Transcending Poverty Consciousness

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Money is something everybody cares about, yet most people don’t seem to have enough, why is that? Could it be that subconscious beliefs about life and money actually create the conditions that we live in? Is being poor or being rich a state of being? Well this is something that surely is worth investigating and I myself find it fascinating how we can affect our reality with our minds. It’s really true that your inner world determines your outer world. But how could this be? Most people work really hard, usually for someone else, believing that this is the way to achieve financial security, but is it? Where did this belief come from?

When we look at how for most people, the vast majority of their life is run on subconscious auto pilot, it becomes easier to understand why rich people stay rich and poor stay poor. A huge part of our subconscious programs was recorded during the first 7 years of our life. Now imagine you have parents who, maybe not all the time, but consistently throughout your childhood, are talking about how they ‘can’t afford this’ or ‘I wish I had more money to do this’ and so on. Couple this with perhaps shame/guilt programming the child with lines such as ‘you don’t deserve this’ then you have ripe conditions for poverty consciousness to be created. Now imagine you are in an environment as a child where money is no object, and you never hear the line ‘I can’t afford that’ instead you are recording subconscious programs that life is abundant and money comes easily. Of course you may still have other negative programs picked up from your parents that if not worked on could still lead to negative outcomes but having the abundance program entails receiving abundance.

What the people at the top of this system teach their kids about money is very different from what the rest of humanity is taught. School doesn’t teach anything about the real nature of money and in fact is forbidden to do so. This is of course by no accident for the powers that be know that to stay at the top they have to get everyone else to believe a false version of reality that suits their agenda. A big part of the cultural conditioning still affecting many in the west today is actually a hangover from the long reign Christianity had over people’s minds.

1. “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

This basically states that to be spiritual and align with god you have to cast away your wealth and live in poverty! What a clever way to disempower anyone who may wish to align with the divine. I can relate to having fallen for this one myself although I am not a Christian and never got any information from the bible, in many new age beliefs it is common to see ‘hippies’ for example to be poor. The same deception in new clothes. From my own experience until recently I didn’t have a good relationship with money and 3 years ago it was terrible. All my research on the banking system and the shadow government lead me to hate money. Funny that when I had a bad relationship with money, I didn’t have any! When I did get any, I would spend it so fast I may as well of set it on fire.

It was only after I started to change my perception on money did I actually begin to attract more of it. At first I just experimented with some abundance manifestation and lo and behold I manifested a new job which for me at the time was good pay and I enjoyed it. Although my spending habits where still not great and I almost always spent more than I earnt in the long run, I still was earning more so a good start I guess. It would be about 2.5 years from this point before I started to really dive deep into how money actually works instead of focusing on what we are lead to believe, more on that later. Now for more bible bashing.

2. “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity”

Hmm this one is pretty obvious right? Why would you not love money when simply it is energy and a part of this wonderful creation we are immersed in? Sure, it’s been partly perverted by the Matrix Control System and friends, but so has nearly everything on this world right now, it’s just a hangover from the long reign of darkness we have been going through, but the divine reality is slowly taking shape from the ashes of the old so to stick to the dying remains of an old world with it’s corrupted values benefits no good person and only serves the negative agenda.

3. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.”

This is a classic one, how many times have you heard that money is the root of all evil? I certainly have and for a long time I would just shrug and agree not really knowing what it meant to agree to such a fallacy. I would say there are a few roots of evil that have been seeded into humanity. A big part of this would be the lack of knowledge of how this reality works! Ignorance really does endanger whilst knowledge can set you free. That is why it is so important for anyone who wants to achieve freedom in this life to read, read, read! If you have knowledge on yourself and this reality, with enough dedication, freedom is the ultimate result. Ok enough on the bible for now.

It is great we live in a time where so many more people actually can read and with the internet now, access to information has never been easier. Unfortunately the ability to get lost in distraction has also never been easier so it’s as if the times we are in have let to further polarisation, people get to choose whether they want to stay in ignorance on achieve liberation.

I assume everyone reading this would like to achieve freedom right!? Well lets do it then. It happens by transcending this matrix and to do that money is very useful for this to have greater manoeuvrability in this world. Of course it is not the be all and end all for what truly matters is your own personal vibration. This is tied in with your subconscious beliefs. If you believe you do not deserve to be rich, then simply you will not attract that which can make you wealthy.

However if you are able to reprogram yourself to be in alignment with abundance, then you will attract that. Now things get a little bit more complicated here than what is usually put on in the new age about the law of attraction for when manifesting we have to be sure to do it in alignment with our higher good and the good of others. Simply wishing to manifest a really expensive new sports car for the sake of showing off to your friends or enemies when you may already have a perfectly functioning car  is manifesting from the lower ego and this is where weitiko has it’s claws in our minds. If we are manifesting from this lower corrupted state of being then guess what will come in to answer our call? Well of course it will be the negative forces residing on the planet who will, like a credit card, give you what your lower ego desires for exchange of your soul.

You have probably heard of musician’s selling  their soul to the devil right? Many take this as a joke but I really believe this is not far from the truth where you can sell your life for material gains with the cost of soul slavery. Perhaps some people actually want this and desire to serve the dark side of the creator. That’s fair enough if people wish to do that, we need the bad guys to be as clever as they can be so that we can become even smarter to overcome them. Kinda like weight training for the soul.

I think part of the problem lies when people who deep down wish to be good fall for the deception of the negative agenda and thus get caught in traps of agreements that could potentially span lifetimes. Of course we will all become enlightened eventually but may as well get there in the most efficient way possible right?

Probably best to avoid going down a 20 lifetime long ‘credit card repayment’. Ok so most of us probably wont do something so disastrous to have to repay our debt for so many lifetimes but any detour on our path to awakening is a victory for the dark and a loss for the light. Ultimately all there is are lessons and we choose the rate in which we progress through them even if it is from a higher part of our being.

So essentially, money is not evil, in fact I would say a lack of money is evil! Right now we pretty much need to have money to be able to survive. Ok some people are living without money, but how many of them do you know are still wealthy whilst doing this? Most just throw it all in and go and live somewhere, secluded leaving us all to work this shit out.

Money is not scarce, in fact it is incredibly abundant. What we have to do is align ourselves with the flow of abundance. This can be done indirectly by raising ones vibration to a consistent very high level. When this is done long enough it would start to reprogram the subconscious and thus begin attracting in more ways to increase wealth.

Now for most, myself included it can take a little while to be able to achieve financial freedom. It is not like you can read this article, quit your job and think happy thoughts for a day and suddenly you’re a millionaire. You would have to be super enlightened to be able to manifest like your in a lucid dream.

However this reality is a dream of sorts, a collective dream and it functions a lot like a lucid dream just the vibration rate is slower so things take a while to manifest but this reality really is like a pick your own adventure book? What kind of life do you want for yourself? Do you want to be living pay check to pay check, calling your job financial security when one day someone can just decide to turn your only source of income off?

I have seen it in my own life. A man who loyally worked solidly for 20+ years for a company to only find out during a team meeting via a company restructuring power point presentation that he will be fired in a months time! You call that financial security. Poor guy he was really upset. Thankfully I managed to quit from that job and I attempted to start making my own way in life. I failed a couple of times, once very severely as some of the readers of my blog may know I had it really rough for a while.

I bet it wouldn’t of been so rough for me had I had different subconscious beliefs on the world, but hey it was character building I guess and my times of hardship really help me to appreciate having the luxuries of the modern world. Sometimes a reminder is needed by throwing it all in and going off grid for a while. You may not need such drastic slaps in the face to begin to change your perceptions on money.

To begin to attract more money into your life, I really believe the best way to do it is to find your passion(s) in life. This can take a while it took me a while to figure it out for myself and I experimented with a few things before discovering what I am really good at, enjoy doing and what can also serve the greater good of humanity.

I believe that is a part of the key for the times we are in I believe it will become increasingly harder to survive unless you are polarised towards the divine or the dark side of the creator. To attract vast abundance I think the best way is to be of service to others. You really have to dedicate your whole life to the betterment of others. Now this doesn’t mean you forget yourself in the process for you will still have to maintain yourself and be as healthy as possible to be able to be of best service to others.

This means you will have to find your path of the heart. What can you do that nobody else can do better? We are creators, we are great when we are creating, so creativity is usually a good place for many people, it is for me anyway. Other people are good at being healers, you could say they create health? Maybe that’s pushing it but you get where I am coming from.

Money is Energy. Abundance follows your heart, your heart follows your passion and you follow? Well only you know that. I know of many people who had nothing in terms of material wealth who turned their life around and now have achieved riches for themselves and their family. Some others do not desire to have vast abundance but just a little bit of abundance, so they can life a comfortable life not having to worry about money.

It really is up to the individual on what they want out of this life. For example, I would like to be able to create my own healing/research centre dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. Now you can bet that will cost a lot of money but I am prepared to be able to handle the lifestyle that such a life would bring. I can be sure it wont be peaceful but I really would love to be able to achieve this.

I can see my past experience working in a variety of different community settings, farms, centres and so on have laid a good foundation for this. Now just to continue my spiritual journey so I am of best fit to be able to handle the psychological, emotional aspects of running such a place. Now the thing is, I am not attached to this goal. Although I really would love to achieve it and will do everything I can to make it. If the universe has other plans then I would be best to follow the divine for it knows so, so, so much more than what I do and having trust in the divine is a part of my spiritual journey. I really do trust the creator knows what it’s doing and I wouldn’t want to mess that up.

Still, why would I have the opportunity to have such a life path if it could not serve the betterment of consciousness? Interesting to think about and we shall see how it goes.

For now I am incredibly grateful for the life I have. I have a great work balance which allows me a lot of leisure time to be able to work on projects I enjoy, writing this article being a good example. Making music being another. What would your life be like if you were to achieve financial freedom? Would you just be lazing about on a beach for the rest of your days or would you be following your hobbies, interests and passions?

Now ask yourself, what can you do to be as if you are already living that life? Every small step in the right direction will set you up to eventually being able to create a life where you can have even more time to what your heart desires. I assume having read this far that is something you would enjoy? Well it is totally possible and once you begin if you haven’t already then you can start to see the benefits of being on such a journey.

Although it can be a little more complicated, essentially where we focus our intention is where our energy goes. Now if you are constantly complaining about the world, seeing only the negative in all things, especially successful people no matter how they got there, what kind of affect do you think that will have on your reality?

Now what if you are aligning your thoughts, feelings, actions with the intention of achieving the highest good of for all? God helps those who helps themselves! There are divine forces on standby ready to assist you in a multitude of ways but if you shut yourself off to them via your wallowing in lower vibrations and perhaps by not believing in them at all, well then you are shutting yourself off to a huge helping hand!

Things get really interesting when reality creation is done in the right way, amazing things can manifest, this can be seen in this account from Tom Montalk. In this example, we see how reality can be altered by our vibration. The key is to manifest from your higher part of your being and align our intentions with the divine.

“I had been running a Mac Mini for many years. It was starting to show its age and that made video and audio editing extremely difficult and inefficient. I couldn’t do the next phase of my work without something better. I desperately needed a new computer but didn’t have the money, and my living space didn’t allow for a large video editing rig either.

Just then, I heard news about Apple’s new Mac Pro, which was exactly what I had in mind. It was powerful, had high RAM capacity, and best of all its footprint was no larger than the Mini. Only problem was, it cost over 5k USD for the configuration I wanted. I thought about it, focused on it here and there about how nice it would be to have it sitting there on my desk, and then put it out of my mind. For the next several weeks I just put effort into raising my vibes every day before stepping out of bed. That meant getting into a good, optimistic, empowered mood before starting my day, being grateful for life and existence and the good people of this world, having compassion and love for the suffering, and so on.

The longer I kept this up, the more positive everyday life events became. Within 4 weeks, I felt like a different person and then my dad emails me out of the blue saying that he discovered my grandma (who had passed away a year prior) still had a savings account for me that she started when I was a kid, which none of us knew about, and that he was going to transfer the money to me. I was so grateful to my grandma for having done that, as it would go toward a pivotal tool needed for what I do in life. So a week later the money came through, I checked it, and surprise it was just over 5k USD. In fact, when I configured the new Mac, the cost plus tax and shipping equaled the transfer with about 50 USD left over.

So within around a month of needing a new computer and not having the money for it, suddenly the money appeared and it ended up on my desk just as I had originally envisioned. In this case it wasn’t a matter of frivolous luxury but a necessity to advance the story of my life, and I think that transforming my mindset and vibes helped open the door for that happen in an almost effortless way.”

~ Tom Montalk

Here are some sources to continue with, good luck.

Tom Montalk – Opening The Flow
Steve Pavlina – The Root Cause Of Scarcity
Robert Kiyosaki – London Real Interview
Bruce Lipton – Reprogram Your Subconscious
Short Video On Free Time

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