Initiation Into Vipassana – A Guided Meditation

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This video covers the Vippasnna Technique. If you like, you can repeat the scan multiple times.I advise to use this video as a stepping stone into developing your own method of scanning your body. Any place where you discover pain/tension is an area to focus on, as well as any area that is hard to feel anything at all. Objectively observe these areas without attachment to how you desire this area to be. It is best if you get a feel for the pace of which you wish to scan your body, it does not matter how fast or slow you go. Beginners may find it easier to go faster so as not to lose concentration so easily. It does not matter how many times you lose focus, every time you do, without being hard on yourself, bring your attention back to the body part you were just scanning.

Vipassana is a powerful technique for getting in touch with your body, focusing your mind, and stimulating your etheric energy. I practice every day between 10-40 minutes and learned the technique during a 10 day Vipassana meditation course. I do not actually recommend attending this course, as per reasons outlawed in a previous video on this channel. I believe the technique itself is what is important and you do not need to go to some specialised centre to learn this. The key is persistent effort. It is better to practice a small amount, everyday. Eventually it will become a habit and your internal resistance will diminish as you create new pathways in the brain. With focused, dedicated practice, it is possible to unlock trapped emotions via a slight alteration on this technique. That would be something a bit more advanced. Vipassana forms the base from which other techniques can be enhanced. Focusing your mind and getting in touch with your body has endless benefits throughout life.

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