This is an ever growing collection of material/links/resources that I have found to be of use. Including books, documentaries websites, and more.

NOTE: I do not endorse everything you find here, as always one should practice critical thinking and exercise their own discernment.

Scienceandnonduality YouTube Channel
Kefir products

Carlos Castaneda
Bringers Of The Dawn (Online)
The Law Of One Books (PDF)
Living The Law Of One (PDF)
A Wanderers Handbook (PDF)
Fringe Knowledge For Beginners (PDF)
Collection Of Rudolf Steiner (Online)
Bouris Mouravieff – Gnosis Volume I,II,III (PDF)
Barbara Ann Brennan – Hands Of Light
Collection Of Theun Mares Toltec Teaching Books (PDF)

The Matrix Trilogy 
Know Thyself
Love, Reality, And The Time Of Transition
Montalk’s 3 part series
Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told
The American Dream

HyperDimensional Interference And The Keys To Discernment 
Tom Montalk 1. – Quantum Physics And Timelines
Tom Montalk 2. – Alien Agenda, Etheric Energy, And More
Bruce Lipton 1. – Great Keynote On Mind Over Matter
Bruce Lipton 2. – Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
Bruce Lipton 3. – How Physical Thoughts Affect Reality
Bernhard Gunther 1. – The Matrix Control System
Bernhard Gunther 2. – Time Of Transition
Robert Monroe 1. – Out Of Body Experiences
Thomas Daffern 1. – An Academic Overview Of Tantra
Donald Hoffman 1. – Entangling Conscious Agents