Magnesium Chloride

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I am in love with magnesium chloride. It has so many uses! I purchase the magnesium oil which is simply magnesium chloride diluted in water. It’s a very convenient way to get extra magnesium.

Magnesium is so important throughout the entire body. It is essential for over 300 enzyme systems throughout the body. Digestion, muscles, organs, heart, bones, you name it, if it’s in our body it will be related to magnesium in some way. A healthy human body should have about 25 grams of magnesium, that’s quite a lot!

Especially in the times we are in adequate nutrition is one of our tools available to us to navigate through this life. I have experimented a lot with different supplements and spent a lot of money doing so. I am grateful for this time of experimentation as I have narrowed my findings down to what is actually useful and cost effective. Magnesium Chloride ticks all of these boxes. Although, as with most things, it is always better to shell out a bit more to get high quality magnesium chloride, even premium priced magnesium oil is not that expensive.

I use Magnesium chloride in these ways:

1. Washing my mouth and cleaning my teeth.

Simply spray the oil onto your tooth brush or direct into your mouth and use like toothpaste or mouth wash, simple. Most people know the teeth are made up of calcium, but what is lesser known is how vital magnesium is in calcium absorption. Adding magnesium to your oral environment is like giving your pearly whites a super bath.

2. Treatment of mild headaches

Spray the oil onto the hands or directly onto the area of tension and mildly rub into the skin for a couple of minutes. Magnesium calms the nerves and relaxes muscles. Sometimes the pleasant affects can be noticed instantaneously.

3. Treatment of mild aches, cramps and pains throughout the body.

When I have been doing a repetitive action for a very long time, such as extended periods of writing and I can feel a bit of a cramp in my hand a quick blast of magnesium oil can quickly soothe the pain and allow me to continue if I wish.

Also if I have gone out for a run and I can feel it in my legs, combined with some stretching magnesium oil has taken the edge off of this kind of pain also. I am reminded of a time when I nearly sprained my ankle, I must have been really close to really damaging it because it did still hurt for quite a while. After a while dealing with the pain I decided to try the magnesium and it spend up the healing a lot.

4. Treatment of mild insomnia

I was battling with insomnia for a very long time before I managed to get on top of it. By far the most effective remedies for this would be melatonin, qi gong and yoga and CBD oil. However, sometimes if I rub a good dose of Magnesium oil onto my body and especially my head, this can have a similar affect. It would be best to wash the oil off before heading into bed as the oil can stain sheets if used excessively. Admittedly I use this method the least now a days but I thought I would still include it in case it may help someone else.

Without going into detail about the hugely essential role of magnesium and potential side effects of being deficient I thought I would jus  list what I use it for personally as I find this is what I have the best knowledge of from having first hand experience.

Nutrition is such an easy thing to do to add to our health. It won’t solve all of your problems but the correct nutrition will certainly give you a good foundation from which to be able to tackle the greater challenges that this world can bring.

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