Spirituality is much more than just who can do the most complex yoga pose. When taken seriously and developed as a way of life, spirituality and metaphysics provide us with an alternative way of living, one that transcends mundane reality.

Spirituality can be seen as the progress of our own personal evolution which is completely up to us when we have become of sufficient age to look after our own internal atmosphere. Evolution can be measured to how many lessons have been learned. Lessons are not limited to simple mundane logical lessons but spread right across the scope of human/soul potential.

Metaphysics is the higher set of laws that true reality operates within, laws which transcend the false matrix reality which has artificially been created around us. When we have gotten a grasp of such rules we can begin to implement them to create a more fulfilling life, free from illusory limitations.

“Beyond the material world, beyond the common rules, limitations, and assumptions we take upon ourselves, resides a greater spiritual reality operating under a set of higher principles that can help us transcend foolishness, strife, and drudgery. Knowledge limited to the physical world and bounded by the shortcomings of our five senses is not enough to attain freedom. Metaphysics is the study of higher knowledge, the deeper truths of life. We only have to recognize these higher truths and live by them to rise beyond old behavioral patterns and access a new vista of inconceivably wonderful possibilities.”
~ Tom Montalk