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In todays world we are exposed to never seen before levels of electromagnetic frequencies. Tv Signals, mobile phone towers, radio waves, wifi, artificial lighting, Tv/Computer/Phone screens and more. Our eyes only see 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. If we could see beyond the limited 5 sense perception, like some clairvoyants can, and observe the ocean of frequencies pollution that we subject ourselves to, then perhaps we would use/engineer our technology more wisely.

I think part of the problem is mass consciousness is still yet to grasp how we are more than just physical creatures. We are electromagnetic beings, we have energy fields surrounding our body. Each organ has its own frequency field, the brain and the heart being the strongest. There is a field of science and health treatment which has its foundation built upon the knowledge that the human body has many interlinking layers of frequency fields, it is called Bioresonance.

The field of bio resonance states that every part of the body has its own specific frequency which it emits as a field. Bio resonance also continues to say that there is a certain frequency for a health organ. When a particular organ is not emitting the correct frequency related to health, we can be pretty sure that the organ in question is malfunctioning and could be effected by some form of disease. Continuing this line of thought we can come to the conclusion that certain diseases & illness’s cause organs to change their frequency is such a way that we can pinpoint to a very high level of accuracy, what the disease is.

So, with all of that, it would be in our best interests as a species to be evolving with technology that is more in harmony with out bodies and nature at large. Many are aware of the physical aspects our industrialized society pollutes our body and the earth. Less are aware of the electromagnetic side of things.

In this current way of living, exposure to artificial E.M.F. is inevitable. With the long term fixes being a whole revamping of our technological systems (Scalar physics, zero point energy being 2 good examples) perhaps even requiring new ways for us to produce/gather energy. Such things will take a while to implement.

That leaves us with the place to start being the usual place, with ourselves, and the people we have a direct influence on in our sphere of reality. Again, knowledge is power and everyone concerned about these matters would do well to do their own research on this topic to become confident in there knowledge and be able to inform others.

Once we have begun doing this, we may wish to reduce the negative impact E.M.F. pollution has on our being. To begin it would be would be wise where possible, to eliminate or reduce any E.M.F. exposure we can. Reducing screen time, turning devices off when not in use and out of the bedroom when sleeping, and turning off the wifi at night are all good practical steps one can begin with. Perhaps you can think of more. One way to tackle this would be to create a list of all sources of E.M.F. pollution and see what you can do about each. Anything you cannot make a direct change towards should not be focused on too much as this can lead to exacerbating the problem by diverting our mentals energies to over dwelling on what we cannot immediately change. This takes away our power and should only really be used as a background motivator to spur us to make positive progress, like being solid in our knowledge.

Any E.M.F. pollution we cannot change should not be completely ignored though. But rather a well thought out treatment program is what is required to hugely minimize the effects. I truly believe we are only ever given challenges that we can choose to overcome.

There are many ways to overcome E.M.F. exposure, as with anything related to the body, having optimum health will always be a good foundation. I have covered this in depth in previous artices. (Link). Having a healthy body full of all the vitamins and minerals, low in unessecary toxins, well excerised and low in stress are the pieces of the cornerstone to any physical health program.

Specific to E.M.F. it is essential that the body is getting enough Iodine. (link) Iodine is incredibly important mineral for treating E.M.F. exposure. I personally use Lugol’s solution which, is now a lesser known solution which was commonly used throughout the medical profession 100-200 years ago. It is cheap and effective, no wonder pharmaceutical companies do not want people informed about this wonderful remedy. You can purchase it here.

Also excessive blue light from electronic screen can interfere with melatonin production. Melatonin is a chemical produced by the pineal gland and is most known for its sleep regulating properties. What is less common knowledge is that melatonin actually plays a key role in immune system function. I have personally been using Melatonin supplements to treat insomnia with great results. Also my dreaming has increased in vividness and I find it easier to remember my dreams. For someone fascinated by dreaming this was a great discovery for me. I use this specific brand recommended by a respected friend who has been using this brand for a while and has tried many different kinds. I take 1mg at bedtime.

Zinc, magnesium and selenium also deserve a special mention as E.M.F. exposure can effect cells ability to carry these crucial minerals around the body.

I have found the vippassana meditation technique to also alleviate the effects of E.M.F. although I must say I am not exactly sure how and only going by my bodies reaction/feeling. Perhaps by strengthening the aura and making it stronger, which vippassana meditation does, makes for a shield against E.M.F. Also by prolonged attention on the affected area, the symptoms are alleviated.

By far the strongest practice I have done is spending time barefoot on the ground (Earthing). Walking bare foot on the ground or sitting with the feet flat on the ground seems to give the best results. This practice discharges any excess positive ions we have throughout the body into the Earth and the Earth then replenishes this with negatively charged ions. (Link) What a generous planet we live on.

I believe the body has a level of tolerance with which it can withstand a level of radiation and receive little or no harm. This level will vary with the individual. Some may have been consistently exposed to high amounts of artificial E.M.F. and will only need a small amount of exposure to feel negative effects. This was the case for me and I was doing nothing to treat myself for such things. But when I begun to take steps rectify my problem including all the methods I have mentioned, I once again built up my tolerance level and was able to withstand higher amounts of E.M.F. A good example is that I could only use my computer for very short amounts of time before getting a headache. Now once again I am able to use for longer periods with not problems.

I am sure the high levels of E.M.F are no mistake, for the times we are in, The Matrix Control System is on overdrive attempting to lock humanity in a lower frequency. These desperate but cunning methods aim to stunt the spiritual evolution of humanity. With the right knowledge and tools, we can overcome these frequencies of suppression and transcend into the frequencies of freedom and liberation.


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