My journey has taken me through addiction, homelessness, spirituality, psychedelic experiences, meaningful dreams, self work, traveling the world and more.

I grew up in Essex, England. Around 2012 I begun to seriously start questioning life and why I am here. I quickly discovered I definitely wasn’t here to conform to consensus reality and follow the 9-5 working to survive route.

After creating the successful Facebook page Learn How To Think in 2013 I began to share my thoughts about the world to an ever increasing audience via the internet.

However after quitting my job as a Trainee CAD Technician coupled with unexpected jolts in my path I was forced to almost quit this early 2014. After going down a dark path of 2 years of drug addiction and homelessness, I managed to pull myself together. I am forever grateful for the loving help/guidance of friends/family and the universe. Of course none of this would have been of use if it wasn’t for a strong internal desire to change and in the grand scheme of things I learnt a huge amount during my times of extreme hardship.

I begun traveling the world at the start of 2016. This has changed me in ways that is hard to put into words. I was completely sober between 15/01/2017 – 17/03/2018 – 14 months (even caffeine) then I broke this when I had my Amanita Muscaria experiences. Now after many ups and downs I have gone deep into the quest of sharing empowering knowledge.

Thus Learninghowtothink.net was born.

Update 13.09.20

I have been busy creating lots of videos. I really enjoyed the one I did where I used public transport with no mask.

Now having returned to the UK I am appreciating this place so much more since being away. To stay in touch I have created new platforms to be able to not only enjoy the content I create but also networking opportunities. Moving away from the big tech censorship machine to the independent alternative sites. Unless some divine intervention occurs in some way I can’t see a bright future for the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. 

There are many promising alternatives though. Such as BitChute, BrandNewTube, Gab, and Telegram. I will continue to use these, nothing will stop me from sharing the truth!

With the craziness of the world, my life has actually continued to progress. Long may it continue to do so. I also have just yesterday, experimented with having my first acupuncture treatment and can really notice an improvement in a few ways. Perhaps I will share a more in depth reflection on my treatment.

I am extremely optimistic for the future, not just for myself, but for humanity. We are awakening and its so painful and beautiful at the same time, as any rebirth would be? Remain steadfast. If you thought 2020 was/is a shocker, I believe 2021 has the potential to blow this year out of the water, in a positive way. 

I would be lying though if I couldn’t see the opposite possibility lurking in the shadows, whereby humanity succumbs to the darkness. I guess it all depends on each one of us, those who will answer the call to stand up to fight in this global chess game we are witnessing play out before us. I see the light, but we are not just there, yet…

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I wish to share my thoughts and ideas with the world and connect with like minded people so we can share and co create together. My brothers and sisters of eternity, lets collaborate and make this earthly experience a beautiful, learning adventure.

Much Love,