Releasing Trauma Through Meditation

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Just last night I had one of my most powerful healing meditations to this day and what added to this was how easy and quick it was. Before I have had similar experiences but only after 1 hour+ of diligent meditation, last night I barley meditated for 15 minutes before I had this massive clearing of pain. I think also after so many 100’s of hours of practice, the quality of my meditations has increased. By that I mean before I would spend 1 hour meditating and of that maybe actually have complete focus for 5-10 minutes total, and that took a lot of work to get just to that stage! Where as now, and not all the time, but more and more I will mediate and actually just meditate for nearly 1 minute intervals without my mind wandering and then easily come back.

If you are anything like me, you will know that is a great achievement as for the first years of my practice I would be lucky to be able to get 3 seconds of uninterrupted concentration. Many people I have spoken to have the same issue, but not everyone, some unknowingly blessed people seem to be far better at meditation in the beginning stages, 1 guy I met when I introduced him to the practice could hold concentration for minutes with ease, I don’t think he realised how lucky he was!

Also for woman I have noticed they seem to be able to tap into some energy/emotional force way easier than guys as some woman who I have initiated and then practiced meditation with have spoken about these wonderful experiences and sensations they have felt. Then there is me with years under my belt who is happy just to have my mind stop going!

I have to say though the past 2-3 years my meditation game really has been improving, doing the 10 day vipassana course definitely helped with this although I wouldn’t do the course again for reasons perhaps I will discuss in another article. The main thing I took from the course was the technique itself which is really good. I have a free introductory video on this and if you would like to be taught I offer a 1 on 1 online service through my site.

The technique is great and served as a great base for me to do a consistent daily practice for about a year and although I am sure some wise people would say I should continue meditating every day forever now I find I don’t have to meditate every day for 30 minutes+ to find the greatest benefits as I mentioned before but for new people I recommend having the discipline to commit to a daily practice for an extended duration of time.

Ok now to explain what actually happened to me last night. This is not the first time this has happened to me although the first time it did, I was terrified and I let the fear break my concentration. Now I am able to keep my cool, at least mentally, whilst going through this.

Right so I am laying down meditating for a short while and then my body of its own accord begins to contract into itself and I feel tension mounting in my body, then I begin to shake just a little bit before breaking into convulsions as my whole body thrashes around. Now I have learnt to just keep meditating and let my body do its thing and this is where I think the efficiency factor is amplified for I do still feel fear, but I do not let it break my concentration. The convulsions continue for a while and I would imagine any onlooker would think I am having an epileptic fit! Then suddenly my body stops moving so dramatically and moves itself into a position where my arms are fully extended each side and I arch upwards and my whole body is clenching with tension I then begin to scream but no noise comes out at first and then after a few moments I let out this enormous cry of pain it almost doesn’t sound like my own voice the cry is so loud, deep and sorrowful. This process repeated itself 3 times before I couldn’t take anymore and I had to stop.

Afterwards I felt hugely relaxed and a little excited in a way as I was sure I had just cleared some major trauma and I know how hard this can be sometimes. I fell asleep very fast and now here I am writing this short article and funnily enough I haven’t felt inspired to write in months but now this is just flowing out of me like a river. It’s funny how the writing process works sometimes, it’s also really interesting what you can do with meditation. Power of the mind, power of the body.


  1. Hey Travis, You posted an essay I got a scholarship for and used it as an article called My College Experience years ago and I can’t find it anymore. Is it still on here? ❤


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