get to this stage. Will see how it progresses.


2 weeks into an almost ketogenic diet. I did a one day fast and the day after I took it very easy with the food intake. Mostly raw with some seed crackers. Feeling very optimistic about this fast, was very easy to do one day and I feel cleared out in my intestines.


Starting to realise it may take some time to clear this. Hoping will be done after a 3 month total, but we shall see.


I have gone back to a low carbohydrate based diet now. I have also begun to practice chakra balancing on myself which has shown me that my sacral and root chakras are not functioning correctly, possibly blocked. I felt pain whilst working on them which I took as a good sign that I was clearing something. Will probably take a while to be able to be fully cleared. Has expanded my perception on my conditions that they could well be energetic problems. Combined with everything else I have been doing, this could be the final key to beating my Candida.


I have seen great improvements with my symptoms. My digestion is much better and I am not left feeling very bloated after eating meals. I am farting a lot less and they do not smell anywhere near as bad, to the relief of the people I live with. My tongue has barely any white coating on it now. My energy levels are great, and combining with the other work on myself I have been doing for a very long time now, I am seeing extended periods of a powerful feeling of peace, love and wellbeing.

There is just the chronic urinary tract infection to deal with now, which I also think is tied in with energetic chakra issues, emotional energy and mental thought programs. I will do another Candida spit test to see if there is any noticeable change on that front but in general I am very happy with seeing the results from this program. I am confident if I continue with this program I will see the end of my candida and will be well on the way to 100% health.


I am continuing with the program although finding it hard to kick the sugar addiction completely and I believe this has roots more than just Candida and has its roots in other matters. I also believe this program may take a long time to be completely successful, perhaps a year or more. I have learnt so much from these 3 months. I have learned about many different remedies, how minerals and vitamins effect the body, about fasting, and much more.

I have decided to end this article here and perhaps will go for a follow up article in the future once I have completely cured myself of all my ailments. For now I am confident if I continue with what I am doing I will see the journey of 100% health come to full manifestation. I have enjoyed every step of this program, even the hard parts, as all has served to further benefit my personal evolution.

I hope this information helps you to do the same.

How to’s

Ketogenic Fat Bombs:

Soak 1 cup black sesame seeds, 1 cup pumpkin seeds, 1 cup sunflower seeds, 1 cup cumin (preferably black) seeds overnight. Then blend them all together with 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 200-300g of cacao butter, 1 cup of freshly ground linseed. Add any supplements you desire. I personally add kelp, nutritional yeast, pinch of borax, P5P, cacao powder, 1 eggshell finely ground and 1 tablespoon of barely/wheat grass powder. Refrigerate and eat whenever you have a strong sugar craving or energy crash. Avocado goes really well with this but I prefer to add after I make it as will not keep for very long otherwise.

Turmeric paste:

Effective Antimicrobiral. Mix ½ cup Turmeric paste or freshly ground turmeric, ½ cup coconut oil, 1 Teaspoon Pepper and add water for chosen consistency. Refrigerate. Add 2 tablespoons or more to meals.


Strong probiotic. Preferably use an organic cabbage. Thinly slice & add 1 tablespoon of salt into an airtight container and add water to cover the cabbage completely. Leave for 1-2 weeks to ferment at room temperature. Check after 4 days to see if cabbage has gotten rotten. There is a distinctive difference between fermentation and rotten cabbage. After cabbage has fermented to your desire, refrigerate.


Strong probiotic. Mix an kefir culture starter with 1 litre (Can vary depending on starter culture) of slightly warm milk. Best to use is raw, organic, A2 milk. This is hard to come by, the next best I am aware of you can buy in a shop is organic A2 milk which has not been homogenised or standardised. Leave to ferment at room temperature for 24 hours day then refrigerate.

Sprouted Lentils:

Delivers protein to intestine bacteria. Soak preferably organic green lentils for 24 hours in water. Empty water and then leave for about 8 hours, then rinse in water and remove the water. Do this twice a day for about 2-3 days depending on the temperature. Once the sprouts have gotten a 1-inch tail they are perfect for eating and can be refrigerated to slow down the growing process. I prefer to make less more frequently.

Bone broth:

Acquire the bones of your desired animal and bring to the boil in a large saucepan and then simmer for anywhere between 3-30+ hours. For birds there is not such a need to cook for longer than about 12 hours but beef bones are better the longer you simmer them for. This contains many vitamins/minerals and is a great source of amino acids. It also has the benefit of making other vitamins/minerals in other food easily digestible. I personally love to cook with broth where you would normally use water, say for pasta, rice or vegetables.

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  1. Hi,
    Any updates? Also I’m assuming you were taking the Australian products? (Kero/turp) etc

    Well done ! Very keen to hear back from you


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