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Are you enjoying your life? If not, why not? We could very well be living in the most amazing time in recorded human history. I mean we are standing on the very edge of a huge transformation of some kind and that is truly exciting, living through the culmination of 1000’s of years of human progression. (And regression lets be honest it hasn’t been a pretty journey) The worlds gone mad, or has it always been this way we just didn’t have the technology to see it? No I think actually collectively we are seeing a level of madness that has never been around before at this intensity. I guess for starts there are a lot more people on the world now so that’s a lot of extra minds to be going mad.

Thankfully not all of us are going mad, in fact some of us are tapping into levels of spiritual development at incredible rates. More people are waking up to themselves every single day and the rate at which they are then brought up to speed regarding the matrix control system and it’s many arms is increasing day by day. So what will the climax look like? We are already witnessing it!

The times of same old same old are out the window as we dive head first into the unknown that lies before us. We could very well come out of this current period of madness into a golden age. I certainly hope so and maybe we don’t have to go through some huge catastrophe to get there. That would be nice but who knows for sure? I don’t, I just dedicate my life to being of service to others and hope for the best. What more can any one person do?

But what if a lot of us get together and do this? What if millions of people dedicate their entire life to the betterment of others. What could we then create? The possibilities really boggle the mind and it pays well to spend some time just pondering on what we could accomplish if we got our shit sorted out. I am quite confident that a portion of us already are, but what to do about those who are not. Those who are basically functioning on auto pilot just going about their life’s barely conscious of what they are experiencing?

Well for those, our less spiritually evolved among us, they are still our brothers and sisters. So many have been tricked by the ways of the darkness and it is sad, but free will is free will. Even so one who has not yet the seed of light developed strongly within, coupled with a razor sharp discerning intellect is up against serious odds in terms of making life choices that are in alignment with the highest good of all.

The darkness really has done an amazing job at tricking people into believing a false version of reality. I mean to actually convince people to live in scarcity and pitting them against each other in base level survival mode is a genius idea, no matter how sinister. One must stand back in awe at the marvellous web the evil has spun over peoples minds.

I for one really have great respect for what the evil forces have accomplished on this world, they done a great job. Alas, this only says that such a brilliant machine will require a higher level of brilliance to transcend such a beast. We can do this with our own life’s, right here, right now. We can internally transcend the matrix, thus reflecting this in the external world.

The time is now to take up arms within and battle the internal demons with the sword of truth, wearing the armour of love and equipped with the shield of knowledge. My brothers and sisters, we are living in the mad times, the crazy times, the mystical, magic times. For never before do we have such vast and ripe opportunities to be of service.

If you was a soul who desires to be of service, I can imagine the earth and humanity where they are at now are the perfect conditions to be of service. So much help required, so much love need, so much wisdom sought after. What an incredible place to be. I am truly grateful I am here to experience the mad times we are in right now.

I wonder what the future humans will think of when looking back at this period of time. A lot of what we see even just 100 years ago can seem archaic, never mind 500+ years ago. Primitive beasts living in the dark most unable to write or read and at the mercy of the self chosen privileged rule who rule with an iron hammer.

But is our current way of life so different? Just some screens, LEDs and fast transport. For sure though we as a collective have never had it so good, in general anyway. The average westerner lives at a far higher condition than the kings of times past and yet we are living in a hugely, colossally ineffective system!

Even given the current level of technology we have, if we was to actually work together in an at least somewhat harmonious society the current level of living conditions would suddenly become a primitive memory of a dark age with lots of lights.

I sometimes look at pets, say cats living in apartment rooms or chickens living in cages and think, poor animals, they don’t know what they are missing, I guess. I suppose to have a subpar existence is better than no existence at all? I find it funny to compare humans to this model. Our average condition is not much better than a neutered apartment room cat.

We lost our ability to see. When you really observe animals and listen to the huge collection of stories of people saying how their animals were able to detect things that go beyond our 5 sensory perception we must question how come animals have this natural psychic ability and we don’t?

Well maybe it is possible to develop psychic abilities once more. There are Qi Gong masters in China who talk about psychic abilities as normal as one would discuss the current weather. I think part of the mad times entails an increase of ambient energy levels that saturate the earth. It would kind of make sense why so many different religions and spiritual groups have prophecies regarding this time.

It also makes sense as why the matrix has gone into overdrive to try and counter the natural evolution that we are experiencing. Will they succeed in achieving total domination of the human race? Well that is up to us to decide! Will we succumb to the tricks and deceptions of the evil forces or will we rise up above, taking the challenge in our stride and come out the other end of it all empowered, wise, sentient creatures. I certainly hope so.

Awareness is so crucial to evolution for people right now. With awareness we can inspect the various parts of ourselves and other people as well. I have noticed with a consistent deep body mind practice I am able to tune into the wisdom of my body even more and this in turn is rewarded by being able to hear and interpret the many messages of the body. A fascinating aspect of this, of which I am still only experimenting with is being able to objectively tune into what intentions people have beyond just the words themselves.

It comes up as a calm, inner knowing which goes through me instantaneously. I can tell it is on the mark, usually, when there is no emotional attachment to whatever information my body is relaying to me. I can usually guess that it is my own ‘stuff’ being triggered although it is almost beyond words to fully describe how I can know this. I would advise anyone who is interested in this to actually practice this for their self and see if they can build up an objective framework within to decipher the curious mysteries of human intention and conversation.

I have to say though it has taken me years to get to this point and I still have so far to go! I enjoy the ride, riding the intense rollercoaster of self development in the madness theme park situated at the centre of crazy town. I love this place and the weird, funky humans that inhabit this place.

If there is one thing that I deeply, deeply, appreciate about humans, it is music. What an awesome creation, the carefully and cleverly orchestrated placement of particular frequencies picked up by our ears and then deciphered one more by our minds and further enhanced by our emotions! An interesting way to look at music is how we could say a song is a imprint of the current vibrational state of the individual, then when it is recorded it is like a package of information just waiting to be opened by eager ears. Telepathic, heart to heart communication all on standby waiting for us to listen! What an amazing, crazy time we live in.

Second to music I think the internet itself could be the greatest defining creation of the times we live in, what else has changed the world so drastically and quickly as the vast and complex internet? Anyone can take up arms and create a blog to then share what’s going on in their mind and lives, and then this can be read by the entire world at the click of a button! Truly amazing I am really glad to be alive to experience such a wonderful creation. I wonder how we came across such an idea.  

Nobody saw it coming, but does that mean their could be equally as incredible creations further down the line for humanity just waiting to be discovered? Quite possibly so! What can you think of that would seem impossible right now that could be as normal as typing on a computer in 50+ years? I have this burning feeling within myself that free energy really is possible. I am fascinated by the works of Nicolas tesla, although my mind is not yet able to comprehend exactly how he go to his discoveries.

What a mind though, it is a shame he was not used to his fullest potential. Also, taking reincarnation into consideration I wonder if it was actually his soul that was magnificent and wise? Maybe he could come back for another round to give us another boost of that creative wisdom?! Or perhaps he has done his part for now, and now we must do it ourselves. He has at least shown what was possible, right? He achieved all of these amazing things 100+ years ago!

If the universe decrees it so, in the future I will have my own academy of sorts dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. This would have multiple avenues, one being the research into all things technological with no hinderance via the whole current way of looking at things. A grand laboratory featuring the wisest minds of the lands.

Then a spiritual development section whereby the deepest mysteries of the inner universe could be explored by the spiritually wisest of us all. Bringing the whole exploration of self into an productive environment, having people who that is their full time job to do just that. Would you like to work at my facility doing that?

I am allowed to dream and I think it’s best to dream big, really big. I even took the time to plan out a potential trajectory for the next 20 years of my life and how I could possibly end up achieving my dream and bringing my service into it’s full manifestation. Who knows if even half of what I have planned will even happen, this crazy world is full of surprises and who knows maybe we have the internet v2 show up in the next few years and completely blow everything we know to be true out of the water. Who knows, I do know it’s amazing time to be alive and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the entire universe but right here, right now.

Can you say the same? I hope so, because you are here! For a little while at least. Unless we somehow are able to tap into greatly extended life spans. I don’t mean through some weird merging of our mind and body with machine, but rather through spiritual development and increasing the energy levels we have to be able to reverse the affects of ageing. I really believe this to be possible and could become easier as the ambient energy levels on earth begin to increase, who knows.

I know in the Qi Gong literature I have studied, such a thing is regarded as possible! If I am able to transcend ageing you can be sure I will write a blog post about it. I practice Qi Gong everyday, although I have to say I don’t have the intention of living 900 years in mind when I practice, although it could be nice. On the flip side I think death is a saving grace for some people who have ended up a bitter dried husk of a human being who only has pain and suffering to look forward to. Unfortunately some people choose this life for their self, I have had first hand experience with such people. What to do about these poor souls.

I always think living the best possible life I can and being of the greatest assistance is the best way to assist those who have lost their internal light. Even if directly there is not much that can be done we can still help create a more loving world whereby there is less chance of people choosing such a life path for their self. Maybe this is a part of some karmic lesson they have to learn but so what happens if we create a world whereby the karmic lessons available are a lot lighter and more fun? That is totally possible, I wonder where those requiring long periods of boring repetitive suffering would go? I suppose there must be other worlds out there like earth. Can you imagine if we were the only planet in the entire universe to have such conditions where people have to experience that way of life. Surely not, right!

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