To be able to navigate our path through life, it is essential to have a healthy being, incorporating all parts of ourself in a holistic system. In this section I will cover my own research, observations, and experience to provide tools and knowledge that can lead to a healthier life.

I believe in the same way the church held the reign of power through suppression and manipulation of knowledge. Pharmaceutical companies now initiate control via a two fold approach of distorted knowledge on whats good for the body, and an even more distorted method of healing people that does not see the body as one system and with many of the so called ‘cures’ actually causing more problems than they solve with a huge list of destructive effects and with the possibility that your initial condition is improved as the side effect.

Of course western medicine has its place and many who work within this institution have good intentions, the problem lies within the suppression and ignorance regarding the many other healing modalities that exist, many of which extend into the realms of energy and considering we are half physical, half energetic beings it is gross negligence to only treat the physical symptoms which are usually just the body communicating to us that something needs to be changed.

I aim to be a part of the solution towards the sickness dark age. Thus, I have this section on my website providing alternative perspective/knowledge. I believe that healthy humans are a much larger threat to the matrix control system than sick and weak people. Take your health and your power in your own hands.