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Veganism could be the most sensitive trigger point we see in this modern world, all the better that light be shone onto it so that we can strip away truth from lies and live better, healthier lives, aligned with truth and ultimately the divine. Diet is of incredible interest to me and I can see how it is an area from which huge amounts of divide and conquer strategies are playing out on the world stage. Of course, before delving into this we must take into account the bigger scope of how the events we see playing out on the 3D level of reality are but manifestations and projections of the unseen energetic worlds and especially with the matrix control system, originate in the hyper dimensional realms.

With this we are still here in 3D for a reason and would do well to focus on what is happening on this level of reality as to not potentially get caught in spiritual bypassing where we use higher truths about ourselves and the outer worlds to disengage from this level of reality using classic new age fallacies that fall flat when put under the scope of critical thinking. See my article, healing, clairvoyance and new age fallacies for more on this.

When one has done enough self-work to firstly be synchronistically guided to certain truths of reality and secondly be able to comprehend and apply such truths, the bigger picture of what is playing out on earth starts to become clear. The final end game of the forces that have been working against humanity for so many years is to complete the fall of man and to have us completely stripped from everything that makes us a human. This would culminate in transhumanism with the soul locked into an artificial body, completely devoid of spirit and detached from nature. This will be presented to humanity as ‘upgrades’ with perhaps the promise of the end of disease, or increased intellect or maybe even psychic powers. Everything that would make us better, more efficient slaves but exchanged for disembodiment and losing our connection to our true nature and source itself.

This endgame needs to go through incremental steps to be able to achieve such a goal. The exact steps on which would be attempted are hard to say for certain. A good benchmark is anything that further disembodies, disempowers, or detaches people from their own humanity and nature, you can bet serves this ultimate purpose of completing the fall of man. This manifest in a variety of ways, opportunistic social engineering is something that is very easy to see for people who have the eyes to see it. Such as the recent fires in the amazon being steered towards being a vegan will somehow solve this problem or would have stopped in happening in the first place. Anyone who has brought into this is basically marking themselves as someone who has not done enough personal research to think for themselves and are simply touting whatever the mainstream media and matrix mouthpieces are putting out. When big matrix agents such as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio say that going vegan is the way forward these are the red flags that highlight something is off.

I personally believe that either in the way distant past and/or in our way distant future, we will/did not need to consume animals to survive, maybe even we will/did not have to consume food as we know it all and would or used to be breatharians! However right now in this current level of reality, I think for a huge majority of, or maybe even all of humanity, living long term on a vegan diet is hugely detrimental to our health.

I have met a lot of different people from all over the world throughout my travels and I can to within 90-95% accuracy spot a vegan before they tell me from only a short time being in their presence. Nearly every vegan I have met have been way out of body, generally very spacey, slow and lacking physical strength. There are exceptions to this rule but this is my general observations. Now I do believe it is a person’s sovereign right to choose what food they put into their bodies. The problem starts when a simple life choice then becomes a way for people to attack others for not making the same choice as they have and that’s why I think this subject needs light being shone onto it.

I experimented being a vegetarian for 1 month and I noticed I had way lower energy levels than normal and my thinking was not as clear as it should be. When I started to introduce meat back into my diet things in my body returned to normal. I have heard accounts of people who have been on a vegan diet for many years developing multiple health issues for them to very quickly begin reversing when meat was introduced back into the diet. I totally understand peoples intention for wanting to lessen the impact on the world but when this intention is not met with knowledge on what actually generates positive influence in the world, these intentions are unfortunately causing more harm than good.

Now what would make positive change in this world would be for people to become educated on how farming actually works and how animals play an incredibly vital role in the circle of life. Manure and blood & bones of animals as 2 examples are absolutely necessary for the growing of healthy, sustainable crops. permaculture is the way to go, which funnily enough is quite similar in ways to how people used to farm before everything when commercial and vast fields of mono crops where planted. This of course is just one example, the list of what we can do to make positive change is so huge. The best place to start is with yourself!

“You see an awful, awful long time ago certain elite in India had come up with ideas on how to dumb people down and it tied in with a religion and the peasantry ended up being rather abnormally weak and not too swift in certain matters but they could get their jobs done and didn’t complain a lot. If you read the writings of Malthus on his paper on population, and he wrote that for the British East India Company for their plantations and for the Crown of England, he wanted to depopulate but he also talked as well about how to make the people dumb and stupid and compliant by altering their diet into a mainly vegetarian diet and then restricting even that diet with not an abundance of choices but a limitation of choices. That wasn’t a new idea because you see the ancient Egyptians had done that with their slaves too. They tried different diets on the slaves to make them healthy enough to work but something that wouldn’t make them too swift in the old brain-box side of things and also not too energetic that after the day’s work they might want to walk off and escape. There’s nothing new in this at all except that the food has now been modified (GMO food) and it’s been modified to affect you physically and mentally. There’s no doubt whatsoever about that.

The other thing I mentioned often as well before because I’ve studied the agenda, is that the system we are to go into is really one that was well thought out. Part of it was to use the old theories of Malthus and others to find ways of bringing the population down to a state where we will not have very much energy. You must start killing off those who are alive; not just killing off the ones who don’t get a chance to get born, but killing off those who are alive. Part of it was to bring down the food supply, feed them lots of rubbish food; stuff that would not kill them but nothing that would nourish them.

That has happened through GMO food and processed foods and all the rest of it. They are putting out the small farmers by deliberation. It is also to go meatless because, you see, they studied all the ancient civilizations and those who were still successful as having the same ruling crowd ruling over them, like India; they thought that vegetarianism was the way to go too and they’ve been pushing it and pushing it.

That’s why Alvin Toffler in his book, The Third Wave, the one that Newt Gingrich gave every Congressman, said in the book that the system we are bringing in will be a vegetarian society and it MUST be so, because they know that you are not too healthy, you are not too MENTALLY with-it at times if you are purely vegetarian, especially when they give you a limited choice of vegetables too.“

~ Alan Watt

“If people’s genetics/blood type/metabolism allow them to be vegans without ill health consequences, then definitely. I noticed that it’s fair-skinned and light-eyed people with A, B, or AB blood types that handle it well, and dark-haired brown-eyed people with O blood that handle it worst.

 But if someone is not biologically suited for veganism and they suffer from malabsorption and malnutrition, fatigue, spacey headedness, etc. then their total ability to help other people spiritually will decline, and that has worse impact on the system as a whole, and therefore the future of mankind, than the cost of taking an animal’s life. That’s not an enlightened thing to do.

 Some occult practices like advanced astral projection or deep trance meditations require a vegetarian diet at least in the days or weeks leading up to it. Usual explanation is that meat lowers your vibration and therefore you can’t pull these maneuvers with such lowered vibes. But that’s only a small part of it. Rather, it’s the same reason fasting is recommended — because the body must be made weak through starvation and malnutrition, so that the soul and spirit can more easily detach and do their thing. The stronger the body, the greater its “magnetic” pull on the soul.

 Implying, therefore, that meat imparts bodily grounding and vitality — to a degree. Thus if you need to be “here” in reality, if you need to be grounded and sharp, and if you need to have physical energy and boldness, then depending on your biology you might need meat in the diet.

 I don’t eat soy because of the estrogen mimickers it contains, beans contain too many indigestible substances that upset my digestive system, and I can’t handle lots of carbs either. Therefore I would not do well on a vegan diet with its few remaining options. Thus in my case, I choose to stick with a regular balanced diet because ultimately, it gives me the time, energy, clarity, grounding, and health stability that I need to think and work hard toward critical goals. I would be doing a disservice if I became listless and passive and mentally fogged on a vegan diet. Now if I retreated to a lifestyle of meditation and non-thinking and effeminate passivity, then the side-effects may not bother me as much.

 If someone can do veganism or vegetarianism just fine, then they have no excuse for not eating lower on the food chain. But people who aren’t suited for veganism or vegetarianism become progressively impaired by it, and just like with alcohol their impairment keeps them from seeing just how impaired they are. So with mental faculties dwindling, they become increasingly shrill and illogical and cranky, not to mention pale and wan. It takes a lot of time and energy spent researching, shopping, preparing, and eating to stay healthy as a vegan.

 What bothers me are 1) emotionally hysterical vegetarians who use their lifestyle as an excuse to justify a vicious contempt and egotism bordering on the demonic, and 2) self-absorbed meat eaters who have no regard for animals and gorge themselves way beyond dietary necessity, especially those who think animals aren’t conscious.

 If you’re going to eat meat, be mindful and respectful, don’t support abusive farming, and make up for the loss of animal life by putting out an equal or greater amount of good into the world. Enlightened people would know what is best, and sometimes that means going vegan, and other times might mean including meat, depending on their biological needs.”

~ Tom Montalk

“The question of diet also requires to be considered in this connection. The widespread propaganda of the Theosophical Society has caused vegetarianism to be regarded as a sine qua non of occult training. This, however, is not the case. The Western Esoteric Tradition does not make vegetarianism any part of its system, but teaches that a man should partake sparingly and temperately of the food of the land in which he finds himself. Vegetarianism and occultism are apt to be an unwise mixture, the result being a hyper-sensitiveness that makes life very difficult.

Vegetarianism may agree with a person well enough at first, but after a considerable period, possibly years, they may find that they are becoming subject to neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, or one or another of the nerve pains, creating hyper-sensitivity and psychic disturbances [which act as entry points for occult interferences]. In such cases it will probably be found that a gradual return to a nourishing mixed diet will bring about a reduction of the hyper-sensitiveness, the undesirable contacts that have been formed will fade, and the condition return to normal. The change of diet, however, should always be made gradually lest the digestion be upset.” – Dion Fortune

It wasn’t long before the fires in the amazon had been hijacked by militant vegans projecting guilt and shame onto anyone who wasn’t a vegan. Thankfully I did see a lot of calm, educated responses shutting these claims down so I do believe that social engineering attempts are losing their power which would tie into how we are seeing the divine seed of a new world begin to grow behind the scenes. This could also show how divinity can judo flip the attempts of the matrix to try and lock us down, providing a huge opportunity for the evolution of consciousness. All there is are lessons and I wish for humanity to learn at the most efficient way possible. This entails being able to discern truth form lies and I really think that in a growing portion of the population we are seeing people rise up and claim their power. Things for sure are going to get more intense but who knows what the future will hold. The future is constantly in flux and who knows what the divine forces have up their sleeve. What we can see now could very easily go out of the window with some divine intervention here and there and that doesn’t even touch upon the whole phenomena of a timeline split.

So I do believe even with all of the craziness happening around us this but the pealing of the outer layers of a fake reality so we can then get at the real deal happening in the centre of it all, the true divine reality. I can’t imagine how wonderful the divine reality really is and how things on this planet could be so different if we were to be able to be in alignment with the divine as a collective. I for sure am excited to see what the future brings so let’s enter into this brave realm with grounded, clear bodies and minds to withstand whatever challenges we may face!

Here is a related song I created a while back.



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