My Amanita Muscaria Experience Part 4

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Amanita Muscaria


*If anyone is considering taking these mushrooms I highly recommend doing extensive research, appointing a trusted friend as a sitter and do not underestimate the power of these mushrooms (THEY ARE NOT LIKE PSILOCYBIN), like I did. They are not to be taken for fun and must be treated with the utmost respect. What I experienced the first time I took these mushrooms, was both incredibly amazing and utterly horrifying and life threatening so be prepared for one hell of a ride.*

To bring a transformative cycle of tripping to a close I decided to have one more round with the Amanita Muscaria this year. Initially, I had planned to embark on this quest with a friend and initiate them into the realms of mystical mushroom experience. Alas, a few days before the day we had planned my friend become sick with a strong cold and despite efforts to bring him back to health, on the morning of the day he decided he was not well enough. This was to be my 6th trip with the Amanita Muscaria. The 2 previous to this where of lower doses and did not justify an write up in themselves but will be covered where appropriate in this write up.

So, once more I was left to plumb the depths of consciousness alone. Maybe there was a higher reason for this, for I still yet to experiment with high dosage group tripping for the mushrooms. Given how they seem to be a hugely internal affair I am curious to see how having someone else around would be of benefit. Perhaps it would be useful for in case you end up running around the bush half naked in the middle of the night as with my 1st experience. Another possibility is that having someone else around who is also on the same brain wave could amplify the intense energies being generated. Similar to how with meditation or Qi gong, the more people, general speaking, the stronger the energies. With this though, I was glad to be alone for this allowed for carefree expression of my body and voice.

I set aside a whole day for the trip and a day after to digest the experience. On the morning of the 06/10/18 I had a light breakfast and gathered my mushrooms together and made my way to my current living quarters which is an old bus with a building built around it and even has a fire place. The bus is located in a beautiful valley on an eccentric farm that I have been spending most of my time in New Zealand at. With the beautiful bush surrounding me, the sounds of birds gracing my ears and a brilliant sunny day, I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect setting.

As usual I set up the arrangements for a opening ceremony. I said a short prayer, set the intention for discovery, healing, reprogramming, and psychic phenomena and begun my trip. At 9:30am I ate about 8 grams. Within 30 minutes the 1st interesting thoughts were:

1. Could create bliss for myself by thinking it
2. Can reprogramming be done almost instantly
3. Have faith/trust in the universe
4. Detoxification of radiation is important – Grounding

I was excited to see what the day would bring as I was getting very useful and positive thoughts already. But it wasn’t to long before the initial burst of information before I begun to feel a bit tired. I remembered how on my 4th trip I feel asleep and had an incredible and useful dream. I figured that perhaps the same would happen. At approximately 10:45am I had lain down and went to sleep. I fell asleep very easily.

My prediction was absolutely correct and I ended up having a truly amazing long, vivid and revelatory dream. The 1st scene was one where I was alone and I was working on clearing my pain in my body, once I had gotten so far with this there was a point were I was able to hold enough love to be able to graduate from this level of reality. This was portrayed a lot less brilliantly than my 1st experience, yet the simpleness of its portrayal had an added benefit of being more practical.

I was shown how humanity had been going through a collective dark night of the soul, but now given the times that we are in it is now possible to see the light once more. This ties in many cultures prophecies and predictions pointing towards this time in our history as a powerful time of transition. I felt a great love for humanity and desired strongly to share this with others. I return back to this dimension and assemble a group of people and via a form of group therapy we each clear our pain/darkness and all of us where then able to graduate. We also then, for a while progressed onwards in our new found reality.

The next scene depicted how there would be a huge event happening in the not so distant future that would be humanity’s final trial, so to speak. This brought forward the concept that humans either have to polarise towards the light or the dark or face death and reincarnation. There was huge event that captured the minds of all and it was shown that this reality is not real and is a testing ground/school giving people the opportunity to learn. During this revelation some people where able to feel the love whilst other descended into madness. There was a collection of people in white robes and some form of symbol was held up for all to see.

There was more although this was most of what I could remember. I was shown a picture of a few countries and the one I can remember most was Australia and how it had been ‘brought and sold’ although you could probably extend that to most of the world right now. After this I woke up.

Perhaps, generally speaking, countries can be more of service to self than service to others. How you would monitor something like that would require reading the collective thoughts/emotions/actions of each individual and pulling up some form of average on wether the total is more towards the respective polarity. With this though, there would still be some amazing individuals all around the globe, for the family of light has done a good job of covering all bases.

Once I had woken up I was very much in the trip, although not too strong I was left overwhelmed with wonder and joy from the profound dream I had just experienced. I gathered myself and proceeded to record my dream. I then layed back down and re-entered a meditative state. During which I was able to tap into my higher mind and proceeded to do a back and forth from entering a higher state of consciousness to then bringing back interesting/revelatory thoughts and writing them down as quickly as possible.

As has been the case in my 4th and 5th trips the chakras came up and I begun to focus my attention towards them and possible ways to clear them. On my 5th trip I was exposed to extensive knowledge about the chakras, and had a experience of feeling the vastness of the rotations of the chakras.


What was revealed to me is that each chakra as it passes by the body on its constant rotation, picks up a package of information about ourselves which is a combination of our current state of mind, (CSOM) subconscious believes, and our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health (MEPS). Then relays this information to the universe coupled with how we feel/relate about the world externally in all previous mentioned ways, via the quantum realms this then has a strong impact on what experiences, situations, people and so forth are attracted to us. This of course is intertwined with every other human and makes for a complex web of interactions happening around us at all times.

I believe for most people the rotation is very slow, resulting in less energy and somewhat weak powers of manifestation. I believe a hugely overactive chakra is less common but still results for a large part of problems facing humanity. An example of an overactive sacral chakra would be an strong ever insatiable hunger for meaningless sex with endless partners. Most people have lost their balance and are functioning at much lower percentage of potential than what their bodies can achieve only the few who have undertaken sincere self work are able to achieve something that does not appear to be a given birth right of being a human in this world at this time. When a chakra stops spinning completely, then we die. For example, a heart chakra that stops spinning could result in a fatal heart attack.

I also came across the thoughts that when we are eating, our CSOM, Subconscious believes, and MEPS health is relayed to the food. Also when are in touch with our bodies and have our chakras balanced we would be able to test information, events, foods, and people via our chakra system and our body and read its signals/messages that is relayed to us.

Getting back to my 6th experience, I was then focusing on my root chakra, which is a chakra I believe I have work to do regarding clearing/unblocking. I proceeded to go through my life and was reflecting on the relationship I had with the world and my parents. I came to the conclusion that there must have been a time when I had my first thoughts on the world, such as, “I have to work to live” “its not ok to cry” “Its not ok to express feelings”. These thoughts may also have an impact on other chakras but all relate to very basic things to do with being a human on this world at this time. I was coming across the thinking that perhaps the con on humanity has been so vast that maybe it is possible to have a system whereby we do not need to work to survive and was comparing to how this reality may actually be a lucid dream of sorts, just with a time delay between thoughts and outcome. Relating to Internet speeds, in a lucid dream when we are asleep has ultra fast fibre optic connection and thoughts manifest instantly and so-called reality is on dial up at half speed and takes a while to catch up.

Once we begin to have these first thoughts and then they are repeated, eventually they would become a part of the deeply held subconscious believes that would then influence the reality we experience. I believe there vast powers that are aware of humans reality creation abilities and use this to there advantage.

A collection of affirmations that I plucked from my higher mind (that may relate to others, not all relate to me) whilst focusing on the root chakra and possible blockages are:

1. It’s ok to cry
2. It’s ok to love
3. It’s ok to be loved
4. It’s ok to show feelings
5. It’s ok to have friends
6. It’s ok to laugh
7. It’s ok to be naked
8. It’s ok to dance
9. It’s ok to be happy
10. It’s ok to have fun
11. It’s ok to wonder
12. I do not have to work to live
13. I am loved
14. I am safe
15. I am free
16. I love my body
17. I love my family
18. It’s ok to sing

Notice how they are all very simple and the reverse destructive affirmation was more than likely acquired when very young.

12931899 - the root chakra

This knowledge was coupled with the information on how we program each other, for example, showing or expressing pain when someone shows wonder, crushing there curious spirit with our collected pain. Taking into account the architects of the Matrix Control System and how it would be possible to read someone’s thoughts and detect what particular frequency/vibration is emitted when someone expresses a positive feeling/thought/emotion to then program people to unconsciously express the negative opposite when detecting the above mentioned expression would not be beyond these forces.

I was going across thought lines such as how the individual may have to go through a personal dark night of the soul and depending on how quickly they come through this will rely upon how fast the entity can learn lessons. This relates to individual soul character. Once through the darkness one is able to live in the divine. This brings with it truly wonderful things reaching into the furthest corners of our imaginations.

The divine is constantly reaching out to all those who desire to answer the call. Just as the matrix looks after its own, the divine does the same. To live in the divine requires faith. It was interesting to notice how I could bring myself to states of ecstasy and wonderment but after a successive string of positivity, one single negative though brought my vibrations down. I would speculate (As I consider taking these mushrooms to be akin to shortcutting years of meditation) that if you where to come to this positivity via sincere, grounded self work then 1 single negative thought would not have the power to lower your vibration. As the mushroom do assist, the assistance appears to be ungrounded and subject to vast fluctuation. I also experimented with creating feedback loops which then relay to the subconscious to create a positive mental landscape. Then the thing that snaps the cycle is old wounding/blockages providing a form of leakage.

Here follows A collection of what I experienced:

1. I experienced in my minds eye a wheel of infinite thoughts and how we are constantly selecting just one of these thoughts.

2. how we influence the thought patterns of all people we are in proximity of and to a lesser degree, all of humanity.

3. A big part of what I was contemplating was how to show love when one person’s ‘wheel’ lands of pain and is expressed towards you. Challenging indeed, as we have to not be taken advantage of at the same time as well as not increasing the total pain by projecting our own shadow.

4. We are so close to transition and are being elegantly moved between situations to bring forth the necessary lessons we require.

5. When on the trip are faced with many lessons incredibly fast, the challenege is to bring something back

6. I drew a tunnel of darkness symbolizing humanity’s current situation and with light/love at the end of the tunnel and is possible to live in the divine love right now.

7. The divine will not allow you to die if it truly needs you alive, but its up to you whether you live this life in rags or within prosperity to your needs.

8. Something put in place now can have effects in the months to come. (Relating to objects moved months ago that then happened to be in the perfect place for the trip to help spark certain thoughts.)

9. Have to be aware of loving the fake matrix world. (Materialism)

10. We are in this reality to know what love feels like. We progress when we feel love all the time. To that that requires clearing past pain/trauma only possible if humanity itself is a certain point where not more pain being generated rather than love. This is constantly measured by the thoughts that are generated by the individual.

The method I used to get these thoughts was to lie in my meditative state, enter higher consciousness and quickly write down what I found. I repeated this many times. This is something I have done before this trip whilst sober but at a much slower rate. It was not long after these bursts of information that I decided I would see what eating would be like, something I have only done at the end of trips.

The initial experience was interesting and I noticed how long you can actually chew food for which was a lot longer than I thought. I do believe though that eating was not a good idea and may of resulted in the trip shortening in duration and weakening in intensity.

The last notable things I write are:

1. The dark night of the soul is being artificially extended by hostile forces, ultimately this benefits the highest level of the divine that learns from all experience but for all of us down here on this level of reality this is producing negative effects.

2. I will stay alive and have a great time because the divine needs me alive and if needs me alive, must love me and will take care of me, have faith.

3. I love every atom in my body.

4. Reality should be like a lucid dream whereby we manifest things effortlessly.

5. Because this reality is so out of balance and has been for so long, the divine team has been sent in to assist humanity. Part of this involves converting pain into love.

6. To attract people who openly show love you must openly show love at all possibilities.

7. I feel like I need to cry, but crying is hard. I wish I could cry.

8. We are to continue to evolve with our emotions.

After this I noticed the trip amplifying down in magnitudes and decided that the mushrooms had taught me all they could for now. I then went down to my friends in the other part of the property and engaged in some very interesting conversations around the fire until they all went to bed and I was left contemplating on my own for a long time.


Once again I was able to tap into vast knowledge through my higher self. I have a feeling though that this will be my last trip for a long time, and it feels now the mushrooms throughout our encounters have shown me a few tricks and insights from which I can now develop and bring to manifestation. I am sure that it is possible to be able to attain these levels of consciousness and insight completely sober, to do so will take dedication and training. I am honoured to have this possibility to be able to progress along the spiritual journey that is discovery of the self. So for now, the mushrooms will stay on the shelf until I get the calling once more.

Update 18/04/19

I have decided that my journey now no longer requires the use of psychedelics for enhancement. My spiritual quest was definitely aided by such substances as the Amanita Muscaria, however after being exposed to some amazing revelations, and being shown what I can do with my mind I believe I no longer need to use psychedelics. I also firmly believe spiritual progression does not require usage of psychedelics to be mandatory. A solid, daily meditation practice would be of far greater use to the seeker.


  1. There are not words in the human language to express how I connect with what you wrote, here and in all 4 other posts. I guess there is only the Truth … which is emitted from your words. Truth equals real Love. And once a being starts remembering… wow…. it’s like all your cells (physical and non-physical) start vibrating… It’s indescribable.


  2. Hey brotha! Enjoying reading about your AM experiences. Make sure to read the material on web site Don Teeter made. Check out there is a pdf. They show you alot more about AM. Resurection, Wine, and Living Bread. Bravo for the pee drinking. I might one day haha. I usually do about 1 to 5 g dried if I wana change my mood. Welches grape juice every time. You have to eat Am with grape juice or a nautal juice. No high fructose. Eatting food on AM is my favorite. Better flavor enhancer than msg. I always smoke weed with it too. I smoked AM and MJ together too kinda nice once and a while. You only smoke the cap. Anywho best made into wine and cut with water or dried and eaten with grape juice or fresh orange slices. All the stuff to make wine is in detail. The mycillium is able to be dried to with same effects. You will benifit greatly also by the Holy Grail. This is fruit of tree of life. You will not age. Fountain of Youth you found. You need to help our future generations by protecting this eternal sacred gift of God and portal by sharing the truth like your doing. Thank you for your persistent quests for personal growth and wisdom. There will be more to tell you next time.


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