My 3rd Track – Spiritual Journey

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My 3rd track.
Again, recorded on my phone so excuse the quality.

Alive – Sorry Not Sorry


Here to evolve consciousness,
Here to evolve Consciously.
And its not just me,
Its all of humanity.
Were all here to evolve, change and grow,
I’m not sure how it became such a freak show.
We should be exploring the mysteries of the universe,
Not fighting each other until were in the back of a hearse.
Here me when I am talking in this verse,
Cause I’m just like you, trying to find my purpose.
Could it be that its to express creativity,
To raise the vibrations of humanity.
Perhaps thats my reason to be,
But who knows, lets have a look and see.
9-5 everyday thats insanity,
Is that what it means to truly be free.
If only humans knew their own history,
As cosmic members of the galaxy.
But lets not be bitter, lets not throw around hate.
Cause at the end of the day, humanities still great.
You can’t blame a child for being a child,
So when you look around and it looks a bit wild,
Its just humanities puberty and its anything but mild.

Yeah it maybe true, humanity is one,
But not all the souls are the same under the sun.
Its true, psychopaths, they really do exist,
And their not just in jail with a clenched fist.
Their manning the top political offices,
And their the ceos of big businesses.
They have no emotion, they have no feeling,
Dead on the inside, spiritually sleeping.

Its good to be aware of how they operate,
So your not scared and you don’t co-operate.
In this strange dream world that has been created,
To pull humanity from where its been fated.
We have a huge spiritual heritage,
You have to claim it though, don’t sit on the hedge.

Come along with me on a spiritual journey,
to explore something called self discovery.
When you look around, what do you see?
Cause what you see may become reality.
That’s not to say you think rainbows and rainbows happen,
Evil exists its part of the pattern.
Cause when you embark on this sorta path,
You may encounter the matrix’s wrath.
So when the matrix does come around,
Make sure you knowledge is solid and sound.
Lodge what you know, then you have knowledge,
Talking about truth, not the stuff you learn in college.

Get ya mind inline, your chakras aligned,
and you might just see truth unwind. x2

Come along with me on a spiritual journey. x3
And you might just see truth unwind.


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