Travis Talking Part 4 – My Personal Journey

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Here I go into detail about my personal journey through the initial awakening process, beginnings of sharing knowledge, breaking free from matrix conditioning, to the dark night of the soul, psychedelics, traveling and more.

I share my story to bring others to a change of perspective that may benefit them in their own journey. My journey has been one of self discovery, pain, revelation, spirituality and so on.

I believe we all have different set of lessons to learn in this lifetime and after conducting considerable research from people I consider to be incredibly wise, even they do not agree on everything. So then it hit me, perhaps there are objective truths we share in this reality, but the individual journey itself is a whole unique experience on its own and what works for one will not work for the other. With sharing my own experiences, something may be triggered within you as you share a collinear life path with me.

There are many ways to learn a lesson, it does not all have to be done the hard way if we come to the awareness/knowledge that allows us to learn the lesson the easy way. ‘Fun suffering’ exists.

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