Sugar Cure For The Common Cold

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Common Cold

In the area I live a few weeks ago, the common cold had run rampant and caused many people I know to become sick. Including me and nearly everyone I live with. I was one of the last to become sick, and I was doing everything in my knowledge to refrain from becoming sick. I took extra vitamin C, Lugols solution, upped my vitamin/mineral intake and a few other measures, but alas I still succumbed.

It’s worth noting I intuitively picked up I should avoid all strong sugars, such as chocolate and cakes. The reason I mention this is because I was on the brink, I could feel a tickle in my throat when I was working one day and believe I was just holding on. However, on the afternoon tea break I was presented with 4 crackers with cheese and 2 store brought muffins. I have a weakness for sweet things and when I was to be kindly presented with such an opportunity placed before me I caved and devoured the sugary treats. No sooner as I finished, I straight away regretted what I did.

Sure enough, the next day I was terribly ill, mucus everywhere, coughing stuffed nose, drained energy, the lot. I had fallen. I was not prepared to go down willingly though. I remembered a few months ago passing over an article by Walter Last suggesting a rather radical idea called the ‘Sugar Cure’. Sounds bizarre right? Possibly one of the most disease causing substances on the planet being utilized as a cure? How is this possible? Well, I advise you read Walter’s article before trying this yourself. I can attest that it really works though. Where everyone who got sick, was sick for at least 5 days or more, I was back on my feet and working within 2 days. So what did I do?


There is an intimate link between mucus in the body and the common cold. What happens is the bacteria/virus absolutely love to grow in mucus, it is a perfect breeding ground for them. The body cannot remove mucic acid via the kidneys or liver, like most other forms of toxins or waste residues in the body. Mucic acid itself is insoluble so the body covers mucic acid in water to form mucus to then be transported via the lymph system and expelled through the respiratory tract, lungs, sinuses and the hollow head spaces.

When there is an overload in the lymph system and it becomes blocked with mucus then the body goes into ‘common cold’ mode and we become sick so that the body can focus all attention on removing the blockage. The problem becomes exacerbated when there is a bacterial infection involved and severely worsened when a viral infection happens.

How people believe that they catch a cold is that when a bacterial infection infects the body, the level of mucus is temporarily increased and if one already has an overload of mucus in the system this is just enough to push people over the edge. With this, it relates to my experience where the store brought muffins where enough to push me over the edge as many supermarket baked goods contain vast amounts of skim milk power, which has huge amounts of lactose (Lactose being a huge contributor towards mucus levels in the body as well as gluten). The body can only digest small amounts of lactose at a time, and not everyone even has the enzymes by birth. One has to ask themselves why skim milk powder has become commonplace throughout many products.

Lactose content of dairy products

butter 0.5%
cheese, quark, cottage cheese 0.1 – 4%
goat’s milk 4.3%
cow’s milk 4.9%
yogurt and ice-cream (with skim-milk powder) 5 – 25%
skim-milk powder 52%
whey powder 70%

“With a high lactose intake, the lymph channels and lymph glands are usually congested with mucic acid as well. This allows influenza and other infections to spread from the sensitized mucous membranes into the mucus-filled hollow head spaces and into the lymphatic system, causing lymph gland swellings and inflammations.

I have found in many people that the number of colds, influenza and other respiratory infections can be varied at will from none to several per year just by varying the lactose intake. Mucic acid congestion is also the dominant cause of ear infections or glue ear and hearing problems, mainly in children, and especially in Aboriginal children who seem to be inherently very low in the liver enzymes required to convert galactose to glucose.”


Once I was warned by a friend, who was a medical doctor, not to come close as she had a cold. I told her that is not how it works and that I cannot “catch” her cold. To prove it I asked her to blow her nose and give me the wet tissue. I then wiped that into my nostrils, and sure enough, I did not catch her cold. I also believe that when we cannot catch a cold, we cannot catch influenza either. In the 30 years since I became aware of mucic acid I have not had influenza.”
~ Walter Last

The Sugar Cure

So what the sugar cure involves is sugar, and patience. What you have to do is take a teaspoon of sugar in the mouth and hold it there until it has been completely dissolved in the mouth, and then spit it out. Then do this for 4 hours. The sugar draws the mucus from the lymph system then you spit it out, this very quickly removes the blockage within the body.

With such high concentrations of sugar, there is no damage to the teeth for it is not the sugar itself that damages teeth, but rather the bacteria the sugar feeds when the sugar has been allowed to dissolve and disperse around the mouth. After finishing the treatment one can simply wash the mouth of thoroughly with water to remove any remaining sugar.

When I did this, within an hour I was bringing up large amounts of mucus. I must admit I was a little bored, I was unable to concentrate on my writing or reading as I couldn’t get in the zone for having to spit sugar out every 1-2 minutes! I decided to go for a walk and must of looked a bit odd wandering around with a big bag of sugar and a spoon. Fine white sugar is best for it dissolves quicker.

Straight after I fininshed the treatment I noticed my sinuses where a lot clearer. I then proceeded with high amounts of vitamin C, lugol’s solution, and zinc tablet dissolved under the tongue. Sure enough, the next day I was remarkably better and the day after that I was back to work. Barely 2 days of down time.

“I have found that a heavy cold can be stopped in about 4 hours using this method – a light cold may require less time. For influenza or other persistent mucus congestion this may have to be repeated for several days. The sugar draws mucus dissolved in lymph fluid into the mouth and so gradually clears the head spaces. As a precaution, if you feel that you are susceptible to getting colds, or if you have a runny nose or other congestion of head spaces, you may use the sugar cure for one or two hours and repeat it once a week or as required.


The effectiveness of the sugar cure shows that it is not the rhinovirus that is the main factor in triggering a cold but rather the presence of mucic acid congestion. This is also confirmed by findings that some individuals are carriers of this virus without getting a cold, while in others cold symptoms may be triggered by cold air without the presence of viruses.

While antimicrobial treatment may ease any symptoms attributable to the virus, as with zinc acetate, it does not stop the typical mucus discharge of a cold until the congestion has been cleared. Nevertheless, with a heavy cold, influenza and other respiratory infections it may be beneficial, in addition to the sugar cure, to use an antimicrobial such as MMS or Lugol’s solution for a day or two before switching to high doses of vitamin C.

Using the sugar cure periodically is especially important for elderly individuals who are or have been regularly using milk products and now have a respiratory disease, hearing problems such as deafness, or eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma, or poor blood circulation to the brain and dementia, or a combination of any of these. As they are no longer protected by frequent colds they either need to avoid lactose-containing products or regularly use the sugar cure. With chronic congestion of the head spaces and respiratory system it is advisable to use in addition other home remedies for draining mucus, such as postural drainage, nasal irrigation and steam inhalations. “
~ Walter Last


The next time you are hit by the common cold I challenge you to try this and see what the results are. Of course it would be better to refrain from ever having to catch the cold in the first place, which is now my personal aim. I am very grateful to have come across this knowledge for it changed my perspective on the common cold completely. As always, knowledge is power.

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