The Not So Smart Grid And Possible Negative Implications

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Just to briefly cover where I will be taking my website, my own journey has taken a detour over the past years where I had to sort out my many of my own issues regarding my sense of self, conditioning, life path and so on. Now after 5 years deep into this detour (And realising self work is never ending) my journey has now come full circle and I feel I am in a position to now reach out and assist as many people as possible regarding the current situation we as a race find ourselves in.

Make no mistake, the times we are in holds the pivot point between total enslavement and eventual destruction or true liberation and freedom. It is up to the individual to make the choice. It all begins with the self and gaining a sense of respect for the self, and I do not believe this has to take a long time although the beginning could require the most effort, initially as the parameters of what we hold to be real slip away.

Once you have gained a sense of self respect then respect to others comes by default. You also then do not have to seek authority from outside of yourself. You can take out your moral compass and decide yourself what is the right thing to do regardless of what laws are in place. For example, is paying income tax which then doesn’t actually go to the services it is supposed to, but eventually ends up in the hands of the crown corporation and the groups who run this, something that goes against your moral compass? For me it does and there are many alternatives that would easily remove income tax from ever having to be in place. A 1% transaction tax would do the job and would actually provide the revenue to be able to do away with every other tax, mostly because it would actually tax huge corporations that pay absolutely no tax. The working week would be reduced and people could stop running so fast on the treadmill and they could begin to question this system we are living in.

Will such a thing ever come to pass? Well that is up to the people to decide, as we truly do have the power if only we realised it. Now on other parts on my site I have information which involves delving deep into rabbit holes that is all well and good and can provide great benefit, as it has done for me, but for your average person who has not yet even woken up to the fact that the government is corrupt and they should stop voting, much of this is to deep for them to consider. With this, the people who have already become awake to the government corruption now have a duty to help assist others in this. Assuming of course they have a deep self-respect/love for themselves as well.

A good place to start is becoming friends with your neighbours and neighbourhood. If you are baking bread or cookies, bake extra and give them some begin to become friends. Then perhaps drop a seed or 2 and see if they are interested in talking about certain topics, everyone is interested in money so perhaps even light heartedly joking about how wouldn’t it be better if we could work 2 days a week instead of 5 could spark a meaningful conversation. Its all about being creative and patient.

Smart Grid

Smart Meter.jpg

With this, a very important matter I believe needs some light shinning on it is the current roll out of the smart grid system. This involves putting a smart meter in every single home, coupled with smart fridges, smart TV’s, and so on. The basic idea is that everything will be communicating with everything. An economic value will be placed on every single human action and this is a very bad thing, given who is in charge of rolling out such technology and how they have clearly shown they have no regard for human life. This doesn’t come to much of a surprise when you take into account that psychopaths have come to rise in society and now are in positions of power and have thus managed to orchestrate the rise of a psychopathic society that places an economic value on everything.

Where I have been away from England for 3 years, I was extremely shocked to see how far the roll out of smart metres has come with 12.1 Million metres already installed. With the bold claim of installing them in every home in England. When you stop and question such things, why such urgency? Why is it that 11 Billion pounds was so easily found to fund this when we are supposed to be in a time of ‘austerity’, which is obviously false to anyone who pays attention, but, given the supposed line that is being spun how is this spending even justified? If you think its because the government wants to help you save money, you would be gravely mistaken. But many people are actually buying this and are not questioning this. We need to start asking more questions.

A big question to ask is how these electromagnetic frequencies affect our bodies. We are electrical beings, everything about us is electrical, so one has to wonder what could the affects be on the human body with such systems. Where are the long term studies on the possible health implications?

With a smart grid, would come a cashless society and with that, would bring forth the final parts to the end game the psychopathic system was designed to bring forth. With a cashless society, all activity being monitored, the freedoms for the people would be removed from right under them, all under the disguise of convenience.

Technology can be used to improve peoples lives and if it were that we had empathic people who were in government and running big corporations we would have a very different world. This world is still a possibility and the future is not set in stone, the choices we make every day play a part in the bigger picture, which is the current timeline of humanity. You can make a difference in this world if you want to. I strongly suggest we all begin taking part in this system and do everything we can to bring light to the darkness. My friends stop complying with this system. Revolution does not have to be violent and could easily be peaceful, peaceful non compliance.

People Power

There is a very good example of what people can do against big corporations when they are solidified in their knowledge is the example of the Wilson creek community in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia. The people come together and said they did not want a new network tower be place in their community, they won against the huge giant that is the Telstra corporation.

“The DA proposes Mobile Phone Telecommunications Facility including:
35 Metre High Monopole,
Six (6) Antennae and Ancillary Equipment.
The proposal raised a significant level of objection from the community in terms of siting, environmental impacts, health and amenity impacts, electro magnetic radiation, visual impacts, proximity to power lines and surrounding residential properties.
It is considered that the development does not meet Councils planning controls or standards, having regards to the height provisions within Byron LEP 1988, and the objectives of the 7(c) Water Catchment Zone.
Further having regards to the number of objections it is considered the proposed telecommunications tower is not in the public interest.”

Further information can be found here

Now this is very good news folks, this shows that the people truly do have the power and the say for what goes on in their community. These people banded together, researched and just said no in a peaceful way and created change. This is how the new society is organically grown around the remnants of the old. If these people can do it, why cant others? What can you think about in the place you live that you would like to change?

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