Here you will find my collection of poems I have written…

Working on the unseen levels there lies a warrior,
Operating in the shadows of the etheric realms.
Working through the hypnotic slumber general man operates within.
Trying to establish balance in an infinite universe,
Whereby consciousness plays out a grand scheme of expansion.
Stretching out into infinity,
Gazing upon eternity.
Life has a funny way of delivering lessons,
Who knows exactly whats going on?
The Hidden Warrior knows,
For he sees all as himself,
And all others as creator god sparks,
Each with their own creation to manifest.
The hidden play of forces is within the warriors grasp.
The tools of the world at his disposal.
Oh the mystical fungi kingdom be of the finest tools.
But only the worthy may wield them correctly.
For the unworthy will be crushed by the challenges of life.
On every level, in every way,
We are tested against the metal of the universe.
The hidden warrior has his allies, 
Be they residing in the mineral kingdom,
Which hides the fuel for his body in plain sight.
The non moving aspects of consciousness,
That give rise to a fully functioning body.
The Hidden Warrior reaches out to his fellow man,
In selfless service to all, 
To sacrifice the conditioning of a lifetime on the altar of truth.
Minerals, Vitamins, Fungus, Meditation, Kerosene, the Elements,
and above all else, Knowledge.
These make up the Hidden Warriors armoury,
For his fight against the darkness.
Many are called, 
Few are chosen,
Will you become a part of the Divine Force?
(The Hidden Warrior 02/05/18)

We are at war, invisible warfare,
Every man dies, not every man lives.
Some men are re born, some re incarnated,
Take care in thoughts and what you do,
Because the atoms, they can hear you.
Changing the waves, mental alchemy,
Hold the love in your heart, a true art.
The rainbow was always there,
The water and light merely adjust our vision.
(Invisible Warfare 27/12/2017)

We are born imperfect, into an imperfect world,
Where by evolution is a choice.
When young, only will is to play,
But before long, there is bills to pay.
Does life really have to be like this,
Perhaps some will give the apocalypse a miss.
Until such a day that freedom is yours,
Enjoy everything you do, even the chores.
(Freedom 26/11/2017)

7 centres that filter infinite infinity,
facilitating the interactions between you and me.
To keep them clear is the key
Allowing free flow of universal energy.
The Rainbow of the human,
Pure consciousness blooming.
If only you knew how powerful you are
Shining light so powerful, like the brightest star.
(Chakras 09/07/2017)

Remember, brothers and sisters of eternity,
We are here to emanate peace and serenity.
Not all are ready for such a vibration,
Some are here to face their own temporary annihilation.
For them nothing can be done,
However do not despair, this war can be won.
It is won a single heart a time,
Making the consciousness of love within shine.
For the whole collective consciousness becomes brighter,
Even if just for one person you make this journey a bit lighter.
(The Journey Of Eternity 12/08/2017)

The desire to change comes from within,
To throw the false self into the bin.
For most this is no easy task,
To remove the lower ego we grasp as our mask.
Once we peel back the layers of conditioning,
Only pure love will be worth mentioning.
An illusion strips us from experiencing serenity,
Where did we receive this untrue identity?
(Ego/self work 12/08/2017)

Can you imagine, imagine with me, brothers and sisters…
That the entire creation we are experiencing is infinite in nature…
Unlimited Planets, Stars, Galaxies…
Infinite expressions of the one….
As the cells are to our body,
Are we the cells of the planet?
Awareness becoming aware of itself.
Are we the dancer or the dance?
As the fish knows not of the water,
Perhaps the human knows not of the consciousness field…
(Consciousness 17/09/2017)

As we see the stars as not above,
made with nothing but pure love.
Perhaps then evolution will take place,
as we evolve, one human race.
(Evolution 12/04/2016)