Is The Matrix Losing Control?

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A bold question to ask, given what’s taking place on the world right now. But yet the question remains. Once one started to untangle themselves from matrix programs and conditioning, thus as a result, naturally begun to step into true reality, the world doesn’t look the same. We being humans have our filters on what we perceive the world to be, this does not mean there is not an objective framework from which it is possible to see what is really happening on the world right now.

The true capacity to 100% see everything on earth objectively as it is, is almost certainly not possible for terrestrial man. The lack of the level of consciousness/evolution required to see through the lens of true objectivity is again further reinforced by our current severely downgraded state of being. Our genetics have been handicapped and we are operating on backup power, just enough to get through life, but barely able to tap into the wonderful mysteries of life, including such phenomena as psychic powers, that in themselves could be still seen as basic tools of life if we were actually operating on full power.

Thankfully, the fall of man is not complete (Yet?) and we still can access higher levels of consciousness and the resulting layers of reality that accompany a raised level of being. This is turn means we can aim towards aligning ourselves with objectivity. To do this, we have to be able to be objective with ourselves. This entails serious self-work to be able to distinguish what thoughts, feelings, desires and so on actually originate from our self and what originate from matrix programming.

The great thing is that once we make serious progress in our personal evolution, we are better equipped to see what is really going on in this world. We transcend the matrix with our vibration and our perception, moving upwards on the great spiral of evolution.

The healthier, stronger, more spiritually alive people are, the greater their freewill and so it becomes harder to infringe the collective freewill. If people genuinely choose to have their own freedom and to pursue spirit, then they must be given the avenue to do so. The call must be strong though and that is where the wanderers come in. They act as frequency anchors for divinity to work through, thus in turn influencing the morphogenetic field of the collective human consciousness.

This provides the foundation for the collective masses to then build upon, if they so choose. Many, most likely, will not. But who can say for certain, for what is the sum total of the averages man’s impulses if not grafted by another? One who does not step into their own power and truly think/create for their self is left open to have someone or something else think/create for them. So, what if the divine was more anchored into the planet by multiple magnitudes? The masses who are as vulnerable to change as leaves in the wind will be drawn by the powerful gust of the divine light.

We are one, but we are not the same

The thing is, the Matrix is losing control, just not equally over everybody. If you follow the trends for one portion of the population you can see a great decentralisation and empowerment movement happening. The sad flip side of this is that a big segment of the population, currently (Hopefully more will see the light) is falling further into darkness. I have witnessed results of this from when I came back from traveling for 3 years and got back in contact with many of my old friends, I noticed how many had stagnated or unfortunately gone backwards in a variety of ways such as developing hard drug addictions. I made a list of about 20 friends, and out of this list say, 5 were neutral, making minor progress, enough to not consider stagnation, 11 had stagnated or gone backwards 1 killed their self and only 3 had shown signs of progression, thankfully those 3 had made serious positive progress.

So, what do we see here? Of course, this is just my personal segment of reality I am looking through and this could vary hugely depending on location. However, I speculate that on the whole the current trends of humanity at large are quite similar, a small portion of people really getting things going in terms of service to the divine stepping into empowerment, becoming wise and developing themselves on all levels. This resulting in creating huge positive ripples. whilst a larger number just about toe the line of growth and then there is the vast number of lost souls falling deeper into the clutches of the matrix.

Now as a secondary, or perhaps tertiary objective we can do what we can for those people at large, they are not to be forgotten, but what to do when someone chooses slavery? Free will must be respected. This is why I always find it many more times effective to focus on evolving the self as this has huge effects on unseen levels via the deep connection we have with each other being members of humanity. Let’s delve into the Hawkins Scale to understand this better.

David Hawkins

“Counterbalancing Lower States of Consciousness

Individuals in states below 200 are explained as counterproductive to society. Their actions, in general, cause more harm than good. Furthermore, Hawkins warns that more than 85% of humans alive today still calibrate below the critical 200 level threshold (Hawkins 2002, 95). This is not surprising given that the majority of humanity still lives in extreme poverty, in which development of consciousness is nearly impossible.

 The reason that our collective score sits at 207 is because the scale is logarithmic. Individuals who maintain higher states of awareness counterbalance large numbers of minds in lower states. Although only 4 percent of people alive today have reached the critical energy field of 500, individuals in these states have extremely powerful influence on the well being of society as a whole. In fact, Hawkins points out that only .4 percent of the population reaches 540, and only 1 in 10 million people will ever reach the level of 600 (Hawkins 2002, 95). He also points out that there are currently 12 persons on the planet who calibrate at 700 (Hawkins 2002, 282).

 To gain perspective of the power of individuals who reach higher states – and it emphasize the importance of our individual capacity to reach these higher states – Hawkins lays out the mathematics (Hawkins 2002, 282):

 One individual at 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200
One individual at 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200
One individual at 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200
One individual at 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200
One individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200
Twelve individuals at 700 equals one avatar at level 1000

Because of the logarithmically increasing power of individuals at higher states of consciousness, humanity has finally reached a level above the critical threshold of 200. Hawkins stresses that each person has the capacity to have significant influence on the well being of society by prioritizing progression of their individual consciousness.

David Hawkins and Attractor Fields

 Rather than simply affecting events on the linear physical level, Hawkins (Hawkins 2002, 46-53) argues that alignment with “attractor fields” is a much more wise approach to accomplishing peak performance in one’s life. While there is no doubt that Newtonian physics accurately describes events as happening in a sequential fashion, Hawkins argues that this is a gross oversimplification of the way we interact with the environment.”

~ David Hawkins

Also time spent helping people who are already helping themselves proves to be a fruitful endeavour and a whole lot of fun. Sharing the teaching learning experience is a truly beautiful activity to do and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to meet so many of the divine team throughout my travels.

In conclusion, The Matrix is losing control over all of those who wish to be free. It is beneficial to spend some time pondering on what the higher positive 1% of humanity is up to in their spare time, seeing as so much time is spent on the higher negative 1%. What is it that the spiritual elite are working on right now? What will their next moves be and how will they affect the grand cosmic chess game we are immersed in? Well for sure none of us have the answers for how all of this is going to play out but we can for sure make a huge difference and that in of itself is more than enough reason to remain strong in our hearts. The divine team is here, we are strong, and we shall never give up.

Max Igan shares similar feelings in his recent episode of his radio show.

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