Resist The Rule Of 6

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The Rule Of Six

Supposedly, coming into force today, the people of the UK are not to be permitted to gather in groups larger that 6. I laugh at this ridiculous attempt to further control peoples lives. I really hope that a large portion of the population will resist this. It has never been easier to resist the madness coming out of our government.

Was our government always trying to meddle in the lives of ordinary folk? Well, history repeats itself. The vaccination act of 1840 was the first attempt at the UK government to strongly encourage the use of a smallpox vaccine, targeting children before they were 4 months old.

However the British people were not going for the vaccines as much as the government wanted so in 1853 the government passed the compulsory vaccination bill.

“From its origins in resistance to the 1853 Compulsory Vaccination Act, the Victorian anti-vaccination movement successfully challenged the public health policies of an increasingly interventionist state Anti-vaccinationists were not only middle-class reformers, but were also drawn from a politically active working class These campaigners saw compulsory vaccination as an extreme example of class legislation, for its policy and administration implicitly targeted working-class infants and inflicted multiple penalties on a public who considered themselves ‘conscientious objectors’ Anti-vaccinationism was quickly absorbed into English working-class culture Indeed, it helped to reorganize working-class identities around the site of the vulnerable body thereby absorbing many people into a working class who interpreted the violation of their bodies as a form of political tyranny Participation in this movement was, however, also an exclusive exercise for anti-vaccinators, as respectable working-class citizens distinguished themselves from members of the ‘undeserving’ classes This paper explores the class nature of the Vaccination Acts, their relationship to the New Poor Law, and the political implications of their administration It also imbeds anti-vaccinationism firmly within working-class culture, illustrating the campaign’s relationship to popular protest and entertainment, and this legislation’s impact upon working-class bodies.”

Abstract From – They Might As Well Brand Us’: Working-Class Resistance to Compulsory Vaccination in Victorian England
~ Nadja Durbach

One Hydropathic practitioner and anti-vaccinationist of the time, John Gibs joined many of his colleagues in sharing their resistance towards the encroachment of the state into the private lives of citizens, which had begun in the 1830s with the passage of the anatomy act and the new poor law. This resistance between the population and the government peaked between 1871 when extra legislation passed to give even more strict enforcement measure powers and the passage of the ‘conscious objector’ in 1907 legislation.

So what does this little dabble into history tell you? The British people have been here before! Fighting against vaccination is in our history as a nation. It is really quite amazing how similar the issue we have today is to the one back in the 1800’s. An ever expanding government trying to intrude more and more into the lives of ordinary folk. The apparatus that is established in the modern world surely makes for a very different kind of battlefield upon which the war is fought. However, the core fight for freedom remains the same. We won back then, we can do it again.

Resistance to these measures is so important and does anyone really believe the measures being imposed upon us are for our own good health? I actually believe a section of our government has become comprised. Whether it be through blackmail, bribery, stupidity or co-operation due to psychopathic tendencies of some who have an insatiable desire to control.

This leaves it up to us, those with the power to change to fight and stand up for what is right, must do so! We all have our part to play in this grand chess game playing out.

Just look at how many people are dying in the UK at the moment because of corona virus.

Yes that is correct, almost nobody is dying here in the UK! Infact, 14 times more people died of the flu in the last week of August.

So do you really believe the government is encroaching on your life, to protect you? Or could it be that players like Bill Satan have infiltrated our government with organisations like the world health organisation? When you see how much the UK government donates to Bill Satan’s ‘Gavi’ project alone it all starts to become clear how deep Bill Satans tentacles have reached.

LONDON — The United Kingdom has pledged to donate the equivalent of £330 million ($410 million) a year to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for the next five years.29 Apr 2020

Now look at projected forecast for donations, globally for Gavi

This madman must be stopped. Thankfully, resistance is growing once more. There will be a huge protest on the 26.09.20. will you draw your line in the sand and take up arms once more just as our ancestors fought in the past?

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