The Trinity Of Evolution

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Trinity Of Evolution1

When we begin to look at the evolution of humanity, we are at a point now where evolution is an optional endeavour, and solely relies on the intention and efforts of the individual. There seems to be a split of sorts, amongst people who wish to evolve, and those who do not. This ties in with the cosmic changes happening upon the planet at this intense time in human and planetary history.

If one strongly desires to positively influence the events taking place on the world stage, there are infinite opportunities to do so, providing vast potential for polarising towards service to others. The challenge lies in effectively utilising ones efforts to gain maximum effect, for there is many purposely laid traps to lure the good hearted, but naive individual into path which does not serve in the most efficient manner and may even do the opposite. We must arm ourselves with awareness and knowledge, to transcend the many obstacles of the matrix. This, inevitably, leads us to the deep, persistent and sincere self-work.

It is all well and good to try to have an impact on the external level, spreading knowledge, standing up for humanity, nature and so on. However, if these attempts are completely confined to the ‘rules’ of the matrix, trying to play a rigged game by its own rigged ‘rules’, and also not coupled with work on the self, then these efforts for sure will be superficial and temporary at best. They may even lead to the individual becoming overwhelmed from trying to clean the up the mess of water on the outside, without any attention to the internal leak from which the water is spewing from, so to speak.

From my own experience I went through the ‘romantic rebellious’ phase when I first begun my awakening journey. For almost 2 years I was on a rampage attempting to pass on knowledge about the corrupt government, banking system, 9/11, and so on. Infringing upon the free will of many. This often resulted in confrontations and arguments. What I did not realise at the time was, that I was actually feeding the very system I was trying to expose. By over zealously distributing information where it was not asked for and simply trying to ‘fix’ the system by providing methods that still operate within the confines of the ‘game’ there was little to no positive effects from these efforts. Sure, there was some who were on a co-linear evolutionary journey as me and benefited greatly from discussions we shared on these subjects, as far as gaining awareness that this world is not as it appears. It is those, who made it worthwhile, but they should have been my sole focus, not people who are actually not ready for any form of spiritual awakening in this lifetime, and do not benefit from hearing about such matters. For them, the matrix itself may provide a great opportunity for learning.

I have seen from my own experience that the current state of consciousness of many people actually require them to go through long periods of suffering before they will question anything about themselves or reality. I do not know if evolution has to take this path, however, on this planet at this time, it seems to be a requisite. For the current state of affairs provides a perfect situation for the entity to choose to be of service to themselves or to others. So with the matrix the way it is, at the moment, it has provided a perfect pool of potential service to other opportunities. What I believe may be an issue is that the matrix itself, the gluttonous over fed beast that it is, is becoming too greedy in its quest for power. This, I imagine, could eventually lead to a dark future whereby the vast majority is ‘taken over’ by hostile forces. Unless there is some form of timeline split, that provides an option of transcendence for any spiritually alive entities that cut the mustard so to speak, to go onto, then this would result in a grave loss for the creator at large. Following this line of thinking would lead us to come to the conclusion that to provide the grounds for such a split to manifest, there would have to be a collective of highly evolved, strongly polarised service to other entities that would, via their spiritual gravity, pull upon the fibres of the universe to bring forth a future whereby their freewill evolution was not hindered upon.

If such quantum phenomena manifests is yet to be seen. Another possibility is the same collective of highly evolved, strongly polarised, service to other entities, claim their vast spiritual heritage. This would bring forth what would seem to our general state of mind to be super powers. As mentioned is Tom Montalk’s 3 part video series, Spirit over mind, and mind over matter can result in seemingly miraculous phenomena to manifest.

Following the path of evolution would eventually, bring us to the Trinity of Evolution. Each arm of the trinity is as important as the others, and all are to be development in tandem for superior evolution to manifest.

Transcending The Laws Of Physicality

There are laws of physicality that are set in motion, regardless of human intervention. A simple example is, the law of gravity. Also there is an underlining ‘source code of reality’ known by the ancients as the demiurge. On a more human body level, putting aside individuality for a moment, (which results in all substances having different effects on people) some general physical laws of the body, are the need for oxygen, water, food and warmth. When we then take it a step further, why is it that some people function more effectively on certain foods, and others do not. Why do some people receive great harm from certain toxins or situations, where others do not? Inherited Genetics aside, which I believe count for only a small portion of the picture. I believe that consciousness itself has an impact on the effects of what the bodily responses would be to external stimulus. So this would give rise to the concept that, people, can bend or break the laws of their body to either have a productive or detrimental effect on the being. This is more simply known as the placebo, or nocebo effect. See my article Quantum Healing. To utilize the full power of the mind, we would do well to bring the subconscious  and conscious mind into alignment, this would allow us to tap into full power regarding our mental/consciousness capacities. I believe it is also worth contemplating deeply on the fact that so called ‘solid’ objects are not actually solid!

“When we rotate a light piece of paper on a spindle at five to six thousand revolutions per minute, it becomes capable of sawing a piece of wood. At this frequency our piece of paper appears as a disc, although it is in fact square. If we increase the speed of rotation much beyond that mentioned above, the disc, as it turns, will take on for our senses the characteristics of a solid object at rest. We would then be able to touch the sheet of paper, without the risk of having our hands sawn off.”

~ Boris Mouriaveff – Gnosis, The Exoteric Cycle

Following this, would lead to the line of thought that one could create a bodily response which results in damage to the entity, from an experience that is actually neutral in its origin, or even could be have a net positive effect, but with the power of consciousness this could be completely skewed. To begin with, its easier to work within the laws of physicality, for example, we know drinking water is good for the body, so if we are to focus for a few minutes when drinking water and how good it is for us, this would increase its revitalising effects on the body dramatically. Now imagine this effect, scaled up 10fold to the collective consciousness of humanity, the potential for creating wonders or disaster is huge. Thanks to the Hyperdimensional Matrix  and its agents, many have been convinced there is a ‘scarcity’ amongst this planet. But, would you agree, that there is still the same amount of mass on this planet as there always has been throughout humans brief time on this planet? How could we be scarce of anything when, essentially, we have exactly what we started with?

Looking at things from this perspective brings forth the vast implications of the grand con that has been placed amongst the majority of humanity. If you can control the means from which to be able to program peoples minds, and you catch them young, you can have them believe the world is a cruel place, whereby there is scarcity and lack of abundance. When people believe this, and there is a corresponding ‘predator’ ready to take advantage, then people will attract life situations and experience that manifest such things. Most of this would happen on the subconscious level and is passed down from parent to child. An example of artificial scarcity manipulation would be the phenomena occurring with every ‘Financial crisis’. This has simply resulted in the vast and quick transfer of wealth. Where this wealth all ends up is easy to follow, and people in the early stages of their awakening may benefit from getting at least an intellectual grasp on what’s happening on this planet. However, it is important to not be to caught up in the physical aspects of the matrix as this, as I mentioned previously is a trap in itself. The Hyperdimensional Matrix is where the roots of this all lead to. Simply attacking the branches of the outer matrix will not solve anything and we will never beat a rigged game by playing by its rules. The reason I mention this line of thinking is so that people who are ready to take freedom into there own hands can perhaps come to a better understanding within themselves on the current state of global affairs. Doing so would allow the individual to grow the skill of discernment between lies and truth, which would help prevent one from having there mind and emotions manipulated. This would eventually starve the entities and thought forms that feed of off the frequency of fear. Doing this act on the personal level removes one from being a source of food for the Hyperdimensional Matrix, truly powerful work indeed and is not for the faint hearted, for evolution is a one way street, and ultimately a destructive process.

Coming back to the personal level, if we can have an impact on our bodies with our consciousness, then the same must be true for the external world. Going beyond manifestation whereby on the quantum level we are endlessly interacting with the world around us. I believe it is possible to be able to bend or break the seemingly rigid laws of physicality that we are immersed in. This would lead to literal spoon bending, moving objects with the mind, clairvoyance, and eventually could result in being able to dematerialise the body and materialise in a different place (Teleportation). I read a Chinese Qi Gong book written by Dr.Pang Ming regarding the possibilities for high level Qi Gong training which mentioned such things in a scientific matter, along with other potential avenues such as, the impact consciousness has on the yield of crops.

Paranormal abilities are a human attribute and everyone is capable of them. But because previously they haven’t been understood or even recognised, and our minds hold no information about them, we don’t actively use them. We only strengthen ordinary abilities in our daily life. We don’t train and strengthen paranormal abilities, so they are inhibited, as if sleeping. If we want to develop them, we need to wake them up. How do we do this? One requirement is an understanding of them based on theory. Another is to repeatedly call them to wake up [like waking a child] and use, use, use them. If we do this, our abilities will
awaken and be strengthened.

For most people, paranormal abilities are in a latent state. The right conditions are needed for them to become reality. The most important condition is to always send instructions from your deep-level consciousness, the true self level, to open your abilities and use them. This is key to them.”


Paranormal abilities are intelligence and abilities beyond those of ordinary people.
Ordinarily we use our sensory organs to receive information from the world around.

1. The body responds to this information using its motor functions. We then learn
about and analyse this information using logical thinking.

2. Stimulation that can be received via human sensory organs has two notable features.
Our sensory organs receive only partial information. For example, the eyes can
only receive visible light. The ears can only receive sound within a particular
audible range. The tongue and nose can receive only some of the chemical
features of objects. The skin can only sense some elements of objects’ physical

3. Stimulation is received by the senses only when it reaches a certain threshold.
For example, the human ear can normally only hear sounds at a certain decibel

Human thought or cognition is limited by our ability to receive information and by our habitual patterns of thought. Patterns (neural networks) built up during human development affect our cognitive and analytical functions. They fix in place associations and judgments about incoming information, and these limit our intellectual capacities. Yet although these patterns appear relatively fixed, they are open to change and development.

Furthermore, recent research has shown that human hearing, sight and thinking can operate at a highly subtle and precise level. It has also identified the ability to receive information other than through the sense organs. These higher levels of cognitive ability can develop through qigong practice and are called paranormal

~ Dr Pang Ming – Paranormal Abilities

“But the most staggering thing about the holographic model was that it suddenly made sense of a wide range of phenomena so elusive they generally have been categorized outside the province of scientific understanding. These include telepathy, precognition, mystical feelings of oneness with the universe, and even psychokinesis, or the ability of the mind to move physical objects without anyone touching them.

Indeed, it quickly became apparent to the ever growing number of scientists who came to embrace the holographic model that it helped explain virtually all paranormal and mystical experiences, and in the last half-dozen years or so it has continued to galvanize researchers and shed light on an increasing number of previously inexplicable phenomena.”

~ Michael Tabot – The Holographic Universe

Synchronicities are also seemingly originating from beyond are usual range of physical perception, they are often so beautifully elegant that they force us to question, how did that just happen? Consciousness itself has an impact on the reality we experience. This can bring forth signs from our surroundings to convey a message, if we are aware enough to see it. There are also different kinds of synchronicities that manifest depending on what we are experiencing.

“In his 1987 book entitled Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind, Dr. F. David Peat, a physicist at Queen’s University in Canada, asserted that synchronicities (coincidences that are so unusual and so psychologically meaningful they don’t seem to be the result of chance alone) can be explained by the holographic model. Peat believes such coincidences are actually “flaws in the fabric of reality.” They reveal that our thought processes are much more intimately connected to the physical world than has been hitherto suspected.”

~ Michael Tabot – The Holographic Universe

In my previous article, Clairvoyance, Healing, And New Age Fallacies, I have gone into detail about multiple sources around the world mentioning the ability to have clairvoyant perception. I believe this is a natural stepping stone in the evolution of humanity. An interesting phenomenon to experiment with is, on a clear sunny day, gaze into the blue sky and relax your eyes. Most people after a short while of relaxed concentration begin to make out small, moving white orbs. I have experiment extensively with this and have shown friends, all of which, after some time, where able to replicate what I saw. So what exactly is it we are observing? It is not simply some subjective experience. I theorize, as there seems to be a lot more of the orbs when it is a clear sunny day, as apposed to a lot less observable on a dull cloudy day, that what we are observing is energy, or what some eastern systems call chi. It is common sense to come to the conclusion that there is more energy in the day time when the sun is shining, so perhaps, certain energy practices are better done in areas with natural higher etheric energy levels, and during the day. With this, however, from what I have researched and experienced there are a few different levels of energy available for manipulation by humans. At anytime, it is possible to focus the mind and tap into the infinite energy around us by maintaining a visualization of a column of energy pouring into the top of the head. This does not rely on ‘physical chi’ and is not affected by the time of day, or location, per se, but being in a location which it is easier for you to maintain concentration will lead to this being stronger by being able to hold the visualization for longer. I believe this energy is coming from outside our current physical reality, and may even originate from a higher dimension. Focusing consciousness for long periods would require strong will. This brings us to the next arm of the Trinity of Evolution.

Releasing of pain/emotion/tension in the body

It appears to becoming common knowledge now that we are more than just physical creatures. Rather, we are comprised of multiple, interlinking energetic systems that are constantly interacting with our physical body and the world around us. With this, it brings us to the phenomenon, which is near epidemic in our current world, and that is how suppressed/trapped emotion/pain, persistent self destructive thought loops and perhaps even entity attachments in our energy systems can cause a variety of physical problems for our bodies and brains. Many refer to this as blockages.

So what happens? Unless born with a defect, we are born, energetically speaking, clear and free. How do we end up with blockages riddling our system and syphoning off our crucial life force energy? I believe our childhood has a large impact on this, with many self destructive subconscious programs being picked up, and a collection of emotionally traumatic events coming from interactions with our parents especially, who are all wounded in there own way, passing on the pain that could have been carried throughout generations. Anyone who has not carried out persistent, dedicated work on themselves would for certain be carrying around there trauma with them and projecting that onto all they encounter, most often on an unconscious level. This kind of behavior is so prolific in our world that it is considered normal, thinking about this for a moment would lead us to the thought that being mentally/emotionally dysfunctional is ‘normal’.

Well another big part of the problem is that unless we were born with highly evolved parents, which the vast majority of us were not, we have never been taught about our emotions, what they are and how to express them either positively or at-least non destructively. We receive no education on this matter throughout our school lives. Emotions are thrown to the background of our consciousness as a meaningless trinket of little to no value. With all the time focused on the intellect, and no guidance how can one expect anyone to develop these crucial parts of being alive?

“The emotional centre in the newborn is characterized by its purity. As long as the child has not learned how to lie, he retains the marvellous faculty — proper to this centre—of spontaneously discerning the true from the false over a very wide range of experience. With time, education, and all that is instilled in the child, this centre is deranged and this faculty lost, to be found again only much later as a result of esoteric work, special exercises, and sustained efforts. It must also be noted that the emotional centre in the newborn is generally much less developed than the motor centre, and that commonly during the life of man 1,2 or 3, exterior man, it does not develop like the two other centres.

Although education is a major preoccupation of families and public authorities, the emotional development of the child is almost totally left to chance. In our contemporary civilization, this leads to an extraordinary impoverishment of our affective lives. Even in the eighteenth century, the Abbe Prevost notes:

‘There are few people who know the full force of the different movements of the
heart. The vast majority of men are only sensitive to five or six passions, in the circle of which their lives are passed and which define the boundaries of their imaginations. Take away love and hate, pleasure and pain, hope and fear, and they will feel nothing’.

He further added:

‘But persons of a nobler character can be moved in thousands of different ways. It seems that they can receive ideas and sensations which surpass the ordinary norms of nature.’
The development of the emotional centre is the principal object of esoteric culture. We shall see later that it is only through this centre that man can find the key which will open the door to give him access to a higher life.’ ”

~ Boris Mouravieff – Gnosis, The Exoteric Cycle

Ok so taking these points into consideration, now, being adults and beginning to understand our situation and ourselves. It is our responsibility to do something about the trauma we have received throughout our childhood. The problem is increased 10fold if, as many of us do, we have further trauma experienced as we become older. This leaves no time to waste to clear ourselves of any previous trauma to, so to speak, have a clean slate to work upon and stop the accumulation in its tracks.

There are many ways to release trapped emotion/tension/pain in the body.
One way is to focus your consciousness in meditation on a suspected area that you believe has a problem of some sort. Go deep into the sensations that you feel in this area. It helps to have built a good knowing of yourself and sensitivity to how your body feels, this also can be achieved through meditation. I personally use vippassana meditation for this, as well as Qi Gong. After prolonged focusing, you may very well experience a form of emotional release. I have experienced this as a flash of a memory coming up, and then either anger/sadness coming up and feeling the emotion very strongly in my body. Sometimes I have actually cried and it felt so liberating. After the session I usually feel great and replenished. I have also experienced violent thrashing of my body coupled with this. A curious phenomenon is also that this happened multiple times as I mediated whilst on the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, you can read about this here.

You can get bodywork done by a professional who has true intentions of healing you, this can be energetic or physical, such as either chakra balancing or deep massage. I have heard many stories of people having strong emotional releases from these modalities. You can also do chakra balancing on yourself if you have an inclination towards energetic practices. I practice this sometimes by laying down and placing one hand just above my head, palm facing my head, with the other hand I slowly go over my chakras in a clockwise circular motion.

When we are on auto pilot throughout our live, the subconscious programming takes over and begins to run the show. To reprogram our subconscious is a huge part of all this and has a big impact on our entire life. I have written extensively about this in this article here. When we are mindful, the subconscious programs do not play. I recently came across the thought line that anyone who is of European heritage, where Christianity ruled for so long and perpetuated the not loving of self for means of control. This was done in many ways but a big part of this was through the ‘original sin’ of being born of human and not of an angel. This detaches people from themselves and from loving the incredible being that they are. If you are of this heritage than centuries of this kind of thinking would for sure have some form of a hangover effect and is something to be deeply pondered upon.

“Science sees emotion as the perceptual end-product of chemicals and hormones affecting our nervous system, nothing more. In truth, such chemicals in our bodies are just physical components of an overall metaphysical process. The body is synchronistically coupled to the soul, meaning the soul doesn’t actually impress a physical force upon the body’s cells as a magnet would upon iron filings, but rather the soul generates a morphogenic field which tends to make one’s neurons and cells “accidentally” behave in a way that directly mirrors the behavior of the soul. The morphogenic field alters the probability of cellular events in such a way to conform to the will of the soul.

When the soul feels the emotion of love, for example, neurons “accidentally” fire in a specific pattern which any neuropsychologist reading a brainscan will interpret as corresponding to that emotion.

During life in a physical body, the body and soul are strongly coupled. One’s daily consciousness, the ego, resides at the border between physical brain and metaphysical soul, meaning it can experience the illusion of emotion through drugs. Such artificial inductions of emotions are generated through the body rather than the soul. Any generation of emotion via physical methods leads only the generation of false emotions.

The difference between true and false emotions lies in their origin. There is only one true emotion, love, and there is only one source for it, God. “Love” and “God” do not have their usual meanings here; love does not mean physical intimacy between couples and God does not mean a personified deity. Love is defined here as a creator energy, the original will of God that separated the original void into positive and negative space and time, an emotion filled with truth, knowledge, and awareness. God is defined as the original seed of consciousness from which all reality and individual consciousness arose, an infinite supply of true emotional energy to which humans are energetically connected and have access.


Emotions are somewhat analogous to electricity; there is static electricity (stationary quantity of charge) and dynamic electricity, also known as current (moving quantity of charge). Likewise, emotions can be static or dynamic.

Dynamic emotion is loosh energy that is always being utilized for either constructive physical/spiritual action or else leaking or spurting into the ether. All your genuine emotional energy comes from your connection to God by virtue of you just being human, conscious, and alive. You receive this energy from God to power much of your higher mental and spiritual functions, but you must still consume physical food to run your body. What you do with your supply of loosh is up to you; the matrix would like you to convert it into a negative form and feed the energy into imaginary reality for interception by the matrix.

Static emotion, psychologically speaking, is repressed emotional energy. Emotion, being a quantified substance, can neither be created nor destroyed by anyone except God. This law of conservation is nothing new, many authors and psychologists know of that fact.

While emotion cannot be created or destroyed, it can be tapped from God and converted into various grades, frequencies, and forms. Negative emotion can be converted into positive, and vice versa. Perception is the key that converts one form into the other.

When you experience a negative emotion and do not let it out or convert it into something positive, it becomes a thoughtform parasite, an auric leak, and a spiritual burden. To have become angry in the first place is okay, but to remain so in a non-constructive way must have arisen from some illusory component in your view of the world. In other words, because your perception of a situation was not based entirely on truth, you became angry, stayed angry, and did nothing about it except ignore and repress it. Your illusory perception combined with the resulting negative emotional energy forms, by definition, a thoughtform, except it is one closely attached to your soul. In this article, such an entity will be called an internal thoughtform. It has a conduit leading back to the core of your soul and siphons energy from your emotional reservoir, becoming bloated in the process as long as you continue repressing it.

While God’s supply of emotional energy is infinite, your rate to receive such energy is not. Therefore, any leak in your loosh reservoir such as one caused by an internal thoughtform generated from repressed emotions will take away from your influx of energy. The more repressed emotions you have, the more auric leaks you have, and the less loosh energy you can use for yourself.

Internal thoughtforms severely affect the way you behave. Beside keeping you low of energy, they also tend to pull your own utilization of energy in their direction.

Severely repressed emotions (to the point of amnesia) stem from soul fragmentation, where a piece of your consciousness accompanies the perceptions and emotions splitting off from your main soul during the trauma. Such internal thoughtforms are their own personalities in perpetual suffering. The amnesia results from memories being a function of consciousness, and since that particular component of consciousness has left, the main consciousness has no access to those memories unless the fragment possessing them returns to its source. Ordinary internal thoughtforms are not total fragmentations, but rather distortions; both affect the main soul’s consciousness through some etheric or astral link.

Internal thoughtforms affect your behavior by regurgitating a negative frequency of loosh back into your main energy reservoir which corrupts your general mood in addition to sublimely keeping your world view in accordance with the illusion having generated the internal thoughtform in the first place. It affects both your emotions and perceptions and tends to keep them anchored in illusion.

Static emotions cannot be tapped by the matrix, although they are still detrimental in altering your behavior like a stuck rudder on a ship. One’s emotions remain static only as long as they are out of one’s present conscious focus. Remember that internal thoughtforms are their own loosh reservoirs, feeding off your reservoir which in turn is filled by God. You may think of these thoughtforms as bloated sacks of loosh just waiting to burst. To access these reservoirs, the matrix must open them with a perceptual key so that your consciousness focuses upon them, opening the floodgates and unleashing an explosion of dynamic emotion which bursts into the ether and is collected by the matrix.

Thus, the matrix can do one of two things: elicit dynamic emotions in you and tap them directly, or else pop your repressed emotions and reap a huge bounty. Often it does both and makes sure dynamic emotion is repressed and allowed to grow for later harvest.”

~ Tom Montalk

Developing The Will

Development of the will is paramount to spiritual evolution, it acts as a backbone to stand strong against the spiritual gravity that we all face from being incarnated onto earth at this point in humanity’s history. 1000’s of years of human suffering has generated powerful thought forms amongst other spiritual phenomena such as discarnate beings still roaming the earth planes.

To counter these spiritually tough conditions, one is to cultivate the ability to be in control of ones thoughts/feelings/emotions/actions whilst under external and internal pressure. This can be done in a variety of ways, again this is where focused meditation can come into play, such as the vippassana technique. To be able to focus the mind on one thing, in this case, the body, for most this takes extreme dedication and effort. Throughout my whole life I have only met one person who could do this ’easily’ after having taught many people how to meditate throughout my journey. This brings forth the picture that the vast majority of us will have to undertake serious, persistent work on themselves to be able to focus their mind, uninterrupted for a minute or more. The Ra Material speaks of this most elegantly.

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a simple query, for the adept is one which will go beyond the green-ray which signals entry into harvestability. The adept will not simply be tapping into intelligent energy as a means of readiness for harvest but tapping into both intelligent energy and intelligent infinity for the purpose of transmuting planetary harvestability and consciousness. The means of this working lie within. The key is first, silence, and secondly,
singleness of thought. Thusly a visualization which can be held steady to the inward eye for several of your minutes, as you measure time, will signal the adept’s increase in singleness of thought. This singleness of thought then can be used by the positive adept to work in group ritual visualizations for the raising of positive energy, by negative adepts for the increase in personal power.

Questioner: Can you tell me what the adept, after being able to hold the image for several minutes, does to affect planetary consciousness or affect positive polarity?

Ra: I am Ra. When the positive adept touches intelligent infinity from within, this is the most powerful of connections for it is the connection of the whole mind/body/spirit complex microcosm with the macrocosm. This connection enables the, shall we say, green-ray true color in time/space to manifest in your space/time. In green ray thoughts are beings. In your illusion this is normally not so.

The adepts then become living channels for love and light and are able to channel this radiance directly into the planetary web of energy nexi. The – ritual will always end by the grounding of this energy in praise and thanksgiving and the release of this energy into the planetary whole.”

~ Ra – Living The Law Of One Book 2

For anyone who has an addiction they wish to overcome, they provide a perfect opportunity to be able to develop the will. From my own experience willpower was paramount to be able to overcome the cravings from various addictions I have picked up. Now, however, looking back I believe its more important to address the underlining cause of ones addictive nature that could well stem from suppressed emotions/pain or from a lack of love throughout childhood to name a couple of examples. Doing this would make breaking free from harmful addictions far easier by removing the fuel for the fire, so to speak.

With this though, it is entirely possible to overcome addiction via willpower alone. It is actually incredible what the human can achieve when they are forced to, there any many stories of seemingly super human feats being achieved when people’s backs are against the wall. Now, if only we could tap into this vast reservoir of potential without having to have a strong external stimulus. The huge power accessible to the individual is just waiting to be unlocked, willpower is the key.

“Who’s going to bail you out when the going gets rough? Where is the rescue team? You are it. In order to have this transformation take place, you must use what you have to bring it about. There is incredible assistance from all kinds of realms; however, it all depends on you, not us. You are going to change the frequency simply by commitment, determination, and willpower.

Discover what you are in your physical body because it is your outreach of power here. Learn to direct and use it and become one with it. By carrying light inside of your body, you bring that frequency onto the planet, and that frequency has information. The frequency of light contains the history of your identity and the history of your particular consciousness. As we have said, that consciousness was scattered from your database or cellular structure because those who came in to be your gods could not control you if you had the same abilities they did.

So they did the biogenetic experimentation and mutation that has been called “the Fall.” That was when the ignorance of the human species became more predominant. They performed many different experimentations, which went on for a very long period of time. Light represents the putting together of what has been asunder, and to perform that task all you have to do is be. As you simply are, and as you evolve yourself and let your own personal life evolve, truly you are to take for granted that all the other members of light are evolving as you are. You send your telepathic broadcast out that your presence is here, much as we always say to you, “We are here.” We are also members of the Family of Light, and we bring information with us and broadcast it everywhere.

There is a need for each of you to examine the boundaries you have set around yourself. You believe that you have evolved, that you have a large picture, and that you see many things. And, relative to where you have journeyed from, indeed you have made progress. However, we guarantee you that you are not seeing the boundaries that you presently set for yourself, which still define what you believe you can and cannot do. They are what tethers you to this version or frequency of reality.”

~ Barbara Marciniak – Bringers Of The Dawn

As mentioned in my Quantum Healing article, it is entirely possible to be able to heal oneself via sheer reality creation. This speaks volumes for the power of the mind over the body and how we can create our own portion of reality to become a wonderful world to inhabit. Of course the opposite is true so one is to, as always, practice control over thoughts/feelings/emotions.


When we combine these 3 pillars of evolution we have formed a solid base from which to continue to develop ourselves in the epic, unending task of working on the self. I for one take great joy in this project and my own life has become almost completely absorbed by this, by my own choice and enjoyment. There is little that stimulates me more than plumbing the mystery of consciousness from within. With a combination of willpower and clearing the darkness so we can hold more light, we are then in the perfect position to utilize the necessary energy to be able to transcend the laws of physicality.

With this, along with further aspects of personal evolution that go beyond the scope of this article and perhaps even words themselves, we would be able to transcend the matrix itself and bring forth access to the true reality that would be amazing beyond our wildest dreams.

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