The Importance Of Disconnecting

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Connect Nature

In this day and age, we are more connected than ever before in recorded history. In many ways this is a good thing, for the very fact that you are reading this, from wherever you are in the globe would not be possible without connection via the information network currently set up. The internet especially allows for free sharing of ideas at an incredible rate, this has brought forth the greatest library of information that humanity has ever (from what we know) had access to. The technological increases of society we have seen as of late surely do have their place in the evolution of humanity, however these advances have not been without their own problems.

I have seen people who come to the other side of the world to embark on a traveling adventure, only to spend 12 hours of the day staring into their phone, playing games, engaging (being hypnotised?) in social media, or watching TV series. Ok so there was only a handful of these extreme cases, but what was interesting is how I had a rather unique experience to be able to spend time with people all over the world and I assure you this electronic indulgence epidemic is global.

Ok so a bit of internet usage, watching the odd film and catching up with friends, family, no problem with that. Using the internet as the marvellous tool it is to do research, upload your creations, or to make new connections you never would have had before, even better! What is to be remembered is that our bodies and brains, when looking back at our evolutionary history (if even half of what we have been told is actually true) we  have barely been exposed to these new technologies and frequencies for 100 years. Epigenetics and the power of the mind aside, one would assume that it would take a while for the physicality of the human to catch up with such alien conditions.

What is adding to the problem is the relentless increase of the E.M.F. fog with the ever-increasing pursuit of faster connections via 5G the “smart” (Stupid?) grid , and so on. I believe the increase of the frequencies, could very well out run the chance the human body has to adapt, unless of course one engages incredibly deeply into esoteric work, fully utilising the creative power of their bodies and minds. Then I believe with a truly strong aura and healthy mind state, one would be a lot less affected by any of these external factors.

Perhaps this is the alchemical process happening on earth whereby only the elite of the spiritually alive will make if through these challenging times. However, due to my love of the human race, even in its stupidity, I would like to think that more than just a fraction of the population has the potential to live on this planet. To say for sure though is way out of my knowledge, we would have to consult higher beings, or the creator perhaps for such answers, if it is even within realm of possible things for the human race to know at this time.

With this, I will still strive to do everything I can to help my fellow man achieve a harmonious life on this planet, we may be in a inherently service to self society and world, but that does not mean that we have to stay this way and can’t progress into a truly beautiful way of living whereby the forces of evil are kept in check by a wise and learned population. With my heart I believe this to be a possible future for humanity, the timeline being available to transition onto now with the long reign of darkness coming to an end, if we want it to be so.

Get the fuck in nature!

Now let me explain such a bold, beautifully non pc, title. Sex is connection/touch/energy exchange, so go engage in the deepest possible way you can with nature and embrace the beautiful energies of our collective mother, this magnificent planet. Here I am talking a little more than your casual stroll through the park, which is good don’t get me wrong, but with the connection I am alluding to goes deeper than this, what I would suggest to all within these hectic times is to spend at least 2 weeks, preferably a good month completely without electricity, in the middle of nature. Yes, you read that right, no electricity. You don’t have to use your imagination too hard to come up with the long list of modern comforts that would not be at your immediate disposal once you are away from the modern day life line which is the power cable. If you are still reading and haven’t had almost fallen off your chair in repulsion at such a beastly idea, I will assume you are at least be slightly curious at the prospect of living without electricity for a short while. Now let me refer to my own experience where I did exactly this, for 5 weeks in the middle of the bush in New Zealand.

Firstly, I should mention it was actually a surprise for me as I had applied to stay at this place via the Helpx website and it cheekily was not advertised on the listing that there would be no electricity! My first thoughts and feelings where of confusion and annoyance. Where would I put my items that needed to be refrigerated? (There actually was a fridge but of course it was symbolic and only served as defence mechanism against bugs and other creatures) Also how would I charge my laptop!? How will I stay in touch with the outside world?

I must say though, after the initial shock I was lucky to be welcomed by really great people and it wasn’t long before we were laughing away and sharing stories, this taking the edge of the shock I had just experienced. Skip forward 3 days and I was absolutely loving it. Walking everywhere barefoot, spending the days working on simple projects and exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings. Nights where spent grouped around a fire sharing our wisdom and experiences, because of course, there was no lights! What was also great is everyone was so much more present with each other, no phones, no phone signal even, meant that everyone was so much more fully engaged with each other. I don’t think we realise sometimes how much time we can spend on our screens, especially people growing up in today’s world where it has become a part of life.

What I also found very interesting was how sensitive the body is too light. It was about a week before I would get up at the very first crack of dawn, like clockwork, showing how this body really is still used to the natural rhythms of sunlight and will probably still take a while to adapt to the new living conditions regarding light. Luckily, also being so isolated, the night sky was truly amazing. It did not take me too long to almost forget the outside world entirely, I can’t say I missed checking social media, it felt as if my mind had been freed from a powerful addiction.

I won’t go into detail about everything I experienced, including a powerful mushroom experience I had, the objective is to bring to the light the importance of connecting with nature and I believe jumping right in and breaking ties with the modern world for a while is a great way to do this.

I would not live this way forever though, at least not right now. I believe the fight is still in this weird world which we are in and the power to create change is still possible thanks to the internet. Coming back to electricity is also a great part of the whole experience for you appreciate everything so much more! Hot running showers, food refrigeration, being able to read books at night and so on. Everything felt so exciting again, and my body and mind felt reconnected and recharged. I would say though going to a supermarket the day before Easter weekend was absolutely manic, coming from the peaceful solitude of the mountains.

After just over a year from having this kind of experience I am taking the no electricity plunge yet again and I feel the need to get away from it all for a bit again, having now just completed by album this seems like a good time, only this time I will go to Ireland so let’s see what the difference is, except the cold of course.

But how about you, do you think you could live for a month without electricity?

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