How And Why Deleting Facebook Could Assist With Abundance

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I am at a new phase of my life, having just transitioned to Italy to begin a 9-month job as an AuPair. My digital nomad career is blossoming and I believe to effectively continue on this journey, I have to further develop time management and productivity. Naturally this leads to cutting out anything that is not in alignment with not only my heart but my entire hero’s journey as I sculpt out my story pen in hand.

I have been noticing how automatic and mechanical my activity on Facebook is. It sometimes is only a simple click here and there but over the course of a day at the computer it really does add up. Also I believe the state of being that you temporarily enter to see whether or not someone has replied to your message or you have any new notifications, stems from neediness. The quick fix dopamine hit that comes from seeing those pretty red colours on the top left creates a feed back loop in the brain. I am reminded of a recent, albeit boring, episode of black mirror where the owner of a large social media company talks about how there are entire departments dedicated to dopamine receptivity. This to me sounds like something that would be true!

Recently I also deeply contemplated what does the Facebook platform promote and do I feel comfortable supporting this? It is very much a double edged sword but from what I see the sword is unbalanced towards feeding into the lower nature of humanity. There are some people on my feed who are constantly posting selfies and I speculate there are forces in the unseen realms feeding of the attention anxiety generated by the constant need for approval of others.

Why would I want to support such a mechanism? I also used a recent line of thinking I have picked up where you are to look into what you spend your time doing and ask yourself if you would see yourself doing whatever it is in 5 years time. Would I like to be using social media for 5 more years? No way! Can you imagine the total amount of time that would be lost during such a duration. Ok I have sound some great information through FB that has lead me synchronistically to where I am at now. But who is to say that if I didn’t have a Facebook account that I wouldn’t of came to such information in another way?

Which brings me to my next point and one I am quite excited about. What will the simulation fill in the space of my reality now I have created room? Who knows. Perhaps in 30 days or so I will write up a follow up article. At least for now I feel great as if a huge weight has been lifted from my being. I just realised I have been using Facebook for nearly 10 years!

Now I did get some good use out of the system as mentioned before and it was convenient in many ways to have a lot of my contact base in one location but when we look into data mining and how although Facebook is portrayed to be free, is it really when money is being made off of the data you put on there?

Add to this how I had been blocked from a couple of features of Facebook due to posting ‘offensive’ content and I just had enough. Done with the neediness, feeding attention anxiety, distractions and so on…

I invite anyone who resonates with my decision to look into whether you would like to be using Facebook for another 5 years. This is a great way to eliminate that which is not necessary to live a harmonious and abundant life.

Abundance is where I am at now in my journey, building upon the solid foundation of 7+ years of being on my journey of awakening. Abundance in all aspects of life, funnily enough now I am learning more about the true nature of money and this reality, I actually am less concerned with being financially abundant as I believe financial abundance will simply follow along with my story as I align myself even more strongly with the divine. Stepping into my creative powers and co-directing my story.

To simply intend to have money for the sake of it, to satisfy lower ego pleasures seems flat and perhaps is there deliberately to act as a test of sorts to see where people’s true intentions lie. In the face of the divine there can be no lies as we are as transparent as glass in the face of divine light. Our words may say one thing but our vibe is indistinguishable.

Already whilst writing this I can feel the mechanical urge to click the shortcut on my browser to direct me to dopamine Disney land, yet it fades instantly now knowing there is no choice for this and then I relax a little more. Can you imagine a world without Facebook I can? Do you think people would be more abundant in their lives? Almost certainly you may actually notice people looking up a bit more as they walk around the street.

Think of how much human time is spent every day just scrolling mindlessly through Fb Feed. I have been in the presence of people who would do this all day, every day. I have been guilty of a solid 1-2 scroll back in my prime but some people really take this to such extreme and it has become normalised. What is displayed as weird in this generation but then adopted somewhat will then be seen as normal for the next generation. Repeat this method and you can slowly see the decline of moral standards for the entire race. Soft conditioning is really powerful and one must stand back in awe at the genius of whatever dark force has been able to figure out the inner workings of human psychology.

Although I do not align personally with what the dark forces on this planet are doing I do admire the intelligence that must be in place to be able to create such complex systems of enslavement. Truly horrific, but magnificent at the same time. In the eyes of the creator good and evil are given their fair opportunity to develop.

Do you think Facebook was created by evil or positive forces? Do you truly resonate with this? Fair enough if you personally don’t want to stop using social media as that is your choice and perhaps it provides you a convenient method of communicating with friends but as you have clicked on an article titled why I quit Facebook and you have read this far I would assume you could quite possibly be at least considering doing the same as I have.

I do hope to serve as an example to my friends and family who I messaged before quickly jumping onto the delete button. You never know the ripple effect of one person jumping off a bandwagon and how that could well set the dominos in motion. It is common to think about how one small action in the past could create tremendous change in the present now, so why not take that approach to the present and make small changes now that will generate colossal waves in the future!

Take my website as an example, viewed by 1000’s all over the world and is still really in its infancy only just recently passing its 2nd birthday. I like to think about the positive influence that I have created simply from deciding to put my work out into the world.

If you already are not doing your part to assist the evolution of consciousness I hope by reading this you are becoming inspired to tap into your creative power and be proactive in generating positive change. One person really can make a difference and a whole group of people, well who knows what they could achieve!

I like to ponder on what could the upper positive 1% of humanity be doing with their time on the planet. There is so much talk about the negative 1% and all of the negative energy that is projected onto them so why not flip it and send some good vibes to the people who are doing the good work for the people as there are so many people, every day really putting their heart into helping humanity.

How many of the upper positive 1% do you think hours scrolling through FB? Perhaps some do, who knows I also have heard of the concept that giving the brain time to do ‘nothing’ is very beneficial I also find benefit from just switching my mind off for a while. Meditation for me can be either relaxing or deeply spiritual as I tap into huge reservoirs of concentrative energy that I have built up over my years of practice but even still sometimes I just want to chill out, turn my mind off and watch a movie or something. So I think the point here is to not demonize ‘lollypop time’ where nothing is achieved but to ensure balance, look at what we support in every activity of our lives and to take into account the bigger picture of our hero’s journey. The 5 Year rule being just one of the many tools in the toolbox to achieve this.

Part of my inspiration for writing this article, adjusting my way of thinking and the recent positive steps I have been taken have been, in part, inspired from Steve Pavlina’s abundance course. It is for 30 days and I am on day 8 and already I have started to find money. If you are familiar with Steve’s work you may know about his playful experiments with reality how he was able to manifest money in a variety of ways just for fun, finding money became easy for him and he was able to up level this to manifest large sums. You can find a link to his course here. I believe the course is very reasonably priced for what you get.

I wonder how life without Facebook will be?

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